Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 65-66 Recaps and Final Thoughts

The official and complete (and I mean there are no more sources of airing this show) end is here!! I’m not sure whether to be excited or saddened by the fact that there will not be anymore Wu Ji, Yuan Bao (IMOmusing’s personal favourite) or Zong Yue (Enid Bee’s absolute favourite) to look forward to at the beginning of the week anymore.

In last week’s recap, we posted our initial ‘summaries’ to last 2 episodes. This post will be the ‘official’ recap after having watched the subtitled episodes. We’ll also be sharing our favourite moments and gifs.

So let’s get started!


Series Information:

Chinese Title: 扶摇
Episodes: 66
Genre: Ancient, Romance
Broadcast Source: Tencent Video, Zhejiang Satellite TV
Airing Schedule: 2 eps a day, Mon-Thur
Current Progress: 66/66

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Episode 65Episode 66

Wu Ji and Fu Yao hear the caw of crows and see a black cloud. Wu Ji knows it’s Fei Yan looking for them and they know her intentions. Wu Ji tells Fu Yao that he’ll go visit his mentor and tells Fu Yao to stay so that his mentor won’t hurt her. She asks if his mentor will spare him if she doesn’t go with him and adds that she won’t allow him to swap his life for hers.  She wishes that from now on regardless of what obstacles there are they’ll face them together. He tells her to listen to him this one time. Although his mentor is stern, he is still an open hearted and upright person who has the interest of the world in mind. If his mentor can find another solution to this crisis, he definitely will not want to harm innocent people. Wu Ji promises to find another way even if his mentor can’t. Fu Yao pauses for a while before telling Wu Ji that if all does come to down to as predicted, she wants him to be the one to kill her and be a wise Emperor to all the kingdoms when she is gone. He promises to return the next day, wanting her to promise that she’ll wait for him, which she agrees to. Then he leaves and the tears she could not suppress any longer begin to flow.

Lady Fei Yan and Tai Yan arrive at Changqing Hall to meet Tian Ji and the other elders.  Tian Ji asks Lady Fei Yan whether she has important matters to discuss, as it’s been 100 years since they’ve interacted.  Lady Fei Yan says that since the witch has arrived and that they should capture her quickly. Tian Ji tells her that Changqing Hall never spoke to Illusion Hall about this matter before and that there’s no need for her to concern herself with this affair. The Elders bring up Illusion Hall’s allegiance with De Fei Tian all those years ago. Tai Yan reminds them that it was Illusion Hall was the one to suggest using the Leaf of Spiritual Elixir to help defeat Di Fei Tian in the end. Lady Fei Yan tells them that they should forget the past and focus on saving the world. When Tian Ji brings up the fact that she has been investigating this witch for some time and questions her motives, Fei Yan claims to be wanting to protect Illusion hall. Tian Ji tells her that they have everything under control and she doesn’t need to worry about it which makes her laugh. She brings up the fact that Tian Ji knows that Fu Yao is the witch they’ve been looking for and that she and Wu Ji have been inseparable. The other elders have not heard of these matters and are surprised. Tian Ji asks them to give Wu Ji another chance, as Wu Ji has already brought the witch to Qiongcang. Lady Fei Yan pretends to have the good of the nation in mind, as she says she’s afraid Tian Ji and Wu Ji’s master and student relationship will interfere with the situation at hand and cause the world to fall into chaos. Tian Ji gets defensive and assures her that it won’t be a problem. Tai Yan hears Fei Yan he shouldn’t be lenient on Wu Ji just because he’s his favourite lest they be blamed for Di Fei Tian rising again, and she is conflicted.
 photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

Back in the Illusion Hall, Tai Yan tells Lady Fei Yan that the elders don’t understand what she wants and Fei Yan confirms that she wants Fu Yao alive to resurrect Di Fei Tian and they want her dead. Tai Yan wonders why they don’t get their cooperation, Fei Yan says she doesn’t need their help and that it’s only Wu Ji she’s concerned with. Tai Yan realises that her mentor wants to use the elders to eliminate Wu Ji and Fei Yan confirms that is her plan. Seeing how upset she is by this news, Fei Yan warns her disciple that feelings are the most useless thing in this world.

