Oho Ou Hao and Hai Ling’s Hero’s Dream confirms air date with long preview

Adapted from a sci-fi novel Heaven’s Will, webdrama Hero’s Dream (天意之秦天宝鉴) is written by Qian Li Fang. Not much about the novel is talked about but the vague synopsis describes the journey of a young talented lad (Ou Hao) after he’s offered an opportunity by a mysterious man to change his life. His character becomes the god of war – the Great General Han Xin, who served under Liu Bang (Zhang Dan Feng) and contributed to the founding of the Han dynasty. The promises of intriguing power plays, manipulations, and mysterious unknown forces all come together for (hopefully) an excellent re-imagining of history.

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Our hero, Oho Ou Hao as Han Xin, a military general who served Liu Bang, known as one of the “Three Heroes of the early Han dynasty”, along with Zhang Liang and Xiao He.

 photo Hero 48.jpg

Guest villain role by Tang Yan.

 photo Hero 49.jpg

Karina Hai Ling.

 photo Hero 51.jpg

Qiao Zhen Yu as Qin Shi Huang.

 photo Hero 52.jpg

Zhang Dan Feng as Liu Bang.

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 photo Hero 50.jpg

 photo Hero 57.jpg

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 photo Hero 55.jpg

 photo Hero 54.jpg


Directed by Ding Yang Guo (Special Beautiful Man) and written by Su Peng, Hero’s Dream premieres on 5/10!

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