Friday Photoshoots: Dilraba, Leo Wu Lei, Zhang Ming En, Tong Li Ya

Happy friday drifters of dramaland. This kappy got a new job! Starting work next monday. This past week was supposed to be my vacation week but the migration to a new home took a handful of my hair away…. Lol. Life… is never the way you planned it out.

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Bazaar Four Whopping Couples for October!

1) Dilraba and Leo Wu Lei in all sorts of colors.

 photo dil-1.jpg

 photo dil-13.jpg

 photo dil-12.jpg

 photo dil-11.jpg

 photo dil-10.jpg

 photo dil-4.jpg

 photo dil-5.jpg

 photo dil-6.jpg

 photo dil-3.jpg

 photo dil-7.jpg

 photo dil-8.jpg

 photo dil-9.jpg

2) Lay and Jelly Lin Yun!

 photo lay-5.jpg

 photo lay-1.jpg

 photo lay-4.jpg

 photo lay-3.jpg

 photo lay-2.jpg

 photo lay-6.jpg

3) Liu Hao Ran and Jessie Li (Chun Xia).

 photo liuha-8.jpg

 photo liuha-7.jpg

 photo liuha-6.jpg

 photo liuha-5.jpg

 photo liuha-1.jpg

 photo liuha-2.jpg

 photo liuha-3.jpg

 photo liuha-4.jpg

4) Nana Ou Yang and Chen Fei Yu.

 photo nana-2.jpg

 photo nana-1.jpg

 photo nana-3.jpg

 photo nana-4.jpg

 photo nana-5.jpg

 photo nana-6.jpg

 photo nana-7.jpg

 photo nana-8.jpg

 photo nana-9.jpg

Huang Zi Tao.

 photo taoz-1.jpg

 photo taoz-2.jpg

 photo taoz-3.jpg

 photo taoz-4.jpg

 photo taoz-5.jpg

 photo taoz-6.jpg

 photo taoz-7.jpg

 photo taoz-8.jpg

Miss Tong Li Ya!

 photo ya-8.jpg

 photo ya-7.jpg

 photo ya-6.jpg

 photo ya-5.jpg

 photo ya-1.jpg

 photo ya-2.jpg

 photo ya-3.jpg

 photo ya-4.jpg

 photo ya-9.jpg

Cosmo spreads with three actors: Guo Jing Fei, Li Guang Jie, and Lei Jia Yin.

 photo hangyu-4.jpg

 photo hangyu-3.jpg

 photo hangyu-2.jpg

 photo hangyu-5.jpg

 photo hangyu-1.jpg

 photo hangyu-6.jpg

Li Xian in another magazine spread.

 photo mingan-18.jpg

 photo mingan-12.jpg

 photo mingan-13.jpg

 photo mingan-14.jpg

 photo mingan-15.jpg

 photo mingan-17.jpg

 photo mingan-16.jpg

 photo mingan-19.jpg

 photo mingan-20.jpg

And finally his co-star in Tientsin Mystic, the lovable Zhang Ming En also gets a spread! I still remember him as William’s sidekick in The Mystic Nine. 🙂

 photo mingen-3.jpg

 photo mingen-6.jpg

 photo mingen-4.jpg

 photo mingen-5.jpg

 photo mingen-1.jpg

 photo mingen-2.jpg

 photo mingen-7.jpg

 photo mingen-8.jpg

 photo mingen-9.jpg

 photo mingen-10.jpg

 photo mingen-11.jpg

  1. 3 thoughts on “Friday Photoshoots: Dilraba, Leo Wu Lei, Zhang Ming En, Tong Li Ya

    Dilraba and Wu Lei are my fav shoot by far. But I also really like OuYang nana/Chen FeiYu’s adorable shoot and Liu Hao Ran/Chun Xia’s shoot too. I thought Zhang Yi Xin/Jelly had a generic, a little boring, shoot, and Jelly looked very unnatural and awkward. LOVE Tong Li Ya’s outfits and color-matching – those aspects are especially standout because of the purposeful grey/white solid background and the sharp slicked hair…the focus is very much on her clothes and how awesome the colors go together and pop.

    Li Xian and Zhang Ming En are kind of my biases, but tbh most of the shoots not mentioned above didn’t really leave an impression on me, good or bad.

  2. 3 thoughts on “Friday Photoshoots: Dilraba, Leo Wu Lei, Zhang Ming En, Tong Li Ya

    Li Xian looks a little like Dylan Kuo while Zhang Ming En looks like a cross between Chen Xiao and korean actor Kim Jae Wook. LOL. Enjoying both in Tientsin mystic.

  3. 3 thoughts on “Friday Photoshoots: Dilraba, Leo Wu Lei, Zhang Ming En, Tong Li Ya

    The visuals of Dilraba, Nana are really good. My eyes keeps going to their face

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