Sun Yi and Bai Jing Ting begin filming melo romance Irreplaceable Love

There’s no easy romance in Sun Yi’s drama love life is there? Lol. Sun Yi (Seige In Fog) and Bai Jing Ting (Rush to the Dead Summer) have started filming for their upcoming melo romance adapted from the novel Irreplaceable Love (初晨是我故意忘记你) written by Zi Yue. Our male lead has a pitiful childhood, his parents passed away early and he’s passed from one relative to another, no permanent home nor familial love from his aunts and uncles. He meets his best friend who also has an older sister (Sun Yi) and they take him under their wings, treating him like family, until that faithful day when a big fire robs the life of his best friend, leaving behind a trail of agony and suffering. Our hero makes a drastic move and decides to take his best friend’s place in caring for the people he loves. Our heroine works hard and begins working at a big company where she meets the second male lead. She earns praises for her work and takes charge when potential father-in-law falls ill. However, the labor of her love is unrequited because on the day of their engagement, second male lead elopes with his ill parents and whatever money they have left, leaving our heroine to deal with the loan sharks. Not to worry! Our hero is always by her side, despite her not seeing his love…. he gets beaten by the loan sharks and as she nurses him back to good health, she realizes she has relied on him for too long, not realizing his shadow is cover up for his bleeding heart ~ [© Kappy @AVV]

Man, oh man. Where do you meet these type of loyal, one-woman man in real life? No where? Lol.

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  1. 3 thoughts on “Sun Yi and Bai Jing Ting begin filming melo romance Irreplaceable Love

    Bai Jing Ting is so great. I thought he was such a green actor in Taekwondo Girl cuz he was so awkward. BUT watching Who’s the Murderer has REALLY REALLY made me love him. He’s really hilarious on the show and he’s SO SMART. His logic is always so on point and he’s just…really good at solving the mysteries. Even when he’s wrong his reasoning sounds so logical. And then I saw his cuts for Rush to Dead Summer and his acting has improved so much. In love, truly.

  2. 3 thoughts on “Sun Yi and Bai Jing Ting begin filming melo romance Irreplaceable Love

    Read tidbits about this and it looks like a sad ending. I’m currently in lobe with sun Yi nd wished she would get a happy ending soon. Please play a rom com! Though Because of You did have a happy ending watching her suffer through all that to get there was hard.

    Bai Jing Ting I remember from Rush to the Dead of Summer. Was rooting for him so hard. So glad he has a lead role now.

    Did a check and they are the same age…though she feels much older since she’s married with child. So young…my shipping heart can’t take it.

    Hope see stills soon. Wonder how they look on screen. Sometimes they look super young sometimes they look their age. I hope there is a high school period. So I can see them in school uniform…together.

    And don’t be delayed lile Siege in Fog…or that other drama with Ma Tian Yu and Wallace Chung.

  3. 3 thoughts on “Sun Yi and Bai Jing Ting begin filming melo romance Irreplaceable Love

    They are both very good actors. Should be good onscreen but that plot sounds so unoriginal.

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