C-Drama Fan Artist: Hu Cong Mi Suan

If you are on Weibo, you probably recognise this artist’s work right away, even if you may not know her name. Her beautiful, often simple, portraits of characters from some of the popular C-dramas come up often on Weibo, as well as other social media sites, as fans share her art and she gains more attention. Posting under the name Hu Cong Mi Suan (呼葱觅蒜), this artist has since published a couple books of her artwork and even been commissioned by production companies and others for her work as well.

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The artist, Wang Xiaoyi, majored in graphic design, but continued working on her drawings in her spare time, turning it now into her career. She credits Hong Kong filmmaker Tsui Hark with influencing her aesthetic style. Her signature style, the characters drawn without faces, came about as she had difficulty drawing the facial expressions in a way that she liked, so she decided to leave it blank for the viewer to decide for themselves how the person looked.

 photo IMG_0335.jpg

Her pen name (translated as “green onion”) was inspired by the writings of Pu Songling. In one story he wrote about a disciple’s eating habits. Enjoying the visual description, Wang decided to use a phrase in his description as her pen name.

A fan of historical dramas, she draws her favorite characters from TVs and movies, sometimes just as simple depictions of the characters themselves and sometimes in full scenes direct from the shows she enjoys.

 photo boat.jpg

But she doesn’t just draw TV and movie characters. She works as an artist for a film studio, published several books (I just bought one off of Amazon), has her own cartoon series (also set in the ancient world), and even did a set of drawings for McDonalds to celebrate their 25th anniversary of entering the Chinese market.

You can follow Hu Cong Mi Suan on Weibo for her latest works of art and pictures of her adorable dog.

And you can check out some examples below and see if you recognize the C-drama depicted:

 photo IMG_5945.jpg

 photo IMG_5946.jpg

 photo IMG_0337.jpg

 photo shake it_1.jpg

 photo IMG_0334.jpg

 photo IMG_5947.jpg

  1. 12 thoughts on “C-Drama Fan Artist: Hu Cong Mi Suan

    I love that you showcased an artist that isn’t always well known to western audiences. Thank you, Enid! I don’t recognize all of the art pieces. Do you think you can run a list so I can see? I recognize only Bu Bu Jing, and Oh My General.

    What’s the book you ordered from Amazon by the artist? Is it showcasing her work from popular dramas?

    • 12 thoughts on “C-Drama Fan Artist: Hu Cong Mi Suan

      My guesses. The cover image is Return of the Condor Heroes (Louis Koo and Carmen!). hehe!

      2. The King’s Woman
      3. Bu Bu Jing Xin
      4. Guardians (the lollipop!?)
      5. Go Princess Go
      6. Love Lost in Time
      7. Let’s Shake It
      8. The Flame’s Daughter
      9. Oh My General

      I have no life. All these dramas…I didn’t even watch (or finish past 10 episodes except for Condor)! Lol.

      • 12 thoughts on “C-Drama Fan Artist: Hu Cong Mi Suan

        And Kappy wins!!

        As for the book, the link in the article is to the book I bought off of Amazon though I just ordered another one. You can just look on Amazon for Hu Cong Mi Suan and the books will come right up though I think she has a few more that you’d have to look for on Taobao or Alibaba to order.

      • 12 thoughts on “C-Drama Fan Artist: Hu Cong Mi Suan

        Apparently I have no life either, because I guessed them and have only seen one out of the list…LOL!

        It just goes to show how great this website is–I can recognize dramas without having actually watched them. That’s how comprehensive you all are!

  2. 12 thoughts on “C-Drama Fan Artist: Hu Cong Mi Suan

    hee hee i only recognized ET Lets Shake it.

    Id love to buy her book

  3. 12 thoughts on “C-Drama Fan Artist: Hu Cong Mi Suan

    Thanks for spotlighting her to international fans, Enid Bee! I really like her art. I know a fair amount of people who have majored in graphic design or similar and struggle to find their niche or work and if they do find employment they don’t enjoy what they are working on so this is also an encouraging story that she managed to combine her interest and her degree into a career.

  4. 12 thoughts on “C-Drama Fan Artist: Hu Cong Mi Suan

    I’ve also had trouble drawing facial features of my models. Just can’t do it. Unlike her, I don’t draw for a living so eventually I gave up on this little hobby. Anything that’s “lifeless” is alright though.

  5. 12 thoughts on “C-Drama Fan Artist: Hu Cong Mi Suan

    Omg my cousin just brought me the latest versions of The legend of Ming Lan and the artist did the covers! Such a coincidence but thank you so much for highlighting this. It’s always nice to see artists who have day jobs able to succeed in their hobbies.

  6. 12 thoughts on “C-Drama Fan Artist: Hu Cong Mi Suan

    I love her! It was always fun identifying the dramas of the characters she draws specially if she draws it all in one big picture haha

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