Wu Ji arrives at the gates to Qiongcang. Tian Ji asks where Fu Yao is and is angry when Wu Ji has not brought her and won’t reveal her location. Wu Ji asks for his mentor to be lenient which angers him. He calls him a traitor who deserves to be punished. Wu Ji kneels before the gate and asks to be put through the Nine Illusions Realm punishment. He has heard that if a person survives all four realms, then they will be treated with god-like status and receive help from Changqing Hall. This only angers Tian Ji more and he agrees to the punishment. Four warriors appear to fight Wu Ji and for awhile he is able to avoid their attacks before getting hit. Then chains come from the sky and surround him.

Fu Yao and Yuan Bao are worried about Wu Ji. He has not returned on time. She begs Yuan Bao to take her to find Wu Ji.
 photo vlcsnap-00006.jpg

On top of the Mount of Nothingness, Wu Ji is hanging from the sky in chains with stakes buried into his shoulders, forearms and gut. He comes to and sees Tian Ji there, once again asking for Fu Yao’s location. But Wu Ji refuses to give in, certain that Fu Yao would never harm the Five Kingdoms. He suggests that her death may not be the only solution and asks to be allowed to find a way. Tian Ji says he has already tried to find alternate solutions, but her death is the only way. Wu Ji refuses to believe him and is willing to give up everything for her, even his life. Wu Ji knows he must be punished and tells Tian Ji to take back his martial arts skills, which he does, injuring Wu Ji in the process. The punishment Tian Ji gives him will break down internal and external energies and hasn’t been used in centuries. He gives his disciple one last chance to turn in Fu Yao, but he refuses and takes the punishment instead. As he passes out, we get more WuFu flashbacks as we hear Wu Ji’s thoughts of the life he wants to give Fu Yao.
 photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

Fu Yao arrives at the gates to Qiongcang with Yuan Bao. Before she can go in, her friends arrive as well. Xiao Qi, Zong Yue, Zhan Bei Ye and Ya Lan Zhu are there to help her save Wu Ji. Apparently, Yuan Bao messaged them as well though Fu Yao doesn’t want to involve them. They are surprised she didn’t tell them sooner and she updates them on the latest. Bei Ye tells her that because they are friends, of course they are going to help. And Zong Yue just ignores her and leads everyone in.

Wu Ji is now chained to a block of ice. Tai Yan appears to try and free him to no avail. He wakes up and tries to get her to stop, knowing she can’t free him and could get in trouble. She gets mad when, once again, Wu Ji is more worried about Fu Yao and is upset that he planned to sacrifice himself for her. But Wu Ji insists that the only way to fulfill his wish is to lose his Qiongcang powers, no matter how much Tai Yan insists it’s dangerous. He doesn’t care though because if he fails, he’ll get to die with the one he loves.

Fu Yao and friends make their way up the Mount of Nothingness to a wooden suspension bridge over a deep canyon. They hear two disciples talking about Wu Ji’s punishment as they cross the bridge, commenting on how severe it is and that he’s sure to die. They knock one out and then get information on Wu Ji’s whereabouts from the other one before knocking him out. Zong Yue has heard of the spot and how bad it is. With no other choice, the team crosses the rickety bridge as more disciples appear. Fu Yao’s friends send her on ahead to help Wu Ji as they fight off the disciples. (Here’s one last look back for Team Hotty Doctor…)

 photo IMG_0347.gif

 photo IMG_0348.gif

Tai Yan tells Wu Ji she found the mirror that he had been looking for to help him find a solution. At first he thinks it’s of no use to him now that he’s lost his powers. But then he realises that he is a direct descendent of the mirror’s owner. He has Tai Yan put some of his blood on the mirror and sees the lotus from the forbidden land with his predecessor there. He says, “It started with me. It existed because of me. It existed because of me. It will end with me.” They aren’t sure what to make of what he says at first. Tai Yan tries to go back to freeing him. Wu Ji tells her he doesn’t want to implicate others, but she just wants him to think of himself for once. He tells her that he was being selfish in doing this for Fu Yao and suddenly that makes him realise what it is he needs to do. Tai Yan also realises that he’s going to sacrifice himself.
 photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

