Piano keys as the ladder to Wallace Chung’s Healing Love

I like the quick teasers this drama dishes out, it’s quite creative. Healing Love (幸福的理由) is Wallace Chung‘s upcoming drama (he has a few up his sleeves waiting to air) with Wang Xiao Chen and Qiao Zhen Yu. On a positive note, this is not adapted from a novel. THANK-YOU! I don’t have to be aware of darn novel spoilers everywhere and can happily enjoy without comparison (so rare). Per the title, Wallace hopes that this drama brings awareness to society when it comes physical disabilities and that people who are less fortunate than others don’t think any less of themselves. That everyone should open up, receive love, and give love, in ways that they feel most comfortable with. 👍👍👍

They have wrapped up filming in China and will move on to Vienna to film the rest. Post production then proceeds for about five months.

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Wallace Chung plays a genius musician who has to suddenly face the biggest crisis of his life when he loses his hearing. Suffering from the pain and loss alone, his girlfriend breaks up with him and he returns to his home country to teach instead. There, he meets a warm-hearted speech/language therapist (Wang Xiao Chen) and begins his healing journey. Their love is met with strong opposition from dad and our hero has to fight for his familial acceptance. However, when dad finally accepts, old ex-girlfriend comes back to haunt them (us).

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Wang Xiao Chen.

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 photo Heal 34.jpg

 photo Heal 35.jpg

Qiao Zhen Yu. Hero’s childhood friend who turns when their family interests collide.

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 photo Heal 28.jpg

Chen Ran. The girlfriend who leaves when he’s in trouble and returns when he’s standing up again.

 photo Heal 44.jpg

 photo Heal 37.jpg

Lincy Ning Xin. She, along with the other three (below), are the promoted rookie actors.

 photo Heal 46.jpg

Nora Chen Xiang Xi.

 photo Heal 43.jpg

Ran Xu.

 photo Heal 45.jpg

Samuel Gu Bin.

 photo Heal 42.jpg


Directed by Zhang Bo Yu (Fall In Love With You Again), Healing Love plans to have 55 episodes.

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  1. 3 thoughts on “Piano keys as the ladder to Wallace Chung’s Healing Love

    Oh. I quite like the teasers. Love the BGM too! It sounds so sad….
    Wang Xiao Chen looks like an angel in the 3rd picture. So pretty xD

  2. 3 thoughts on “Piano keys as the ladder to Wallace Chung’s Healing Love

    Cant waiiiitt… Hopefully this is not the makjang kinda drama. He’s in his 40s but darn it, still looks younger…

  3. 3 thoughts on “Piano keys as the ladder to Wallace Chung’s Healing Love

    Wallace Chung in piano ❤️ The Best 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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