Anhui (China) TV Drama Awards 2017

I usually look forward to this award show but this year seems very lackluster ~

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Wang Li Xin looks very handsome in a gray sparkly suit.

 photo anhui2017 52.jpg

 photo anhui2017-2.jpg

Deng Lun.

 photo anhui2017-16.jpg

Sexy bedroom gaze ~

 photo anhui2017-1.jpg

Li Qin has been seen together with Deng Lun frequently this year, mainly because they are now under the same management.

 photo anhui2017-21.jpg

 photo anhui2017-20.jpg

Yuan Quan.

 photo anhui2017-18.jpg

Zhai Tian Lin.

 photo anhui2017-19.jpg

Joseph Zeng Shun Xi.

 photo anhui2017-22.jpg

Ariel Lin.

 photo anhui2017-14.jpg

 photo anhui2017-15.jpg

Zhang Bin Bin.

 photo anhui2017-13.jpg

 photo anhui2017-12.jpg

Lu Yi.

 photo anhui2017-11.jpg

Ren Zhong.

 photo anhui2017-10.jpg

Zhu Xu Dan.

 photo anhui2017-8.jpg

Sun Yi.

 photo anhui2017-7.jpg

 photo anhui2017-6.jpg

Diamond Zhang Bi Chen.

 photo anhui2017-5.jpg

Vengo Gao.

 photo anhui2017-4.jpg

 photo anhui2017-3.jpg

Qiao Xin.

 photo anhui2017-23.jpg

 photo anhui2017-24.jpg

Wang Xiao Chen.

 photo anhui2017-26.jpg

 photo anhui2017-25.jpg

Xu Wei Zhou.

 photo anhui2017-27.jpg

Ryan Zheng Kai.

 photo anhui2017-29.jpg

Yu Hao Ming.

 photo anhui2017-30.jpg

Zhang Ruo Yun.

 photo anhui2017-28.jpg

Tina Tang.

 photo anhui2017-31.jpg

 photo anhui2017-32.jpg

Chen Zi Han and hubby, Dai Xiang Yu.

 photo anhui2017-33.jpg

Wang Gang’s family.

 photo anhui2017-34.jpg

Lei Jia Yin and Yin Tao.

 photo anhui2017-36.jpg

Liu Xiao Ling Tong. 🙂

 photo anhui2017-35.jpg

Maggie Huang Meng Ying.

 photo anhui2017-37.jpg

 photo anhui2017-39.jpg

Wang Luo Dan.

 photo anhui2017-40.jpg

 photo anhui2017-41.jpg

Wan Qian.

 photo anhui2017-43.jpg

 photo anhui2017-42.jpg

Jing Tian has been killing it with her fashion lately!

 photo anhui2017-46.jpg

 photo anhui2017-45.jpg

Wang Zi Xuan.

 photo anhui2017-47.jpg

Hu Yi Tian.

 photo anhui2017-49.jpg

 photo anhui2017-50.jpg

 photo anhui2017-51.jpg

  1. 10 thoughts on “Anhui (China) TV Drama Awards 2017

    I feel like there’s less heavyweights this year than 2015 or 2016. But 2018 should return to glory, judging from the list of dramas coming up.

    • 10 thoughts on “Anhui (China) TV Drama Awards 2017

      LOL that’s what we said last year about this year toooo

  2. 10 thoughts on “Anhui (China) TV Drama Awards 2017

    Hi! Thanks!
    I did not see any winners list so far. Do they release later on after the event?

    • 10 thoughts on “Anhui (China) TV Drama Awards 2017

      I thought it was weird (no official list) but fans who attended the event know what awards their favorites got; the ones I saw – Hu Yi Tian and Wang Zi Xuan got the Favorite New Actor and Actress award. I think they are waiting for the show to air officially?

  3. 10 thoughts on “Anhui (China) TV Drama Awards 2017

    Some imaginative film maker should team up Diamond, Ruby and Crystal in a drama called ‘Sparkle’ with G.E.M. doing the ost.

  4. 10 thoughts on “Anhui (China) TV Drama Awards 2017

    Oooo I like Wang Luo Dan’s outfit, Jing Tian’s, and I think Wang Zi Xuan looks great!

    Tina’s looking extra awesome! But Zhang Ruo Yun what is that?! I thought Deng Lun looked extra classy. And MAN Sun Yi’s legs are too great! #goals.

  5. 10 thoughts on “Anhui (China) TV Drama Awards 2017

    I saw lots of empty seats in some pics. Lots of new faces and the more popular like Ruby and her hubby, LY, Nicky and his wifey are not there. Otherwise, the attendees looked good. I like Deng Lun’s look tonight. Awesome.

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