In Changqing Hall, Tian Ji asks how Wu Ji is doing and is told he still has not begged for mercy. The other elders want to send people to find Fu Yao as the seal has been stirring and they worry what will happen if she charges in. Tian Ji is certain she will come looking for Wu Ji and they can kill her then.

Fu Yao’s friends want to go help her, but someone has to stay behind to guard the bridge. Xiao Qi tells them he will stay so they can go help Fu Yao. They protest, not wanting to leave him alone, but he insists that Fu Yao needs him more and he wants to be able to return the favour after all the times they’ve protected him.
 photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

Tai Yan is trying to rescue Wu Ji, but he is more focused on the message from the magic mirror. He realises that he will have to die with Fu Yao. Tai Yan tells him that she will help him then if that’s his plan, but he tells her not to help and just to leave as he doesn’t want her sacrificing her life for him. She is not going to listen though. He yells at her as she leaves.
 photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

Disciples appear on the other side of the wooden bridge and see only Xiao Qi. When they offer to spare his life if he moves aside, he refuses so they run forward, but he has cut some of the boards loose and they fall in to the canyon below. Xiao Qi thinks he’s safe, but then one of the disciples rises up and attacks. Xiao Qi fights as best he can, but, in the end, vowing that he would rather die than let the guy win, takes his adversary over the bridge with him to protect his friends. (Saddest death in this whole series.) And another music montage… Yup, everyone gets one when they die…

Tian Ji and the other elders watch Wu Ji from another peak, waiting for Fu Yao to arrive. They say that Fu Yao can’t be considered a witch until the final seal is broken and that they will unite their powers to seal her.

Just as they were wondering if she would show up, Fu Yao arrives to try and save Wu Ji, apologising for causing him trouble. He is happy at first to see her, but then remembers where they are and tries to get her to leave, but she refuses to go and tries to free him. When she reminds him that she went through a similar ordeal and survived it, he tells her that this is not the Realm of Nothingness (that ice cave from eps. 4). She is surprised he knows about it, but he doesn’t want to talk about the past. She feels even more guilt, but he tells her she is not to blame and owes him nothing and tries to get her to leave, but she still refuses.
 photo vlcsnap-00007.jpg

Tian Ji and the elders arrive and tell Wu Ji that she can’t leave even if she wants to. Wu Ji tells her to go. Ignoring Wu Ji’s yelling, Fu Yao turns to face them. Tian Ji blames her for Wu Ji disobeying them. With one more look back at her beloved, she tells them they can do whatever they want to her as long as they let Wu Ji go. The elders use their powers to seal her as Wu Ji yells for them not to do it. He screams more as she falls to the ground. But then black smoke appears and takes out the Qiongcang elders. Lady Fei Tian and Tai Yan have arrived.

Tian Ji yells at Fei Yan for attacking them from behind while they were using their powers and she reminds him that, as the last of Di Fei Tian’s bloodline, she has no reason to help him. Instead she plans to use Fu Yao as an offering on the sealed stone so that the evil flame inside her will restore her mentor and they can take over the Five Kingdoms. Tian Ji vows to kill Fei Yan, but she easily defeats him. Lady Fei Yan orders Tai Yan to kill Wu Ji, but she attacks her mentor instead. Fei Yan is not easily tricked though and tosses her disciple aside. She chides her for thinking her mentor didn’t know what was going on and reminds her that Wu Ji doesn’t love her and chastises her for never perfecting her technique because of her feelings. Not willing to give up, Tai Yan tries again, but Fei Yan sends her body flying off the mountain to fall to the bottom and die. Wu Ji vows to kill her.

