Tan Song Yun and Zhang Dan Feng’s make-up Face Off

Face Off (特化师) is a new modern drama about the make-up business based on the manhua by San Fu Animation starring Zhang Dan Feng and Tan Song Yun as the main OTP. I have been compiling pictures for this drama for a few months and they dropped a teaser a few days ago. The thing with me is I dislike updating a new post with like 4 pictures (and productions do this every few days), so instead I just compile them and wait for the trailer. This gives me more time to check out the novel if needs be, unless they have 10+ pictures = new post.

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Synopsis: Our heroine (Tan Song Yun) considers herself a wuxia heroine; she’s straightforward, energetic and hard-working in cosmetics sales. At a fashion show, she encounters a make-up genius (Zhang Dan Feng), opening up a new path for her in make-up career. He is described as cold, kind and obstinate. While our hero is armed with a mission of locating his lost biological mother (whose face is disfigured which makes sense why he became a make-up artist), only to find himself in constant competition with his younger brother (Ying Hao Ming) of a different mother. The brothers have a deep bond but due to dad’s favored affection towards elder brother, younger bro’s resentment develops. With the help of our hero, our heroine’s career flourishes, just as their feelings for each other deepen. Third leg of the love triangle arrives, along with workplace crises. [Kappy@AVV]

Tan Song Yun.

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 photo Faceoff 4.jpg

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Andy Zhang Dan Feng.

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 photo Faceoff 9.jpg

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Ying Hao Ming is cracking me up. The next resident bad brother. LOL. He’s also a bad brother in Deng Lun’s republican series with Li Yi Tong.

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 photo Faceoff 2.jpg

Dai Chao. He carries a torch for our heroine.

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Zhou Zi Yan.

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 photo Faceoff 8.jpg

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Directed by Qu You Ning (A Boy Named Flora A, Tiny Times 1.0) and Pan Jing Cheng (Ice and Fire of Youth) and written by Yang Bi Feng, Face Off has 40 episodes. No air date yet.

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    Tan song yun needs to act in different genre. This one is similar to her fox fall in love and also my mr. Mermaid.
    I really wish to see her as an antagonist or a cold-tough protagonist. Hope she wont be a one genre actress. Fighting!!

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