Friday Photoshoots: Huang Meng Ying, Sandra Ma Si Chun, Liu Wen

Happy Friday, lovely drifters!

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One star-studded cover and each gets an individual poster. =) Yao Chen, Kevin Tsai, Kris Wu, Wu Xiu Bo, Kwok Cheung Tsang, Feng Shao Feng, Zhou Dong Yu, and Han Geng.

 photo cover-1.jpg

 photo cover-4.jpg

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 photo cover-9.jpg

Liu Hao Ran, leading the younger generation. =)

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Liu Wen and her never-ending legs. She’s stunning in here.

 photo liuwe-1.jpg

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Li Xian in quite a few magazines lately, thanks to Tientsin Mystic. *cheers*

 photo lixian-1.jpg

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Sandra Ma Si Chun.

 photo mas-1.jpg

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Huang Xuan.

 photo huang-1.jpg

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 photo huang-7.jpg

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Liu Shi Shi!

 photo shi-1.jpg

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 photo shi-3.jpg

 photo shi-2.jpg

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Wan Qian.

 photo wan-1.jpg

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Our spy princess (lol) filtered in golden hue. Huang Meng Ying.

 photo meng-9.jpg

 photo meng-8.jpg

 photo meng-7.jpg

 photo meng-4.jpg

 photo meng-5.jpg

 photo meng-6.jpg

 photo meng-3.jpg

 photo meng-2.jpg

 photo meng-1.jpg

  1. 2 thoughts on “Friday Photoshoots: Huang Meng Ying, Sandra Ma Si Chun, Liu Wen

    Liu Hao Ran kinda reminds me of Yang Yang, maybe it’s the nose or eyes. Probably the nose lol.

  2. 2 thoughts on “Friday Photoshoots: Huang Meng Ying, Sandra Ma Si Chun, Liu Wen

    Sandra just got her second Golden Phoenix! Yayayayy!!!

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