As Fei Yan walks over to Fu Yao’s body, but gets distracted when Wu Ji starts laughing and tells her that she’s already dying and there’s no use in her fighting it. He can tell her vital signs are off and that her death is near despite on how young she looks. Her youth is from borrowing people’s lifespans, but she will quickly disappear to nothing because of all the power she’s expended. Her face starts to turn black as her body fights the inevitable, but then tells him that he will die first and starts to use her powers to kill him. As she does, Fu Yao wakes up which energizes Wu Ji, who manages to break free of the chains and the stakes that were holding him back. Their friends arrive as well in time to help fight against her though she laughs that they would try. Zhang Bei Ye, Ya Lan Zhu and Zong Yue all attack her, but are thwarted. Fu Yao tries next and succeeds finally in stabbing her, but this is what Fei Yan wanted. She uses the last of her life to break the last seal of Fu Yao’s spell and turns into smoke that enters Fu Yao’s body and sends her in to the air.
 photo vlcsnap-00014.jpg

When she drops back down, she is no longer Fu Yao. Wu Ji goes to check on her only to get choked by her as their wounded friends watch helplessly. Zong Yue warns his friend that she only sees them as obstacles now and they watch as evil Fu Yao flies away in a dark cloud with Wu Ji. They land in Changqing Hall where the rest of Di Fei Tian’s consciousness lives under the lava rock. The rock is shaking and vibrating. Evil Fu Yao is ready to complete her task. Wu Ji tries to stop her, but she easily tosses him aside. He keeps yelling at her to stop, so she stabs him to shut him up. Her stab evokes flashes of memories of the two together in her mind. He persists in calling to her, trying to get the real Fu Yao to remember him. She cackles hysterically and slices and stabs him across the chest, but as she does, more memories start coming through and she begins to struggle, at first not successfully, as Evil Fu Yao attacks Wu Ji again and again. However, the memories continue to come. The real Fu Yao starts to fight back and drops the sword. She and Wu Ji hold hands for a moment, but then Evil Fu Yao gets the sword back. As she is about to stab Wu Ji, the real Fu Yao is able to take control and stab herself to save him. The black mist leaves her body and the lava rock explodes. No more Di Fei Tian.
 photo vlcsnap-00035.jpg

The wounded couple lay on the floor and hold hands and cry and talk a lot as they bleed out. Wu Ji tells her she’s not allowed to do this again and she tells him she just wanted to use her death to save the world. He tells her that from now on there is no more witch, just Fu Yao. They are happy to have defeated fate. They both home for peace in their world and Wu Ji wants to make her Empress and all the foods he wants her to eat and the places he wants to take her. He promises to ensure her safety and grow old together. Now that they have endured all the suffering in the world, Fu Yao says they need to enjoy all the sweetness and be together forever.

 photo vlcsnap-00036.jpg

The End.

Ok, not really. Instead, we next see them alive and, well, running around the gardens in the Imperial Palace. Wu Ji is commenting that Fu Yao is getting fat, but won’t put her down. She teases him about a mark she saw him carve, wondering who he is lovesick for. He infers that it’s for her and vows that for the one he loves, he will go where ever she is and fight any obstacle to get to her because he has no fear of trials or tribulations. They look out over the Imperial City.

 photo Finale.gif

Final Thoughts

Linja:  I am sure they both died and that happy ending is just an afterthought, a wish, a glimpse to what may have been or MAYBE their next life. But for real, I believe they dead. Or maybe I’m just really over this drama and I am glad it’s ended. It’s been fun doing the recaps though!

Enid Bee: First off, thanks to Iridescent for getting this whole thing started, IMOmusings for the awesome screengrabs (especially of our hotty doctor) and putting it all on the site and making it look so nice and to Linja for being the best proofer ever!! This was my first time recapping and I was so glad to be able to work with such a great team and not have to try to do all this myself each week. (Still can’t believe I did 8 episodes a week for two months. Then again, my house clearly looks like that’s all I’ve been doing the past two months.)

