Chen Xiang and Jiang Kai Tong become The Mysterious Team

The Mysterious Team ((天枢之契约行者) follows the early years of Republic of China when legends run amok about secret treasures, and our hero (Chen Xiang) is tasked by his master to locate and get near. He’s then embroiled in numerous dangers and revengey plots; one incident leading to his Master’s death in a bomb attack. Our heroine (Kiton Jiang Kai Tong) is an educated miss returning from study abroad with a mission to find her missing brother. They eventually discover the four items in the treasure box, which reveal two contracts; one is to break the seal selfishly or second is to lock the seal and let the secrets flow away with the wind. They will either be treasure hunters or contract fulfillers, each with their own obstacles to overcome and decisions to make.

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