Suspenseful Crime Webdramas: Pan Yue Ming’s Day & Night, Qin Hao’s Burning Ice

For folks with a love for thrillers and suspense with dark heroes on the run!

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=======> ♦ First up is webdrama Day & Night (白夜追凶) with Pan Yue Ming, Wang Long Zheng, Liang Yuan, Lu Xiao Lin, and Yin Shu Yi. Actor Yue Ming plays twins with opposite personality. When one is accused of massacre and has to run away as a fugitive, the other one stays behind in the police force to find clues to clear his name despite the internal resistance and demotion. Interestingly, he suffers from fear of the dark, a nod to the title.

Directed by Wang Wei (Bu Liang Ren) and written by Zhi Wen, Day and Night has 32 episodes and premiered on August 30st.


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=======> ♦ Second one is based on the novel of the same name by Zi Jin Chen, Burning Ice (无证之罪) with Qin Hao, Deng Jia Jia, Yao Lu, Dai Xu, and Wang Zhen Er. The music in the trailer is quite creepy. “I’m gonna find you…” Our hero becomes a murder suspect after trying to save his beloved. The other man is an ex-medical examiner whose life is turned upside down when his family is killed. Now he lives to seek the truth by becoming a serial killer. *gulps gulps*

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Directed by Lu Xing (Chengcheng War Flame: Bloody Battles) and written by Ma Wei Ba and Zi Jin Chen, Burning Ice premieres on September 6th with 12 episodes.

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  1. 3 thoughts on “Suspenseful Crime Webdramas: Pan Yue Ming’s Day & Night, Qin Hao’s Burning Ice

    Thank you for writing this post just for me, Kappy. I’m the only one commenting here. 😛

    I like the trailer for Burning Ice and I had seen ok performances from the 2 leads in C films before. I checked out the first few minutes of the first ep. So far it looks good. The acting, lighting, music and cinematography. I’m starting to prefer web dramas especially after PA. Also, Let’s Shake It is funny half the time. Tang Bao and Zheng YC’s acting isn’t perfect, but it’s still fun to watch overall. I’m surprised I prefer LSI to Wuxin2. Wuxin2 is ok but not as good as Wuxin1. None of these web dramas gave me nearly as much bad aftertaste as PA. I couldn’t even finish PA. PA got me started on C-dramas-with-3-beautiful-leads allergy and worsened my Mary Sue allergy.

    I don’t like the Day & Night trailer as much. I haven’t watched Pan Yue Ming in anything before.

    • 3 thoughts on “Suspenseful Crime Webdramas: Pan Yue Ming’s Day & Night, Qin Hao’s Burning Ice

      LOL. Thanks for giving these two projects some love, Anon.

      PA aftertaste is really strong. xD Wu Xin should just focus on the bromance!

      • 3 thoughts on “Suspenseful Crime Webdramas: Pan Yue Ming’s Day & Night, Qin Hao’s Burning Ice

        I have to admit, I’ve been just minimally skimming ZLY news. Afraid of worsening post-PA allergy. I think you know what I mean. xD You know… I had an ominous feeling about PA from the first ep but kept hoping it would improve but it never excelled and kinda fell off the cliff by ep 30+. Now I’m even more wary of Croton/Ciwen. How do they end up with the PA they showed us on TV with those actors they had as leads? It’s like making chocolates taste terrible.

        There’s way too much politics, weird issues surrounding many TV dramas. Baidu, Alibaba w their web platforms & subsidiaries may have more control over their web dramas. They also seem to able to recruit adequate talents to package up a few of their web dramas so the plot, editing, etc. are not horrible. I’m also pleased with Alibaba Picture’s (Little) Door Gods’ animated film from around 2016. I’m not sure when we can see their 2017 animated film in our continent.

        Tang Bao’s comic acting is entertaining.

        One warning about Burning Ice is the camera work. It goes for the gritty look, so the camera can shake at times when investigators are walking through alleys or going through other suspenseful times. Few beautiful people in this drama. Deng Jiajia looks fine.

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