Friday Photoshoots: New F4, Song Zu Er, Yang Mi, Jin Dong, Lin Yun

Happy Friday drifters!

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Hmm, the New F4 is heavily promoted, but where is a photoshoot with our heroine?!

 photo bazaar-5.jpg

 photo bazaar-2.jpg

 photo bazaar-1.jpg

 photo bazaar-6.jpg

 photo bazaar-7.jpg

 photo bazaar-9.jpg

 photo bazaar-8.jpg

Wu Chun.

 photo chunni-1.jpg

 photo chunni-3.jpg

 photo chunni-2.jpg

 photo chunni-5.jpg

 photo chunni-6.jpg

 photo chunni-7.jpg

Sandra Ma.

 photo ng-2.jpg

 photo ng-3.jpg

 photo ng-4.jpg

 photo ng-1.jpg

 photo ng-5.jpg

 photo ng-7.jpg

 photo ng-6.jpg

 photo ng-8.jpg

Jin Dong.

 photo dong-8.jpg

 photo dong-1.jpg

 photo dong-2.jpg

 photo dong-3.jpg

 photo dong-7.jpg

 photo dong-6.jpg

 photo dong-5.jpg

 photo dong-4.jpg

Liu Shi Shi.

 photo skliu-1.jpg

 photo skliu-4.jpg

 photo skliu-3.jpg

 photo skliu-2.jpg

 photo skliu-5.jpg

Yang Mi.

 photo yangmw-1.jpg

 photo yangmw-10.jpg

 photo yangmw-9.jpg

 photo yangmw-8.jpg

 photo yangmw-4.jpg

 photo yangmw-5.jpg

 photo yangmw-6.jpg

 photo yangmw-7.jpg

 photo yangmw-3.jpg

 photo yangmw-2.jpg

Lin Yun.

 photo yunn-1.jpg

 photo yunn-2.jpg

 photo yunn-3.jpg

 photo yunn-4.jpg

 photo yunn-5.jpg

 photo yunn-6.jpg

 photo yunn-7.jpg

 photo yunn-8.jpg

 photo yunn-9.jpg

Full set of Zhao Li Ying in her first fashion week.

 photo liyi-5.jpg

 photo liyi-6.jpg

 photo liyi-4.jpg

 photo liyi-3.jpg

 photo liyi-1.jpg

 photo liyi-2.jpg

 photo liyi-7.jpg

 photo liyi-9.jpg

 photo liyi-8.jpg

Song Zu Er. Love the colors here.

 photo zuer-3.jpg

 photo zuer-4.jpg

 photo zuer-5.jpg

 photo zuer-6.jpg

 photo zuer-7.jpg


  1. 2 thoughts on “Friday Photoshoots: New F4, Song Zu Er, Yang Mi, Jin Dong, Lin Yun

    I cant believe it, Chiara Ferragni with Yang Mi! I thought Chiara (who is just a fashion blogger) was famous mostly in Italy, how can she appear with famous chinese actress

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