Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (17)

So what dramas and movies are you guys currently binging? I haven’t settled for a drama yet but I did somehow end up watching a Swedish film called A Man Called Ove. Now I know nothing about the movie, just randomly searching through my Amazon Prime Videos, read the synopsis, found it interesting and started to watch. I love the feeling of being stripped of expectations and pleasantly surprised by something at random and this movie was it. It’s based on a novel so you book readers might want to check it out. The story follows a widower who is depressed after his wife’s passing. He loves her to death and wants to follow her. But his attempts to commit suicide throughout the movie are interrupted by a well-meaning immigrant family next door. I love that it is not overly sappy but hits the points nevertheless. But the best part for me is not the story of his now current state, but every time that he’s in the state between life and death, we get to flash back to his younger days, how he was as a kid, his parents, and how he met his lovely wife. Their first date melts my heart; he has no money and didn’t order what he wanted so that she could order what she wanted. In that moment, she didn’t turn him away (major girl crush on his lady!) And I couldn’t turn my heart around. ❤ ❤ ❤


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    I’m binge-watching Bejing Woman’s Tale: https://maplestage.com/show/%E5%8C%97%E4%BA%AC%E5%A5%B3%E5%AD%90%E5%9C%96%E9%91%91

    It follows a young woman as she journeys through her 20s trying to make it in Bejing, through up career ups and downs and relationships shennanigans. The series really resounded with me because I identified with a lot of what she was going through, and some of the scenes struck uncomfortably close to home.

    Anyone in their 20s should watch this.

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      I’ve been wanting to watch this because it sounds exactly like the type of show that I can really identify with…but then I’m also scared to watch it because I do want a break from reality lol. Are there a lot of realistic parts or is it still relatively happy?

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    I’ve been watching quite a few dramas right now…. watching Summer’s Desire, Moonshine and Valentine, Here to Heart, Lost Love in Times, and also rewatching Princess Agents. Watching all these dramas at the same time may not be a rlly good idea…

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    Hi sis, it’s been so long since we last chat, I hope you’re doing well.

    As far as binging goes, I’ve seen Infinity War twice, great movie. China agrees. lol For drama, I just binge Cobra Kai twice as well. It’s so good! I went in with zero expectation and it’s now my favorite drama series this year so far. That’s my biggest surprise if anything. It’s 100% with all critics and audiences for good reason. Season 2 just got announce! So excited!

    And that’s all for this report.

    See you around sis! 😀

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      I love Cobra Kai. And now have a huge crush on William Zabka. 🙂 Now to impatiently wait a year for season 2. And trying to catch up on Arrow though that’s been it for me for US TV.

      Not much has interested me for Chinese dramas right now except for Cinderella Chef, but going to see the movie A or B which sounds like an interesting suspense movie. Otherwise I’ve been going back to rewatch a lot of past series – or at least my favorite episodes of those series – mostly watching without the subtitles to see how much I can catch to help improve my language skills.

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        Oh, you love Cobra Kai too? Awesome! Yea, so looking forward to season 2. I like that the show manage to connect the old generation with the next generation, making it relatable both way. Which is perfect for old fans like me, but also good for new fans. The whole perspective angle works so well.

        Anyway, glad you enjoyed it as well.

        As for current Cdrama, I haven’t been hook to any of the newer series either.

        Hopefully some good ones come around later. 🙂

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      Hope you’re doing well too gege!! 😀

      I’ve seen Infinity War once, was so confused at the end until my kiddo brother went… this won’t be permanent. Lol.

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        But that’s just the popular theory.

        Spoiler, the writers recently stated that what occurs will remain as such in the next.

        You can go back to being confused now. lol

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    I’m watching Siege in Fog (almost done reading the novel too) and Secrets of the three kingdom. I’m kind of stalking elvis… That man is all kinds of handsome. Hahahaha

    Planning to re-watch the episode of running man China that he was on too.

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    Wooooahh… seriously? A Man Called Ove? Because that was what I watched on Netflix last week!. And I was sooo touched that I immediately replay the whole movie. As for drama watching, this year I’ve only been able to complete Tribes & Empires. Started several, including Secret of Three Kingdoms but have not been able to continue after the second episode or so. Same goes with Nirvana in Fire 2 *sigh*. Will try binging again this weekend.

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      Same taste in films, aren’t we Lenje! I was surprised myself how easily it was to be lured in by a grumpy man. Just love how the movie revealed layers to the grumpy old man before he became who he is today.

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    Just recently finished watching Head Above Water and honestly a bit dissappointed. One of the reasons: There are three criminals (minor roles) that i thought could have been better utilized, feels like there’s more potential to them. But i do recommend ep 5-10. The suspect – even though he has done wrong, you don’t want anything bad to happen to him. The way he is towards others and his job vs his daughter is just >_< And plus points are that the drama is only 30 eps and is on yt with eng subs.

    Currently waiting for Lost in 1949.

    Will check out Flying Tiger. Police, investigation, crime, action – something i'll enjoy, so hopefully *fingers crossed* a drama where i'll finally be watching start to finish without skimming through or skipping scenes.

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      Ooo, I wanted to check out Flying Tiger and the new palace drama with Steven Ma and Nancy Wu coming out next week. I love my Tvb actors. Lol.

