Siege in Fog Drama Discussion Post Week 7: Episodes 45 – 50 FINALE

Alrighty guys, the finale is here and it’s a case of counting fallen bodies. Like, how many blood bags did they use to film this set of episodes? Are you happy with the finale? Sad? Disappointing? Mad? Let me us know!

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Kap thinks we should remember them this way ~

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So cute! <3

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      It ended like the spoiler we’ve got. Well.. Im not an anti SE, but ah… It still hurts.

    • 13 thoughts on “Siege in Fog Drama Discussion Post Week 7: Episodes 45 – 50 FINALE

      Heart breaking ending, yi liankai death, in the end Qin sang reunion with her first love Li wangping

      • 13 thoughts on “Siege in Fog Drama Discussion Post Week 7: Episodes 45 – 50 FINALE

        they only left together but not reunited in the sense of long lost lovers.

  1. 13 thoughts on “Siege in Fog Drama Discussion Post Week 7: Episodes 45 – 50 FINALE

    Y’all making me feel like I should watch the ending first since I haven’t really started watching the drama (want to watch them all at once.)

    At least I can get the heartbreak out of the way instead of anticipating it every step of the way.

  2. 13 thoughts on “Siege in Fog Drama Discussion Post Week 7: Episodes 45 – 50 FINALE

    So my long journey of waiting and watching this drama has ended.

    I usually hate Republican dramas since I hate the clothes, the hair and the constant unrest of the era. I have seen some good ones like Battle of Changsha and some bad ones like 9 Gates, Siege in Fob would fall high middle ground for me.

    The ending was expected, it was a SE in the book (bs on ppl saying it was an OE, he was shot and fell from the top of the tower to the ground…he is dead.) And promotional videos have all shown it to be a SE. I have no issues with a SE as long as the journey was worth it.

    Siege in Fog was a worthwhile journey to an extent. The casting was great, the costumes were awesome, the music was on point and the plot was actually decent if not for all the scene cuts. What really let them down is the editing that made the drama became more and more confusing.

    The biggest selling point of the drama would be the main couple, whom were very evenly matched in terms if looks and acting.

    I had the same issue with Elvis Han in this as I did i in CP5, his character lacks growth, I initially put this down to the script but the more I watched the more I realised he just simply didn’t know how to minutely change his character without losing his earlier traiths.

    Sun Yi portrayal was too cold, cut scenes aside, she plays her characters aloofness so diamond clad that she loses the hidden vulnerability of the character in each scene. Though between the two I would say she shows her characters emotions a lot more clearly than Elvis. Elvis was a bit too prone to posing for my liking. Even though I do find him very attractive.

    They are both young, 23 and 24 at the time of shooting, with each having less than 5 legitimate roles under their belt so this is really good compared to today’s industry standard.

    I think anyone who watched this shouldn’t read the story or know about the characters because they changed it so much it’s basically a different story.

    I hope they do release the cuts one day because there were many scenes that I would have loved to see but until then I will have to rely on the scripts from Mr Script writer on weibo.

    For those who don’t know. There are 2 endings but one was cut out.


    At the end 7 years has passed and QS ex comes looking for her after having won the war. Eldest Bro is now a teacher, his wife returns to his side with her son (from a 2nd marriage her father forced o her), Eldest Bro gives Ex QS’s address but tells him that it won’t ensure QS will see him. Ex had been writting to QS for 7 years but she refused to see him or to answer.

    Ex goes to QS’s house and sees a little boy play with Chu young master (the guy that was in episode 1 with QS and DLK up the mountain). He initally thought QS had married him but Chu said she only asked him to play with her son because there were only females in their house. The little boy is 6 years old and looks exactly like DLK.

    QS’s female friend is also there and tells Ex QS isn’t home so he goes down the path and waits for her at the entrance.

    QS returns and sees him, they talk and she admits to choosing to forget DLK so she could live on but she would always keep his name in her heart. She congrats Ex for achieving his dream.

    He tells her his initial dream from 10 years ago was to be with her. She tells him of a story.

    A man when he was a young teen went into the forrest, he heard a beautiful flute play and wanted the sound for himself, but when he entered further he became scared and ran away. Years later when he was in his 40s he thought back to that day and regretted not following the flute.

    QS tells Ex that she was the flute in his life, ie something of no consequence just a path he didn’t take. Ex ask QS if he had chosen differently, had he followed the flute back then would they have been different.

    QS tells him if they could choose again and start back from the very start then she would choose to not meet him and live in her own flute.

    Scene rewinds to way back then from 10 years ago, QS and DLK meet each other at her dads workplace and recognise each other, DLK was able to stop the plan of destroying her father. During the police vs student fight it was DLK who saved QS and took her away. He gave her a lolly from his lolly jar and they confirm each others identity. They get married and live happily ever after.

    2nd Bro takes over the army and begings a partnership with Murong Fong with their fathers having given up their positions to the younger generation.

    Hence “If life was as when we first met…” ties into the story and the title.

    And that was the ending we didn’t get even though it was scripted and filmed…it was cut out.

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      Thank you sooooo much for the actual ending! This ending would make so much sense. It wrapped everything up. Even though it is sad, it is much more meaning with a “what if” scenario. If only they have met under a different start, their path would be completely different.

