Li Yi Tong and Chen Jian Bin end filming for Brave to Love with a wedding

Gahhh. I’m so torn looking at the wedding stills of modern drama Brave to Love (爱我就别想太多官博). I know in love, age is only a number but…. in real life I have my own limits too. I guess the decision to watch or not to watch this series is based on your own experience and how well these two actors sparkle together. Li Yi Tong is 26 and veteran actor Chen Jian Bin is 47 and the story is exactly about that huge age gap; a golden bachelor trying to find his partner for life and he meets a bubbly, youthful designer. He wants her to love him not for his money so he conceals his “rich” background, only to find out later that she knew who he was before their marriage. Hurt, he opts for a divorce… but things don’t go the way he wants.

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Filming has wrapped after 73 days on August 14th.

 photo brave 2.jpg

 photo brave 6.jpg

 photo brave 9.jpg

Looks like they will have two weddings. XD She looks fabulous both times though.

 photo brave 12.jpg

 photo brave 5.jpg

 photo brave 1.jpg

The revealed wedding.

 photo brave 13.jpg

 photo brave 14.jpg

 photo brave 8.jpg

I really, really love her white/golden wedding dress. So modern, elegant, and chic!

 photo brave 11.jpg

 photo brave 4.jpg

 photo brave 7.jpg

 photo brave 10.jpg

 photo brave 15.jpg

Directed by Cao Hui Sheng (One and Eight) and Han Jie (All Apologies) and written by Hu Ping and Han Jie, Brave to Love has 30 episodes.

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