Luo Jin and Zhou Dong Yu confirmed drama Behind The Scenes

Luo Jin is working hard this year, ain’t he? Dramas after dramas! He just wrapped up his modern drama with real-life girlfriend Tang Yan and now he’s confirming another modern drama with movie princess Zhou Dong Yu. Behind the Scenes (幕后之王) is about a media student (Zhou Dong Yu) who fosters a dream of becoming an outstanding producer. She aspires after a high-end producer (Luo Jin) and applies to become an intern at his production company. But his cold and unreasonable temper disappoints her. As her hopes diminish, she has an accident on live broadcast which leads to her losing her job and missing the time frame to submit her thesis. But it is the hero who jumps in to save the live broadcast and letting our heroine see another side to his personality. They slowly become closer, fighting side-by-side to overcome difficulties and eventually reaping the results of their hard labor and love.

It sounds….typical….. but with the charms of these two, maybe the drama will be more exciting in motion?

Confirmed Posters:

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Filming is slated to begin on December 22nd.

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