Bolin Chen and Jing Tian continue love story in modern Fire King

Well….. after filming the ancient version known as The King of Blaze, Bolin Chen and Jing Tian have moved on to the modern story of their characters’ reincarnations in 火王之千里同风. King of Blaze has a prequel called Melancholic Princess too but the synopsis doesn’t match up. Apparently, there are three parts to their story: one sets in the ancient times, the next in the Tang dynasty (this one sounds like it’s dropped), and finally in the modern period. They are joined by Zhang Yi Jie (King is Not Easy) and Lai Yu Meng (Go Goal Fighting!).

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Booting Ceremony 8/31:

In the modern version, the two will team up to save earth from pollution and environmental dangers. Bolin is an overbearing, talented scientist who’s enamored by the legends of the Fire King and Jing Tian is a journalist who butts heads with him. They eventually have to get along and work together on environmental research and publicity work. But in comes the villains wanting to steal their research for evil uses, of course. In a nutshell, the good shall prevail. xD

If this is their fashion, then I’m all in. Jing Tian looks adorable! Love the shorter cut on Bolin too.

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It is directed by Hu Yi Juan (Yunge from the Desert) and written by Rao Jun (Hua Qian Gu, Let’s Shake it) and plans to have 40 episodes.

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    Surprise the two leads are on board. That’s good.

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