First Character Posters for Oho Ou Hao and Hai Ling’s Hero’s Dream

Webdrama Hero’s Dream (天意之秦天宝鉴) is adapted from a sci-fi novel Heaven’s Will written by Qian Li Fang. Not much about the novel is talked about but the vague synopsis describes the journey of a young talented lad (Ou Hao) after he’s offered an opportunity by a mysterious man to change his life. His character becomes the god of war – the Great General Han Xin, who served under Liu Bang (Zhang Dan Feng) and contributed to the founding of the Han dynasty. The promises of intriguing power plays, manipulations, and mysterious unknown forces all come together for (hopefully) an excellent re-imagining of history.

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Character Posters:

Our hero, Oho Ou Hao as Han Xin, a military general who served Liu Bang, known as one of the “Three Heroes of the early Han dynasty”, along with Zhang Liang and Xiao He.

 photo Hero 23.jpg

Heroine, Hai Ling. She’s a time-traveler in the novel…. not sure how it’s written in the drama script.

 photo Hero 24.jpg

Guest villain role by Tang Yan.

 photo Hero 22.jpg

Qiao Zhen Yu as Qin Shi Huang.

 photo Hero 35.jpg

Zhang Dan Feng as Liu Bang.

 photo Hero 36.jpg

Li Yu Xuan as Zhang Liang, a strategist and statesman in the early Western Han dynasty.

 photo Hero 37.jpg

SNH48’s Sun Zhen Ni.

 photo Hero 29.jpg

Li Gan as Xiao He; served Liu Bang, the founder of the Han dynasty, during the insurrection against the Qin dynasty, and fought against Liu’s rival, Xiang Yu.

 photo Hero 28.jpg

Chen Jin Ru.

 photo Hero 27.jpg

Yu Ji Wei as Xiang Yu, prominent warlord in the late Qin dynasty.

 photo Hero 30.jpg

Tian Yi Tong as Consort Yu aka “Yu the Beauty”, concubine of the warlord Xiang Yu, who competed with Liu Bang (Emperor Gao), the founder of the Han dynasty.

 photo Hero 31.jpg

Zhang Rui as Jing Ke, famous for his failed assassination attempt of Ying Zheng, King of Qin state.

 photo Hero 25.jpg

Mi Lu as the empress consort of Emperor Gaozu, the founder and first ruler of the Han Dynasty.

 photo Hero 26.jpg

Female lead.

 photo Hero 32.jpg

 photo Hero 33.jpg

 photo Hero 34.jpg

Directed by Ding Yang Guo (Special Beautiful Man) and written by Su Peng, Hero’s Dream plans to have 36 episodes. Love it.

Via: 01 + Wiki for historical Lessons

  1. 6 thoughts on “First Character Posters for Oho Ou Hao and Hai Ling’s Hero’s Dream

    So idol version of Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Can’t say I haven’t seen this before.

    I also played Dynasty Warriors alot…and I do mean a lot.

  2. 6 thoughts on “First Character Posters for Oho Ou Hao and Hai Ling’s Hero’s Dream

    Yay for Hai Ling and only 36 episodes XD I see more people from Freshman haha (Yu Ji Wei and Tian Yi Tong). TYT was pretty good as Yue Ru in the Chinese Paladin musical, so I’m looking forward to seeing her in dramas.

    • 6 thoughts on “First Character Posters for Oho Ou Hao and Hai Ling’s Hero’s Dream

      Oooooo is that where she’s from?! Wait no wonder she’s so familiar. She’s actually one of my favs from Grade One (I think it was the “Graduating” spinoff not the Freshman one. Imo the Graduating one is the better one cuz Freshman was the awkward very American-reality-bachelorette style one with the terrible triangle romance with CC, Tong Meng Shi and the other dude. Tbh I’m always surprised with the degree of success those peeps are as newbies in the acting world since their skills don’t actually seem particularly great in te show and sometimes their looks pretty average as celebs go. That said its still one of those crap shows that I continue to watch and find entertainment in for some unamable reason.

      • 6 thoughts on “First Character Posters for Oho Ou Hao and Hai Ling’s Hero’s Dream

        Haha yep got mixed up with the two seasons. I guess the newbies already have connections or end up with good connections that get them decent roles in dramas. The show is my guilty pleasure, such fake/forced plotlines but so bad it’s good (I complain so much when watching lol).

  3. 6 thoughts on “First Character Posters for Oho Ou Hao and Hai Ling’s Hero’s Dream

    One of my fav time period in Chinese history, but tbh maybe it’s the number our related shows I’ve seen, but I’ve always much preferred Xiang Yu to Liu Bang so…I also don’t particularly like this period cuz even all those shows that mess with history, nobody ever gives this time period a diff ending. Aka Liu bang wins and creates Han and Xiang Yu dies.

    This is also why as Qin’s Moons progresses (albeit very very slowly and with decreasing quality due to the exponentially expanding list of important characters and events/timelines/places due to history getting read to kaboom) I get more and more nervous for Xiang Yu’s inevitable end, although as an animation maybe they’ll Buck te trends and change something.

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