Bai Lu and Xu Kai lead new actors in ancient drama The Legends

The Legends (招摇) is adapted from the novel written by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang starring new faces such as Bai Lu (King is Not Easy) and Xu Kai (Zhao Ge) as leads. Bai Lu plays Wan Lu Men’s Sect Master who is in pursuit of the legendary Wan Jun Sword left behind by the Demon Lord but she’s tricked by our hero which leads her into a precarious situation. Five years later (??!), she returns to her sect to get back her position but our hero has taken over the sect. He’s also the Demon Lord’s son disguised as a sect disciple to scheme her out of her position five years ago. She then lures him into another journey to get another sword (LOL) with the help of a rising wulin star (Dai Xu) but as it turns out, she gets kidnapped by her conspirator and the hero has to rescue her. Why does this sound so funny? XD

Anyway, at the end of the day, the real big bad is Jin Xian and our lead couple fights side-by-side to eliminate the next evil force…..and of course falling in love in the process.

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Official Posters.

Bai Lu. Has been pretty lucky with leading roles one after another.

 photo leg 13.jpg

Xu Kai.

 photo leg 24.jpg

Shane Xiao Yan. She was in A Detective Housewife with Jia Nai Liang.

 photo leg 14.jpg

Dai Xu. He’s in upcoming dramas Entrepreneurial Age and The Rise of Phoenixes.

 photo leg 15.jpg

Booting Ceremony 10/27.

 photo leg 2.jpg

 photo leg 12.jpg

 photo leg 25.jpg

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 photo leg 1.jpg

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Such beautiful scenery! Look at that cave….

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 photo leg 19.jpg

 photo leg 23.jpg

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 photo leg 21.jpg

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Posters Shooting Video:

Directed by Zheng Wei Wen (The Imperial Doctress, Legend of Heavenly Tear Phoenix Warriors) and written by Yang Qian Zi and novel author, The Legends plans to have 40 episodes.

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    Can i say I am a little disappointed?
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    The novel is a riot with a much more interesting premise. Well it deals with spirits and stuff but I don’t think its much of an issue anymore right. I mean timetravel stories are still very much prevalent even with the so called ban. Well I hope they keep it light and funny…that’s one of its better charm.

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