    • 13 thoughts on “Siege in Fog Drama Discussion Post Week 7: Episodes 45 – 50 FINALE

      This ending makes sense. Was there also a happy ending, but it wasn’t chosen?

    • 13 thoughts on “Siege in Fog Drama Discussion Post Week 7: Episodes 45 – 50 FINALE

      Pardon my lateness to shows as usual. Kappy knows I am quite the turtle…hahaha

      Tyn123, thank you so very much for this much more hopeful ending, even if it’s only a “what if”. It made me feel so much better. And thank you so much, because if you didn’t post this, I wouldn’t have known where the scenes I see out in the trailers around the internet came from, when it showed that YLK was the one who saved QS at the beginning and then they looked like they had a happy marriage sequence.

      I knew this drama was a tragedy going in based on all the comments, but I couldn’t resist because of the OTP and the fashion/clothes and hairstyle. Everything is absolutely so gorgeous. Going back on the plot though, I truly skimmed this drama just to watch the OTP, so I’m missing a lot as I post this…BUT okay, at the end when the second brother has YLK and QS drink the poison wine, and then eventually he changes his mind when he has vision of his wife, and then the opposite army has invaded, it felt so weird that YLK was able to part ways with QS. They promised to be together, and I know out of brotherly love as well, YLK stayed behind with his brother, but the way he sent QS off was not believable to me. I’m sorry, but I think someone mentioned with the wine, they could have split it…and then if she really wanted to stay, would he have shot her forreals? I guess I am just still really heartbroken about the tragic ending and still trying to cope. HA. But the OTP is simply so matching in every way, and I couldn’t believe even in skimming, I was still so invested in the OTP’s romance. I did wish they had more happier moments. It was rare to see the genuine happiness/smiles of QS and YLK. Honestly though, 50 episodes–holy smokes it could have been more concise.

      I did read that the drama was heavily edited, hence the weird way scenes transition, and QS didn’t have enough screen time for the audience to understand how smart she was. The plot with YLK’s mother and mystery was also weak in my opinion. I think they were trying to fit so many stories into the drama, or maybe I skimmed way too much, or it was both.

      So the story is written by the same author who penned “Sealed with a Kiss”. GOOD GAWD. *facepalm*. Here I am complaining, but watching because of our leads. I can’t say I did the same for SWAK. HAHAHA

      This drama though reminds me so much for the drama that goes by, “Torn Between Two Lovers/ Returning Pearl to Husband/ Huan Jun Ming Zhu” The plot is super similar in a way, but also not. Similarities was that the main girl was in love with the first guy in her life, a poor scholar, and they had a good relationship. It wasn’t until the rich playboy, the other lead, also a third son/third young master of a wealthy, powerful military family took notice of her. But because the scholar was third young master’s best friend, he knew she was off limits. His younger brother knew of his love for said girl and sabotaged the relationship of the main girl and the scholar to pave way for his third brother. The story was crazy angst, revenge driven, and family being torn apart because of war and power too. WAIT, AT LEAST THAT DRAMA HAD A HAPPY ENDING!

      My heart…I had to go back and find the clips of the “what ifs” just to feel a bit better, and then watched some happy moments with the couple and called those my ending. I wish I had more time to do an edit, and just gather all the scenes between our leads and then edit so it was a happy ending. One can always keep those in her heart right?

      Thank you for anyone still reading. And truly, thank you Tyn123 for sharing your post, otherwise I’d still be lost 🙂

  3. 13 thoughts on “Siege in Fog Drama Discussion Post Week 7: Episodes 45 – 50 FINALE

    I’m too sad but about the ending but I’m more hurting know an awesome series like this got edit and cut and it destroy the living light out of it. However, I have to thank for it for pairing up Elvis and Sun Yi because oh boy, they so perfect for each other in term of compatibility. I hope they will star in another series and make up for the sake of SE in this.

    I’m so glad that she didn’t end up with her ex but then I know she will never because I don’t think her heart can have a place for anybody else. I remember Min Hong Yu told DLK about a girl’s heart and that QS have DLK in her heart. He just have to knock and push the door. QS’s heart only have DLK and how truth is that statement. but is still sad knowing they are in separated though thru dead and life

  4. 13 thoughts on “Siege in Fog Drama Discussion Post Week 7: Episodes 45 – 50 FINALE

    It’s saddening that YLK and QS didn’t have a happy ending.. It’s kinda disappointing, but I’m still going to wait and watch it until all the episodes are subbed.

    I’m completely in love with this series, mainly because of the lead couple’s superb chemistry~ Hoping for another drama with Han Dong Jun and Sun Yi as the main lead. 🙏🙏🙏

    • 13 thoughts on “Siege in Fog Drama Discussion Post Week 7: Episodes 45 – 50 FINALE

      Same here. I hope they’ll be able to reunite for a happier drama. 🙂

  5. 13 thoughts on “Siege in Fog Drama Discussion Post Week 7: Episodes 45 – 50 FINALE

    Cried buckets even though I read the novel and knew the drama’s ending from the beginning but can someone tell me why Murong Feng died in Siege in Fog because I’m pretty sure he needs lo live on for Too Late To Say I Love You…? A little confused here

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