Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy Discussion Post Week 4: Episodes 37 – 48

Never mess with caged women!

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Our handsome leads.

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Our ladies ~

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Shawn’s Awesome Gifs corner. That smile… <3

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This proud fool!! Lol!

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Someone made a music video with Shawn and Oscar! LOL! So I uploaded it. heh!

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    I didn’t think there’s a need for Shawn and Oscar fan made music video, if anything there should be one for Shawn and Huang Xuan. Any who it’s still funny.

  2. 9 thoughts on “Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy Discussion Post Week 4: Episodes 37 – 48

    That girl looks so much like Ady An!

  3. 9 thoughts on “Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy Discussion Post Week 4: Episodes 37 – 48

    MYS’s storyline is my least favorite before but right now I am loving it! lol I never actually heard HX’s real voice in a drama before but his voice is sooo commanding and clear/precise. The way he talks really bring out his character and I really like it. Also, NKYL performance at the brothel is quite mesmerizing and I want to see how she will get herself back in the playing field again. HJ’s storyline is a bit slow, more like the side characters of MYS’s storyline for now… I think their storyline is kind of crossing over right now. However, on the other hand, I am kind of dreading his turning point…poor thing…he doesn’t even know his mother is gone :(…

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      NOOOO don’t say it…ep 39 (?) when his mom you know-ed was like the saddest part in a while for me. I’m pretty sure Pan Xi’s coming back at least briefly so I’m less sad about her, but Hanjiang’s mom and Hanjiang’s big bro are the only to Muru fam members I actually like other than Hanjiang. And I don’t think Hanjiang even got a chance to really call her mother. T.T

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        Me, too! I only like his mom and big bro. The other one I actually quite dislike him and the father is a bit too stubborn. I mentally told myself not to fall too much for this family but I really adore the big bro lol The latest episode with the dwarf is kind of adorable, like a breath of fresh air from all the palace/tribe scenes. To be honest, I am kind of skipping SFHY storyline right now because I really can’t stand that leader guy and pressure of the upcoming war. I actually understand them for uniting their tribes and fighting against the leadership of the current empire but I don’t root for them to succeed in overthrowing it. I wish SFHY will be successful in uniting the tribes and become the hero/ruler for his homeland but I really can’t see him as the ruler of the whole world. To me, anyone can overthrow an empire with the right resource, timing, and support but the hardest part is what happen afterward. Can he maintain peace and stability afterward without rules and regulations? To me, his goal is just to take over for revenge but not for justice and equality. In this case, MYS and MYHJ is more suitable for the role but I don’t see them as rulers because of their personalities at this moment 🙂

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          I definitely agree with you that SFHY is not suitable for ruling the world. We can fantasize it and use it to dramatize the plot but when it comes down to it I would not want SFHY to be the ruler of the whole country. I don’t even think he’s thought it all out yet. He’s still probably just bent on getting revenge and justice for his dead family and not even thinking about the future good of the country as a whole (his clansman and the empire). It would be bad if the world did fall into his hands because he hasn’t display the qualities of a good and civil leader because he grew up under the tribal way where everything is survival of the fittest. He wouldn’t be able to rule and judge fairly for everyone. I would definitely prefer someone like Hanjiang to be the ruler because he’s noble and fair to everyone he meets. He cares for them regardless of their background. The only problem is that he could care less about being the ruler because he has such a carefree personality. I think MYS would be good because he doesn’t like hurting people but he’s too withdrawn and it would be hard for people to trust in him unlike Hanjiang, who’s personality allow him to establish good relationships with everyone. I would prefer SFHY as the ruler of the unified. He can establish a unified system where all the tribes share goods and prosper together while hanjiang rule the country.

          On a side note, I pity hanjiang so much right now. He’s happy to be out of the palace but he doesn’t even know that his mother died to try to protect him. It’s going to hurt him so much when he finds out because he didn’t even get the chance to treat her like a real mother and get to address her as mother. I’m just hoping his oldest brother doesn’t blame him for the death of their mother because if he does then hanjiang will really be alone. So pitiful 😞

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    The emperor is The Worst. He’s spent 48 episodes talking about how the officials forced him to kill the love of his life, but at that point she wasn’t dead…she just turned old. She didn’t die until the empress killed her. So basically he moped around staring at her painting when she was alive this whole time. How is she the love of his life when he locked her up and never visited just because she wasn’t pretty anymore lol
    Also not a fan of General Muru. He’s loyal to the emperor, not to the people. He basically said that he was willing to let all his soldiers die to preserve his honor and the emperor’s face. The emperor isn’t the worst ever in terms of policy, but I think it was mentioned that the economics aren’t the best. The problem with trying to make these shows reflect modern values is that I start thinking, why not overthrow the monarchy and start democratically electing leaders?
    The younger generation seems to be better and I hope they bring some change! Overall, still a much better drama than the recent ones.

    • 9 thoughts on “Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy Discussion Post Week 4: Episodes 37 – 48

      Don’t even get me started on the emperor’s moral values or lack thereof! Even in a paraplegic state he was declaring his love for Yi Rong to the scroll with her painting. He chose to ignore Yi Rong’s physical body and allowed the empress to torment the woman at will. I will never understand that hypocrisy! It would have been kinder to kill her instead of leaving her to be tortured for 20+ years. I am looking forward to him being overthrown or aging out.
      Then, there is his BFF General Muru who has blind devotion and tunnel vision for the emperor so much that I started to wonder if they dated back in the day! LOL! Seriously, the man was willing to abandon his son allowing him to live assuming he was abandoned by his parents. smh

  5. 9 thoughts on “Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy Discussion Post Week 4: Episodes 37 – 48

    Finished ep 43! The Hanzhou storyline is still my favourite. I like how SFHY pulling out the sword was just the very beginning of him becoming the Tieqin. There’s still a long way to go, he isn’t a leader atm and would not be able to unite the tribes based solely on a supposed prophecy. It makes sense that he wanted the word to be spread that Helan Tieyuan was the destined one and not him. Really rooting for all the tribes to become unified and regain their freedom in Hanzhou. Oh and grown up Shuqin Ziyan has finally appeared and wow she is one tough lady.

    Nothing much has happened for Hanjiang and Su Yuning, skipped through some of their scenes (love these two but really don’t need to see the same flashblacks again and again). His poor mum though 🙁

    Love watching Prince Ye and Muyun De, so sly and evil but somewhat humorous in how they interact with each other. Such as one scene where a serious convo ends with Prince Ye telling Muyun De he’s stepping on his robes lol.

    Haven’t seen much of MYS in the latest eps I’ve watched. Will be interesting to see what happens next and how he’ll become a more active player in the grand scheme of things.

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