Double dose of Chen Kun in spy drama The Escape (Tuo Shen)

If you’re a fan of Chen Kun, this drama is for you. If you need convincing, check out the latest teaser! It’s hilarious as we see Chen Kun having fun playing dual roles (bros), one is a nerdy, straight-laced bespectacled man, the other is a street-smart lad! Female lead is Wan Qian (she’s everywhere nowadays!) and she plays a spy disguised as a female accountant with a secret mission to protect someone important. She meets Older brother after accidentally exchanging suitcases at the train station and becomes acquaintance with him. She later finds out his younger twin brother is an important figure to protect. In times of chaos and war, could the three find true value in the meaning of love, life, and faith?

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New Teaser:

Directed by Lin Ke (Li San Qiang, Empty Nest Grandpa) and written by Wang Qi Nan (Love, Feng Sheng Chuan Qi), The Double has 50 episodes.

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  1. 2 thoughts on “Double dose of Chen Kun in spy drama The Escape (Tuo Shen)

    Suitcase mix up, twins…

    Sounds a bit like Wallace Chung’s drama from a few years ago. Except his was a doppelganger and not a twin but still. That hard to come up with more original?

    In any case I am excited for Chen Kun’s return to the small screen. Just hope the scripts don’t screw him over.

  2. 2 thoughts on “Double dose of Chen Kun in spy drama The Escape (Tuo Shen)

    Olala…Chen Kun!! Long time no see….My first dose of CK was Symphony of The Rain with Zhou Xun. Both of them were extraordinary….During those early works of them, it was obvious that they will become BIG, especially Zhou Xun….

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