Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (15)

For the past two weeks, I was rewatching a Korean series which finished airing in 2006, the whopping 85 episodes of Dear Heaven. Lol. I know! I had lost my mind to rewatch something so long but I promised you the forward button was handy 40+ episodes of it. XD What I really enjoyed about the romance in this series, which is missing in a lot of series these days is the whole developing and evolving of feelings – from the attraction stage, to the slowly getting to you know stage. It was genuine, sweet, and magnetic to see their feelings for each other grow and latch on securely despite the opposition from their families. I love watching how two people fall in love with each other; love-at-first-sight is not my cup of tea!

Wang Mo is the perfect hubby!! <3

Yang Mi and Zhang Bin Bin’s CF for Oppo!

Watch this Make-up Artist transform herself into your favorite female characters. Can you guess them all?

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    The first one’s definitely Liu Tao I think.
    Then Tang Yan.
    The third is SO FAMILIAR. I definitely know her but I can’t remember. WHO IS IT? GAHHH. I’m pretty sure it’s not it, but kind of like Athena Chu or Gina?
    The fourth is kind of like Li Xiao Lu but I’m not sure.
    The fifth I’m not positive but I definitely recognize that face. I’m pretty sure it’s not her but kind of reminds me of Rebecca Wang (Qing’er from Huan Zhu Ge Ge). I couldn’t actually recognize the face until the smile. idk.

    Lol does someone have the answers somewhere?

    Liu Tao and Tang Yan were SO WELL DONE tho. Spot on.

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      The third one is Athena Chu, though it doesn’t really look like her. The last one is supposed to be Tao Hong.

      I agree that Liu Tao and Tang Yan were really well done.

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    Paying some attention to Colorful Bones (艳骨) and the new A Step into the Past (寻秦记). A few Color Bones characters are surprisingly not one-dimensional. A Step into the Past characters are all more or less on the same dumbness plane so it’s actually tolerable at a pace of 1 ep a day. Same goes for sitcom Rich House Poor House (王子富仇记) dumb but likable characters. Who is the Best (最强的男神) is pretty much for background sound.

    Half-watched and finished Faithful to Buddha Faithful to You (不负如来不负卿). Didn’t read the novel. The final 1 and 1/2 eps (eps 19 and 20) make a weird (incomplete?) ending.

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      I’m watching Colorful Bones and A Step into the Past as well.

      I love Colorful Bones! The relationships are well developed and complex. I like all the characters, even the bad guys =P The secondary/side characters actually get to tell their stories and plot points from early in the series comes back to connect to dots later on. And I think all the newbies are doing a great job. I just hope it’s a happy ending for our main couple!

      Only watched 2 episodes for ASITP so far. It’s a bit more slapstick than I would like, but the ending theme song promises a bit more sensibility to the story later on. I noticed in the credits at the end that Guo Xiao Ting is billed as Xing Yun and Qín Qīng (Sonija Kwok’s character from the 2001 Louis Koo version). I’m curious how she will play 2 characters.

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        Me, too! I am enjoying Colourful Bones a lot! I went in with low expectation and just for all the prettiness but I really enjoy the plot and all the characters as well. Some of the characters sort of grows on you and now I just hope for a happy ending for them all.

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    Continuing my streak of Japanese dramas.

    Recently watched Hero and Good Luck!! both starring Kimura Takuya. My journey with him only started after Pride and I had never thought of going back to watch his older works until now.

    Hero was great with its quirky characters and interesting storyline. Enjoyed that immensely. I’m reluctant to start season 2 since most of the main cast are not part of it, but I may give in eventually. If I have absolutely nothing to watch, that is.

    Good Luck!! was missing that “wow” factor for me. I don’t think he had much chemistry with Shibasaki Kou either. But eh, at 10 episodes it was an easy drama to watch.

    The winter season for Jdramas has already started. I’m following 99.9% season 2 since I really liked the previous one. Ishihara Satomi’s “Unnatural” is on my list to check out. She plays bubbly characters way too often so this seems like a breath of fresh air.

