Drama Updates: Like A Flowing River, Zhang Si Fan’s My Fairy Girl, Chen Zhe Yuan’s My Dear Ancestors

Can’t believe it’s June already! The mark of half of a year!

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=======> ♦ Trailer and new stills for Wang Kai’s Like A Flowing River (大江大河). Have to say it’s quite refreshing to see real mountains and dusty roads in the trailer.

 photo river 11.jpg

 photo river-1.jpg

 photo river-2.jpg

 photo river-9.jpg

 photo river-10.jpg

 photo river-3.jpg

 photo river-4.jpg

 photo river-6.jpg

 photo river-7.jpg

 photo river-8.jpg

 photo river-5.jpg

=======> ♦ Youth drama My Fairy Girl (我的女友要上天) with Zhang Si Fan and Yu Lang premieres on 6/7. A little fantasy involved in here as the wine demon girl (and her friend) tries to reach immortality but is given a task of finding the right man and marrying him in order to resolve her humanly grievances. Lol…. my translation sometimes…

 photo fairy-1.jpg

 photo fairy-2.jpg

 photo fairy-3.jpg

 photo fairy-4.jpg

 photo fairy-5.jpg

 photo fairy-8.jpg

 photo fairy-9.jpg

 photo fairy-11.jpg

 photo fairy-10.jpg

 photo fairy-12.jpg

 photo fairy-13.jpg

 photo fairy-6.jpg

=======> ♦ My Dear Ancestors (亲爱的活祖宗) with Chen Zhe Yuan and Dong Qing premieres on 6/13. A general who time-travels to the modern time and meets a bubbly girl who will teach him a few things. Sounds like a fun drama!

 photo anc-7.jpg

 photo anc-2.jpg

 photo anc-4.jpg

 photo anc-5.jpg

 photo anc-1.jpg

 photo anc-9.jpg

 photo anc-3.jpg

 photo anc-6.jpg

 photo anc-8.jpg

 photo anc-10.jpg

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