First teasers for Chen Kun’s The Double (Tuo Shen) drama with Wan Qian

Previously known as The Escapee (脱身), and now Escape or The Double, this is Chen Kun‘s first drama comeback, before Rise of the Phoenixes. The new spy drama is an original work which is reported to have been polished for a number of years. Chen Kun plays dual roles (brothers) hence the new English name makes sense. heh. Wan Qian plays a spy disguised as a female accountant with a secret mission to protect someone important. She meets Older brother after accidentally exchanging suitcases at the train station and becomes acquaintance with him. She later finds out his younger twin brother is an important figure to protect. In times of chaos and war, could the three find true value in the meaning of love, life, and faith?

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Unofficial and Official Stills:

A lot are posted by Chen Kun on weibo cause the production team is stingy!

 photo Esp 34.jpg

 photo Esp 35.jpg

 photo Esp 28.jpg

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Chen Kun.

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Wan Qian.

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 photo Esp 37.jpg

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 photo Esp 47.jpg

David Wang.

 photo Esp 50.jpg

Edward Zhang Xiao Chen.

 photo Esp 52.jpg

Cai Wen Jing.

 photo Esp 55.jpg

Hai Yi Tian.

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 photo Esp 54.jpg

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Teaser and Trailer:

Directed by Lin Ke (Li San Qiang, Empty Nest Grandpa) and written by Wang Qi Nan (Love, Feng Sheng Chuan Qi), The Double has 50 episodes.

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  1. One thought on “First teasers for Chen Kun’s The Double (Tuo Shen) drama with Wan Qian

    This looks like it has the potential to be really good! Kind of refreshing that it’s an original work, should be really interesting to see how it goes. Chen Kun is one of my favs so I’ll definitely be watching this.

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