Huang Xuan’s Updates: Youth’s Delayed Premiere causes tears, Entrepreneurial Age wraps up filming

Saw pictures of the cast of Feng Xiao Gang‘s movie, Youth (芳华), crying their eyes out at the press conference and I thought someone was injured. Turns out the coming-of-age movie about the military art troupe is delayed and won’t be premiering during the national weekend next week, as anticipated by movie goers, who found out they couldn’t book tickets. The production and director did not give an official explanation but many theories have been mentioned. 1) Sensitive subject (the Sino-Vietnam war) 2) movie’s final script is different than the submitted version calling for changes 3) Fierce competition for national holidays weekend with a total release of 10 different films.

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=======> ♦ The cast at the press conference yesterday morning, hoping their movie will be released as scheduled. To make Feng Xiao Gang broke down into tears is…. I think it’s because I’m so used to drama schedule changes that my reaction to a movie delay is not as intense. But from a business standpoint, they are losing money now that they have promote the new date all over again. Plus, national weekend is a good opportunity to rake in money because everyone is off.

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=======> ♦ On the other hand, Huang Xuan’s modern drama, Entrepreneurial Age, with Angelababy, Song Yi, and Zhou Yi Wei, has officially wrapped up filming on September 21st after four months. Check out the numerous stills below. The cast also did a charity event in the Tibet area with orphaned kids. 🙂

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  1. 2 thoughts on “Huang Xuan’s Updates: Youth’s Delayed Premiere causes tears, Entrepreneurial Age wraps up filming

    …Feng Xiaogang is crying because he’s never been treated like this he doesn’t even know how to react.

    From the reviews it seems to touch on a sensitive time period but through rose colored glasses; but Feng Xiaogang has made far more damning movies. Even I am not Madame Bovary was far more critical. And he gets away with almost everything because he coats it with such slick satire and because he’s their little golden child who gets away with whatever he wants to make.

    I did not think Fang Hua would be delayed…nope. Disappointing I can’t imagine it’s due to content!

  2. 2 thoughts on “Huang Xuan’s Updates: Youth’s Delayed Premiere causes tears, Entrepreneurial Age wraps up filming

    I suppose the girls are crying because the movie is poised to be a hit and catapult them to fame but suddenly everything is so uncertain. I feel bad for them.

    On a more superficial note, Huang Xuan is looking beautiful. There’s no other way to describe him. Somehow he’s reminding me of Korea’s Lee Je Hoon, who I watched in the movie Anarchist from Colony yesterday (which is excellent, btw). He looks sweet with Angelababy, so let’s hope she’s not carrying a too-challenging character.

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