First trailer for Mystery of Antiques with Xia Yu and Qiao Zhen Yu

Mystery of Antiques (古董局中局) is based on the novel written by Ma Bo Yong and has cast Xia Yu, Qiao Zhen Yu, and Cai Wen Jing in a suspenseful quest on obtaining antiques and solving mysteries around them. There is a current obsession with this kind of topic, right? Tombs, antiques, curses, etc…

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Xia Yu plays our hero, an ordinary Antique shop owner who is embroiled into conspiracy of legendary treasures of the past with the visitors to his shop. The synopsis is so vague ~

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Qiao Zhen Yu as a handsome (yes, very!!) and funny medicine man.

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Cai Wen Jing. Granddaughter and successor to a powerful family known for collecting antiques.

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Chie Tanaka. A girl from Japan who is gentle and feminine but has a secret to hide.

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For the record, I’m allergic to productions who stamp a huge weibo label on their pictures!

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Press conference today.

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First Trailer:

Directed by Wu Bai (Bu Liang Ren and Evil Minds webdrama) and Yu Qing (The Girl In The Mist) and written by Ma Bo Yong (Roast), Mystery of Antiques has 36 episodes and is currently filming.

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