Summer’s Desire 2017 begins filming, new actor Wen Yuan as Luo Xi

The new drama adaptation of Ming Xiao Xi’s twisted melo romance, Summer’s Desire (泡沫之夏) officially kicks off filming today with Qin Jun Jie (as Ou Chen), Zhang Xue Ying (as Yin Xia Mo), and rookie actor Wen Yuan (as Luo Xi). I don’t know why I find it comforting it’s a new face, which strips us of our expectations (for those who are planning to watch) and possibly throws us in for a few surprises.

Booting Ceremony 7/26:

Qin Jun Jie looking dapper under the hot sun in a suit! Ha!

 photo desire 6.jpg

 photo desire 10.jpg

Our heroine, Zhang Xue Ying.

 photo desire 15.jpg

Second male lead, Wen Yuan.

 photo desire 9.jpg

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 photo desire 7.jpg

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Directed by Chen Yu Shan (Our Times, Lady and the Liar) and written by Ming Xiao Xi, Li Tian, and Jia Bin Bin, Summer’s Desire enters filming today.

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  1. 2 thoughts on “Summer’s Desire 2017 begins filming, new actor Wen Yuan as Luo Xi

    Why is he wearing a suit in that weather? To be in character?? Lol.

  2. 2 thoughts on “Summer’s Desire 2017 begins filming, new actor Wen Yuan as Luo Xi

    I am so dissapointed in the cast ‘looks’, none of them fit the characters they are supposed to be portraying. I never particularly liked the source material but I always thought the characters discription was very distinctive, as in it was discribed very very percise so I had a very clear image of what they looked like.

    Lou Xi was out of this word pretty, with a warm inviting air that belied a cold calculated person behind the mask and an even deeper hidden lost little boy who insecurities are so overwhelming that he keeps everyone at arms length in fear they would reject him if they saw the real him. A lot of self loathing going in there. The new actor lacks that pretty boy look that I was expecting. Someone like Yang Yang or Li Yi Feng would have fitting this character more. Hopefully his acting made up for it.

    Ou Chen was a half European extremely tall boy with a regal air, a cold stare and personality to match. He spoke very little and was only ever nice to Xia Mo and no one else, not even her family. Ou Chen when he was with Xia Mo he was generally a petulant child who pouted when he didn’t get his way or had a huge childish grin when he did. He also had a dangerous air about him that if anyone crossed him he would make sure they paid for it. I love Qiu as the funny character in Chusen but I haven’t liked him in anything else. I could see him as the different facets of Ou Chen but not sure how they would tie together.

    Xia Mo from memory was a extremely beautiful girl with deep eyes and a mysterious aura. She barely spoke unless spoken too but had an unmistakable iron steel personality that a lot of people recognise. She looked like she was always not part of the mortal world and didn’t care for anything except the selected few. I think my only grip with the actress is how young she looks, I was always expecting Xia Mo to be a bit more mature looking. But then story wise all three are about 20 or so.

    I will actually check this out, just to see how it goes.

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