Yang Mi’s Legend of Fu Yao wraps up filming after 150 days!

The process felt longer didn’t it? They filmed quite fast for an ancient drama! Legend of Fu Yao (扶摇) is adapted from the novel written by Tian Xia Gui Yuan with Yang Mi and Ethan Ruan as the main leads. And of course, you will see her harem of pretty kids as well. =P

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I am loving all the hairstyles on Yang Mi here!

 photo Yao 59.jpg

Those intense brows!

 photo Yao 60.jpg

Vengo Gao.

 photo Yao 66.jpg

Huang Ming.

 photo Yao 63.jpg

Lai Yi.

 photo Yao 67.jpg

Hu Ke.

 photo Yao 68.jpg

Gao Han Yu. This guy looks like Deng Lun’s manlier brother!

 photo Yao 70.jpg

Wang Jin Song.

 photo Yao 65.jpg

Liu Yi Jun.

 photo Yao 64.jpg

Zhang Ya Qin.

 photo Yao 58.jpg

 photo Yao 69.jpg

 photo Yao 62.jpg

 photo Yao 61.jpg

 photo Yao 56.jpg

 photo Yao 57.jpg

 photo Yao 72.jpg

 photo Yao 71.jpg

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Synopsis Translated by Tranzgeek: The Everlasting Imperial City that leads all of China, Tiansha, Xuanji, and the sects of learning, the holy land, as the sky separates Fufeng and the ocean, as they face one another. In the distant past, the firmament once gave birth to a god – a lotus, that formed into Meng Fuyao (Yang Mi). In childhood, Fuyao was cast into the depths of Yuanjian Sect. Because of her aptitude for being stupid, she was subject to the disdain of her teachers. When she was 16, she “broke into the 9th heaven”, a remarkable feat that henceforth made her dedicate herself to martial arts progress. To gather the secret orders of the world, she quietly waits for the Fufeng Sea to merge with the ocean. On that day, she sets out for the vault of heaven. Fuyao steps into the world, and her experiences pave a pathway. She and the crown prince, Changsun Wuji (Ethan Ruan) of the Everlasting Imperial City gets acquainted and falls in love. The two people cooperate to settle disputes and usurp power of the Taiyuan Regent. The army in the south of the Wuji Nation violates the boundary, and that is when the Virtuous Imperial Palace changes as Prince Lie of Tiansha fights the north and allies with others to regain his royal power as the heavens terminate. It is then made known that Fuyao’s is Xuanji King’s daughter. Everyone accompanies Fuyao in leaving for the firmament, as she uses her flesh and human body to contend against the evil things of the distant past, to save the heavens. After experiencing many hardships and perils and trials, in the end they defeat the conspiracy revolving around the heavens and get rid of all malicious and demonic roads, protecting the peace of the world. Fuyao and Wuji’s love also succeed in bearing good fruit. [DO NOT TAKE OUT WITHOUT AVV PERMISSION.]

Note: Changsun Wuji belongs to the Wuji Nation. The Wuji Nation’s capital is the Everlasting Imperial City. Tiansha, Fufeng, and Xuanji are all places.

Directed by Yang Wen Jun (So Young, You Are My Sunshine Movie), Xie Ze (Great Expectatons), and Li Cai, and written by novel author and Jie Yan Yan (Hua Xu Yin), Legend of Fu Yao has 60 episodes.

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  1. 5 thoughts on “Yang Mi’s Legend of Fu Yao wraps up filming after 150 days!

    Yang stying is so pretty in here, much much better than 3L3W. I see actor/actress from Yang Mi studio, she’s really good at promoting her newbies. I have high expectations for this drama, hope this one delivers and gets my attention like 3L3W.

  2. 5 thoughts on “Yang Mi’s Legend of Fu Yao wraps up filming after 150 days!

    Somehow it reminds me of Princess Agent, lets hope it won’t turn out to be a disappointment like PA. YM looks gorgeous! The first pic somehow reminds me of LSS in Lost Love!

    • 5 thoughts on “Yang Mi’s Legend of Fu Yao wraps up filming after 150 days!

      Nooooo, don’t jinx it, plz ! I like pretty dramas that are also , like, smart and stuff … 😉

  3. 5 thoughts on “Yang Mi’s Legend of Fu Yao wraps up filming after 150 days!

    Yang Mi is good in picking addictive dramas and has great chemistry with her co-stars. Hope this is as good as Eternal Love.

  4. 5 thoughts on “Yang Mi’s Legend of Fu Yao wraps up filming after 150 days!

    woohoo another drama from yang mi. Ever since ten miles peach blossom I fell in love with Yang mi. Now just waiting for news on Mark Chou

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