As much as this show started to drag for me, I’m still so happy I made it through because now I’m a huge Lai Yi fan thanks to this show. Maybe way too much of a fan. (I made a fan vid for Zong Yue so clearly I have a problem. And I don’t care. Tee hee.)

I was a little surprised that after loving both lead actors in other shows (Peaches, My Queen), that the two of them together just didn’t work for me. I also actually wish the show had ended with them on the ground dying. Then again I do like bittersweet endings. But I did like that the final scene is a little ambiguous so fans can make it mean whatever they want. And I would love if there was a sequel just about my favourite doctor and what happened with him next. (Mostly because it’s about time Lai Yi had another lead role. For any other Lai Yi fans, here’s a treat for you.)

 photo IMG_0343.jpg

But I did enjoy many of the supporting characters. Loved Qi Zhen as the initial bad guy and it made me wish this show had been more about the Xuan Yuan brothers finding each other and overcoming their common enemy to protect the kingdom. That whole storyline I really enjoyed and once it ended, the show felt kind of done for me. I also wish Jiang Feng had more screen time. (And now I want to watch that actor in SCI if I can ever find some subs for it.) I loved his facial expressions and really all of the comedic bits in the first half of the series. For now I eagerly await The King’s Avatar to see my five favourite supporting actors from Fu Yao reunite again (Lai Yi, Gao Han Yu, Liang Zi Mu, Jiang Long and Liu Qiu Shi).

Bye bye, Fu Yao 4…
 photo IMG_0349_1.jpg
Memorable Moments and Gifs

Some of our favourite scenes were the silly moments.

The eunuch dogpile
 photo dogpile.gif

Wu Ji playing with his new hat
 photo bored.gif

And, of course, those mother-daughter crazy eyes…
 photo crazyeyes.gif

 photo queen_crazy_eyes.gif

And the most iconic moment of all: Yuan Bao rolling in laughter! Who can forget Fuyao’s moment of womanly virtue xD
 photo yuanbao_laugh.gif

Hu Cong Mi Suan Artwork

Hu Cong Mi Suan recently released artwork she did for the show on her Weibo page from some memorable scenes in the series so we wanted to post a few here:

 photo IMG_0352.jpg

 photo IMG_0353.jpg

 photo IMG_0354.jpg

That’s all for Legend of Fuyao folks. 8 weeks and a day and 66 episodes later, we finally made it! Thank you for joining us on this voyage and we hope to see you on our next one for Martial Universe.
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  1. 12 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 65-66 Recaps and Final Thoughts

    Yay congrats on finished recapping!
    Also thank you for that Lai Yi video link -goes in the corner to fangirl – 😁

    • 12 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 65-66 Recaps and Final Thoughts

      You’re welcome. 😁

    • 12 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 65-66 Recaps and Final Thoughts

      Love the Lai Yi video as well!

  2. 12 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 65-66 Recaps and Final Thoughts

    Yangmi and Ethan does not work for me…. But I am aware many fans feels they have great chemistry. I did not get that at all. But I am glad the drama ended. I did enjoy it but I will not likely repeat it as I would Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms/

  3. 12 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 65-66 Recaps and Final Thoughts

    I followed the whole series but I did not like the ending. It is not clear whether they absolutely died or they were being rescued because it seems that they are living in seclusion after that tragedy or maybe it seems that they both died and were being reborn and in their next life they are still together happily.

  4. 12 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 65-66 Recaps and Final Thoughts

    So many unanswered questions….
    1. Who is Prince De aka Zhang Sun Jia and Xuan Yuan Xiao’s long-lost daughter?
    2. What happened to Fo Lian? The last time we heard about her is that she escaped and on the run after Fuyao’s coronation.

    The last 10 episodes was a drag. Felt the writer had to rush through the storyline to complete within 66 episodes.

