New teaser for Zhang Yi Shan’s Seven of Me, New Posters for Li Yi Feng’s In New York

Two decent-looking modern Chinese dramas….keep the dog-blood tendencies at bay, please!

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=======> ♦ Based on the Korean series Kill Me Heal Me, Seven of Me is the Chinese remake starring Zhang Yi Shan in the titular role with 7 different personalities. Starring opposite him is actress Elvira Cai Wen Jing. A short teaser has been released highlighting his seven distinct performances. I can’t wait for the gege-lover and Gothic character! 😀

 photo Kill 37.jpg

 photo Kill 35.jpg

 photo Kill 36.jpg

 photo Kill 33.jpg

 photo Kill 38.jpg

 photo Kill 26.jpg

 photo Kill 28.jpg

 photo Kill 29.jpg

 photo Kill 30.jpg

 photo Kill 31.jpg

 photo Kill 32.jpg

 photo Kill 42.jpg

 photo Kill 44.jpg

 photo Kill 22.jpg

 photo Kill 23.jpg

 photo Kill 24.jpg

 photo Kill 27.jpg

 photo Kill 25.jpg

 photo Kill 41.jpg

 photo Kill 40.jpg

 photo Kill 34.jpg

 photo Kill 39.jpg

 photo Kill 43.jpg

=======> ♦ First Sketches and Posters for Li Yi Feng and Maggie Jiang‘s modern drama, In New York. The cast is having a great time in New York. Who’s stalking them?! Li Yi Feng will be playing a full-of-character lawyer who was raised in New York and lives strictly to uphold justice for the lower-class people. Then one day he meets a fashion designer who came all the way across the world with dreams of becoming the top dog in the said industry. It’s a story of hopeful dreams and bitter reality slaps (my own words, lol) that today’s youths can relate to. Jiang Meng Jie plays assistant and best friend to our heroine and George Hu will round out the character playing a gentleman in New York. While other cast members already missed the food back home, George is reminiscing of his past childhood being raised in New York and all.

 photo YnewY 23.jpg

 photo YnewY 24.jpg

 photo YnewY 15.jpg

 photo YnewY 16.jpg

Jiang Meng Jie.

 photo YnewY 18.jpg

 photo YnewY 19.jpg

He Du Juan.

 photo YnewY 27.jpg

 photo YnewY 25.jpg

Li Chen Hao.

 photo YnewY 28.jpg

 photo YnewY 21.jpg

Ke Tian Rou.

 photo YnewY 29.jpg

 photo YnewY 22.jpg

George Hu.

 photo YnewY 20.jpg

 photo YnewY 26.jpg

 photo YnewY 17.jpg

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  1. 2 thoughts on “New teaser for Zhang Yi Shan’s Seven of Me, New Posters for Li Yi Feng’s In New York

    I was a bit disappointed when they released hand drawing poster I wanted real picture, but then they released it right away lol. Yeah Li Yifeng is having a great time in New York, he even went to watch NBA 😄 Looking forward to his riding scenes lol

    Omg I remember that fangirling scene in Kill Me Heal Me, my favorite character haha

  2. 2 thoughts on “New teaser for Zhang Yi Shan’s Seven of Me, New Posters for Li Yi Feng’s In New York

    Jisung was perfection in heal me kill me…good luck to zhangyi shan in topping that…🙈

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