Behind-The-Scenes videos: Tribes and Empires, Ever Night, Legend of Fu Yao, Sweet Dreams

You know me, I love behind-the-scenes videos. These Chinese productions have hundreds of workers on locations every day, so it’s not strange to see how fast they can shoot a drama within 3 months (usually modern), day-in-day-out. What we see onscreen is a the final results of blood and sweats and watching these videos always shows a new level of appreciation for the crew who works tirelessly behind the cameras all-year long.

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=======> ♦ Up first is ancient drama Ever Night adapted from Mao Ni’s novel starring Chen Fei Yu and Song Yi Ren. She’s also tiny next to him! Love what she wore at the recent press conference. Chen Fei Yu gives me the same vibes as Kris Wu. Tall and awkward. Lol.

 photo ever-3.jpg

 photo ever-4.jpg

 photo ever-1.jpg

 photo ever-2.jpg

Some stills.

Yuan Bing Yan.

 photo ever-8.jpg

 photo ever-9.jpg

Hu Jun.

 photo ever-10.jpg

 photo ever-11.jpg

Zoey Meng Zi Yi.

 photo ever-12.jpg

 photo ever-13.jpg

 photo ever-6.jpg

 photo ever-5.jpg

 photo ever-7.jpg

=======> ♦ An 8-minute long bts video of Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy. My quota for big-hypes-but-failed dramas has reached its limits. I need this to be at least decent!

 photo tribes-1.jpg

 photo tribes-13.jpg

Is that…..who I think it is?! Hsin Ai Lee (Princess Wei Young).

 photo tribes-8.jpg

 photo tribes-15.jpg

 photo tribes-7.jpg

 photo tribes-6.jpg

 photo tribes-5.jpg

 photo tribes-4.jpg

 photo tribes-3.jpg

 photo tribes-2.jpg

Costume designs.

 photo tribes-10.jpg

 photo tribes-11.jpg

 photo tribes-12.jpg

 photo tribes-14.jpg

 photo tribes-16.jpg

 photo tribes-17.jpg

 photo tribes-18.jpg

 photo tribes-19.jpg

=======> ♦ Rose-picking stills of the beautiful cast of Sweet Dreams with Dilraba and Deng Lun.

 photo sweet 5.jpg

 photo sweet 4.jpg

 photo sweet 7.jpg

 photo sweet 11.jpg

 photo sweet 12.jpg

Zhu Xu Dan.

 photo sweet 6.jpg

Chen Yi Long.

 photo sweet 8.jpg

Wang Rui Zi.

 photo sweet 9.jpg

Zhang Hao Wei.

 photo sweet 10.jpg

=======> ♦ Legend of Fu Yao with Yang Mi and Ethan Ruan. Looks like a quality production. Yang Mi is up to something good.

 photo Fuyao-2.jpg

 photo Fuyao-10.jpg

Huang Ming.

 photo Fuyao-6.jpg

 photo Fuyao-5.jpg

 photo Fuyao-4.jpg

 photo Fuyao-7.jpg

 photo Fuyao-8.jpg

 photo Fuyao-9.jpg

 photo Fuyao-11.jpg

 photo Fuyao-12.jpg

 photo Fuyao-13.jpg

 photo Fuyao-14.jpg

 photo Fuyao-15.jpg

 photo Fuyao-16.jpg

 photo Fuyao-3.jpg

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  1. One thought on “Behind-The-Scenes videos: Tribes and Empires, Ever Night, Legend of Fu Yao, Sweet Dreams

    Agreed on Tribes and Emperors, the last stills and trailer don’t do much to me…It’s been too long.

    So excited to see Fu Yao, really looking forward to Yang Mi’s new drama. I can just feel quality production from the bts.

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