    • 12 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 65-66 Recaps and Final Thoughts

      In one of the boring conversations towards the end, you hear Lady Fei Yan calling Tai Yan “Lian’er”, which is the name of the long lost daughter. That would make Tai Yan and Wuji half siblings.
      Yes, the production must have ran out of money (spent too much on the “red wedding”) that they couldn’t film any more scenes of deranged Folian. Apparently, the pay grade for crazy-bugged-out-eyes was just too much. An explanation will have to suffice.
      At least a non-scene is better than a weak scene. For example, Prince Yi decided to stop in the middle of nowhere to talk about nothing and then dun dun dun….got stabbed in the back by an underling that didn’t factor at all throughout the show!

  5. 12 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 65-66 Recaps and Final Thoughts

    I truly enjoyed the series and had a blast chatting with the fans that enjoyed it. Yang Mi is improving and with Ethan (his first historical drama!!), they made a sizzling hot, fun and endearing OTP. The OPT’s journey is what really made the show interesting (not so much about the doom prophecy etc.) It was fun to see them team up to scheme and fight for what they’ve got together. This show also introduced me to Leon Lai Yi – never noticed him even when watching TMOPB! I can see myself re-watching this down the line too.

  6. 12 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 65-66 Recaps and Final Thoughts

    How about another episode to conclude this wonderful captivating drama. Thoroughly enjoyed it, however I would have loved to know if they died or survived. Did they get married? So many unswered questions. Did Lianer reunite with her mother. What became of Mistic Falls and lovely Xiao Qi .

  7. 12 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 65-66 Recaps and Final Thoughts

    As much as I enjoyed the drama overall, I’m pretty dissatisfied with the plotholes, the plot development and the character development. I thought the relationship with Yan Lan Zhu and Zhen BeiYe was too forced, I never really saw that *one* scene that shows the audience the turning point of BeiYe’s feelings. And as much as I adored Lan Zhu at first, I grew annoyed how all she does is cry how BeiYe doesn’t love her after “all the things she did for him” which includes being the easy target for enemies, and blindly (literally) running after him for miles (which doesn’t even make sense how she can write and find him perfectly when she’s BLIND, but sure needs some support when walking one feet in front of her). BeiYe miraculous fell in love with her anyway, but their chemistry is still dead.
    Questions questions questions. What happened to Folian? The actress was amazing at playing a psycho evil character with the crazy eyes, and her gruesome death would be very satisfying. What’s the backstory of Tai Yan and the disappearance behind Lian er? I really wish we got to see Xuan Yuan Xiao reunite with her daughter, her character is pitiful and she’s one of the very few female characters I liked throughout the drama, besides Fu Yao and the Consort Virtue from Tai Yuan Kingdom. What happened with the rest of the characters in the end? I would love to see the aftermath of the final battle with the group alive and finding the bodies of Fuyao and Wuji, and bury the bodies with the Doctor commenting that the worse is over, the world is safe, and hopefully nothing can keep the lovers apart, THEN pans to the final scene with the two all happy.
    My overall thoughts: I think the drama dragged out too long over the unnecessary parts like the Tianquan Arc (really, what’s the main purpose of the arc besides finding out Wuji’s real identity, only to skip to Tiansha Arc and then coming back to Tianquan with more hot mess?). Personally, I disliked the Tiansha Arc entirely up until Operation: Trick Zhang Nancheng. The part when Fuyao and Beiye enters the dream was truly a waste of time and film.
    *whew* sorry for the long rant. I kept brooding over the drama for the past month and I needed to get this out of my system lol

  8. 12 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 65-66 Recaps and Final Thoughts

    I nicely don’t like Zong Yue as Lai Yi I LOVE him. It’s hard to say good bye to him and other characters on Legend of Fuyao which I have watch this all series. I am very kindly not saying this as a fan kindly yes. I am saying it in my own way. I really Zong Yue(Lai Yi) in my own way. I LOVE in a more personal way nicely yes. I really do in a nice way.
    I meant say don’t like I LOVE him

  9. 12 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 65-66 Recaps and Final Thoughts

    I meant REALLY LOVE him Zong Yue as Lai Yi is what nicely meant yes Nicely and kindly not as a fan. I do really that with my heart From my heart yes I do.

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