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    Literally haven’t watched any dramas after dropping Side by Side with You. Oh wait, lie. I watched the older (by like a year or 2) drama, the family about 3 diff families sending their kids to high school…I think Little Separation with Huang Lei, Hai Qing, Zhang Zi Feng (as the kid), and the cute young emperor from NiF2. Binge watched that and it was pretty good! Cried in a couple of scenes…really resonated with me, but like, if my family was a little less dysfunctional and me a little less dumb, stubborn kid back then.
    Also binged the short drama Weapon and Soul with Peng YuChang and Li Nuo from the cute movie Shining Girl (the movie with Xu Lu about chinese traditional music). Was decent, mostly watched for the people.
    But that was all like, a month ago before finals.

    Haven’t been interested in any of the recent dramas despite my love for Elvis and my huge anticipation for Secret of Three Kingdoms before it came out.

    So haven’t watched dramas for like a month.

    I HAVE been reading a couple of translated web novels on and off, and I’ve discovered the joys of finally owning Netflix. Started rewatching Criminal Minds from the begining and now am on season 6 or 7. Also realized from Netflix that anime is no longer the niche thing “weirdo asian american and wannabes” did and is now a very common thing full of strange and mildly tropey-typical-crappy-ish animes everywhere. Like wow.

    Watched Infinity Wars, and no spoilers, but I will say this. Everyone talks about how sad and everything they were coming out of it, but honestly I was just mildly shook and then blase about it. Don’t get me wrong; still a good movie and totally worth it. But also not the hyped up “MINDBLOWING BEST THING TO DATE” finale everyone’s screaming about. Definitely wasn’t disappointed, but also, if you go in expecting the next best thing on earth ever to come out of Marvel, then yes, you will be disappointed. Still a great movie tho, no doubt.

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    I am watching His Excellency’s first love despite my initial hesitation because Victoria portrays the main female lead. I thinks she is acting relatively well and the drama caught my interest. I am loving so far

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    Oh! My Emperor gets my pick just because it’s freaking hilarious. Like, if people thought Eternal Love was good, they really need to watch Oh! My Emperor. The first two to three episodes were difficult to hook onto, but once you persist past the beginning (each very short), you’ll start getting to the meat of the humor. Just think A Step Into the Past, minus the budget and the length and swap Hon Siu Long with our female lead Sun Fei Fei. It has a lot of fun poking at drama tropes and watching them fail. Not to mention, because the length is so short, it’s easy to breeze through the entire series. Cinderella Chef is a good contender, but the story over there is so dramatic to the point it doesn’t appeal as much to me. If you’re interested in something light-hearted, funny, irrelevant and a strong female lead, definitely try Oh! My Emperor

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    Every c-dramas that came out are just too darn long, not watching anything right now. I’m currently watching J-dramas and K-drama instead.

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    Been long time but here I come back watching Thailand drama again .. after being so curious with the good review and the high rating..the drama become no.1 treading on Twitter … is called love destiny.. a story about a girl from a future but reborn again in the past.. yeah something like that… lol

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    I went on a web novel binge and finally finished reading Legend of Ming Lan, just so good. Now I’m fully prepared for whatever the drama will bring on.

    Maybe I’m feeling some ZLY vibes, so I finally started watching The Journey of Flower and wow the production is so different compared to 3W3L. I just wanted to laugh at the special effects but I do admit the acting is what makes it good. ZLY is super cute and I also enjoy the other characters. Sha jie jie is the best, I’m not surprised that character is the breakout role for that actor. He’s currently in the upcoming 2018 remake of (Heroic Legends) Ping Zong Xia Ying, so I will be keeping an eye on that one. Still not too invested as it’s only a drama I’m watching when I have spare time, though who knows maybe I’ll start crying near the end.

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    Nothing else besides waiting and dying for Cinderella Chef. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS & BRAVO they almost made it to 40 episodes without a single draggy episode. I am so amazed!!! I’m crossing fingers this will continue to be good. I’m just so curious next week because it seems the story will shift from the bandits to the palace. And then, there will be a…urgh urgh urgh jealousy and very evil princess!!! NOOOooo! But the new young guy will make up for it, he has very funny expressions when he roll his eyes up! But like always, Yao Yao blew up the chance with Ding Qi (the best chance) and she’s gonna do the same again to the new guy too. I really don’t blame the main guy or dislike him, but I just believe in reality, the winners would’ve totally been Ding Qi or the new guy and not Xia Chunyu.

    This week’s episodes is very sad and touching because everyone had such good chemistry together, including the charming brotherly chemistry… friendships chemistry… etc. everything got wiped out just like that. It was almost way too fast how they did it, but it can be risky too if they spend more time on it then it can get draggy as well. So overall I’m really satisfied with how it was done, at least they were smart to plan ahead and foreshadow everything through Xia Chunyu’s identity so we don’t get a wat dafuq.

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    Moonshine and Valentine is still so good so far! Really didn’t expect it to be both beautifully shot and entertaining. There’s an interesting mix of characters, the cinematography is nice and I really like how the past lives scenes are used to slowly reveal more about the characters.

    Also started Lawless Lawyer (K-drama). I was hooked the second the female lead punched a misogynistic judge in the face lol.

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    The Flame’s Daughter. Fun drama, became favorites along with Ten Miles & Nirvana. Even with the thin storyline, draggy episodes, and classic crazy psycho villain, it still a very very good drama.

    And thats it for drama. It’s been a draught….

    My latest obsession is a Korean tv show, Same Bed Different Dream 2: You’re My Destiny. It’s like We Got Married except, well, the casts are a real married couples. My favorite couple right now are the In Gyo Jin – So Yi Hyun couple, funny but also super sweet at the same time, also their daughters are really cute.

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