Friday Photoshoots: Hu Yi Tian, Gao Zhi Ting, Sun Ning for Bazaar, Shen Yue, Yang Mi

Happy friday folks! I really need this long weekend to rest and catch! 😀

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The cast of Legend of the Demon Cat go out in style! Huang Xuan, Liu Hao Ran, Zhang Tian Ai, and more!

 photo demom-1.jpg

 photo demom-10.jpg

 photo demom-7.jpg

 photo demom-5.jpg

 photo demom-8.jpg

 photo demom-3.jpg

 photo demom-2.jpg

 photo demom-4.jpg

 photo demom-6.jpg

 photo demom-9.jpg

Yang Mi.

 photo mimi-1.jpg

 photo mimi-2.jpg

 photo mimi-3.jpg

 photo mimi-4.jpg

 photo mimi-5.jpg

 photo mimi-6.jpg

 photo mimi-7.jpg

 photo mimi-8.jpg

 photo mimi-9.jpg

The most frustrating shoot for Sun Jian. After the first two pics, you can’t see his face anymore. Lol.

 photo su-nji-1.jpg

 photo su-nji-3.jpg

 photo su-nji-4.jpg

 photo su-nji-2.jpg

 photo su-nji-6.jpg

 photo su-nji-5.jpg

 photo su-nji-7.jpg

 photo su-nji-8.jpg

 photo su-nji-9.jpg

Love the slick hair on Wang Zi Wen. 😀

 photo wang-1.jpg

 photo wang-5.jpg

 photo wang-4.jpg

 photo wang-3.jpg

 photo wang-2.jpg

 photo wang-6.jpg

Wu Chun and his cute little girl.

 photo wuxh-1.jpg

 photo wuxh-2.jpg

 photo wuxh-3.jpg

 photo wuxh-4.jpg

 photo wuxh-5.jpg

 photo wuxh-6.jpg

 photo wuxh-7.jpg

 photo wuxh-8.jpg

 photo wuxh-9.jpg

The boys of A Love So Beautiful on Bazaar. Hu Yi Tian is the main guy so he has single shots ~ Tskk tsk!

 photo aloso-1.jpg

 photo aloso-2.jpg

 photo aloso-3.jpg

 photo aloso-4.jpg

 photo aloso-5.jpg

 photo aloso-6.jpg

 photo aloso-7.jpg

 photo aloso-8.jpg

 photo aloso-9.jpg

 photo aloso-10.jpg

 photo aloso-11.jpg

Found this pink shoot for our leading lady, Shen Yue.

 photo shn-yuw-1.jpg

 photo shn-yuw-2.jpg

 photo shn-yuw-3.jpg

 photo shn-yuw-7.jpg

 photo shn-yuw-8.jpg

 photo shn-yuw-5.jpg

 photo shn-yuw-6.jpg

 photo shn-yuw-9.jpg


  1. One thought on “Friday Photoshoots: Hu Yi Tian, Gao Zhi Ting, Sun Ning for Bazaar, Shen Yue, Yang Mi

    When it’s all said and done, ‘A love so Beautiful’ left missing the 2 OTP! I can’t helps it, the chemistry was so strong and real.

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