    And that’s it for me. No Cdramas at the moment. I tried getting into Tribes and Empires, but the fact that I almost fell asleep in broad daylight while watching episode 1 is surely a sign that I won’t enjoy it very much. Everything about seems to be so pretty though.

    Is there anything in the 2015-2017 Cdrama world that is less than 30 episodes and actually well-written? Romance, no dog blood? (Quite a stretch, yes, but I thought I’d ask.)

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      I am also watching Japanese dramas.
      Just am about to finish Hero, not sure if I want to continue to season 2? I like his sense of humor, and enjoyed Good Luck!! I like how Japanese dramas usually have the same constant “formula”, but you can tell towards the end things pick up. @Chasingpolaris, maybe you’d like to check out “Attention Please”?

      I still have yet to watch Ishihara Satomi’s newer dramas, but I enjoyed watching “From 5-9”, especially with Yama-P.

      I just finished the Korean drama “Playful Kiss”, is it just me or does Baek Seungjo look very similar to Yama-P? Nevertheless, it was a good show. “Seishun Tantei Haruya” is also a light detective drama, for fans of Yuta Tamamori.

      Any other recommendations?

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        @ Jessy

        Attention Please is one of my favorite aviation related dramas. Can’t believe it’s been 12 years since it aired though.

        Ishihara Satomi’s Jimi ni Sugoi was pretty good. She played a proofreader for novels and her outfits in that drama drew a lot of attention for being bold and colorful.

        Thanks for mentioning the Tamamori drama. I liked him in Nobunaga no Chef and Pin to Kona so I’ll check that one.

        Haikei Chichiue-sama is one of my favorite Jdramas of all time. I would recommend it if you haven’t already seen it. Also recommend Osen. Both dramas feature traditional Japanese food and cooking, although the first one focuses more on human relationships.

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          Time passes too quickly! Glad to hear you also watched it.
          Yes, Jimi ni Sugoi is the one I’ve been waiting to see. I think she is doing a new one, called “Unnatural”.
          Oh! Always happy to share new titles. Pin to Kona was where I first saw him, I really enjoyed that one cuz it had Kabuki in it. It was like a break from all the regular genres of mystery, romance, etc.
          I’ll add “Haikei Chichiue-sama” to my list! “Osen” looks great, it has Osamu Mukai in it, so I’m excited. Thank you!

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    I’ve been watching the Korean series I Am Not a Robot. Hilarious and all the feels. It finishes this Wednesday/Thursday. Sad to see it go, but excited to see how they resolve the storyline.

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    Currently only watching Hwayugi.However, since the announcement of the What Happened in Bali remake, I’ve been thinking about starting another melodrama or drama. Or just go in full supernatural mode and rewatch Joseon X files. Decisions, decisions ….

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    Watching Nirvana in Fire 2. I’m actually really enjoying the series 🙂

    That make-up artist is quite amazing…but at the same time, it’s a bit creepy ^_^;

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    I just finished okusama Toriatsukai Chuui, the storyline is not bad, I like the relationship between the female lead and her husband, confused with the ending tho, hopefully there will be season 2 or movie. Love hwayugi so much, my baby seunggi is so handsome. I don’t like black knight, the male lead is so touchy touchy with female lead. I’m planning to watch XZL’s can not hug you since the Eng sub is already completed.
    Any chance I can find Eng subtitle for Colorful bones?

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    The makeup artist/model is actually a guy, if my eyes don’t deceive me.

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    HIya, where were you watching Dear Heaven? I’m a big fan of the actor, Lee Tae Gon, but I struggle to find subbed episodes.

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    The Yang Mi and Zhang Bin Bin’s CF for Oppo is great. It reminds me of The Little Prince 🙂

    Just finished watching the K-Drama Jugglers. I wasn’t originally going to watch it but saw some recommendations and it’s now one my favourite Korean dramas. The OTP were great with the best kissing scenes and some of the sweetest moments I’ve seen in any Asian drama. It was so entertaining and heart warming and basically got me through December and January.

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