Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

Ancient drama Lost Love in Times (醉玲珑) starring Liu Shi Shi and William Chan airs every Thursdays and Fridays, 2 episodes each day, starting July 13th. Now this is the ideal schedule for me. Also ideal for broadcasters if the drama is a hit, it airs for a longer period of time! I will be away on a bus tour tomorrow’s morning so won’t be around for the next three days. So here’s your drunken ship for you to chat and share goodies! Anyone who wants to recap, let me know.

Happy Weekend!

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They released some gorgeous posters prior to the air date. SO PRETTTY. Now let’s hope for script quality. Lol.

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Some previews compiled.

Episode 1, split into A and B.

Episode 2.

  1. 39 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

    I started the drama with really low expectations because of the hairstyles (still terrible) and the fact that the two leads aren’t strong actors. I think the first two episodes are surprisingly decent. Plot progression is really fast. I also like the darker palette. I wish though that Chinese dramas can go back to the times when they filmed with real scenery instead of fake ones, because the so called sacred grounds don’t look that great. In any case, I’m quite optimistic and I hope that the drama maintains its pace.

  2. 39 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

    I’m quite excited for this drama, one of my fav directors and the leads aren’t bad either. I think using green screen for all the magical places can’t be helped since it saves budget. Although it’d be cool if we could have Nirvana in Fire type of scenery for all the historical/fantasy dramas.

    Am I the only one who doesn’t mind the ugly head pieces? Or maybe because everyone is so pretty I don’t care at all haha

  3. 39 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

    Me want to watch this! Anyone subbing?

  4. 39 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

    Despite them peculiar hairstyles (which in motion I can ignore…somewhat? I keep imagining Xu Hai Qiao’s headpiece is a flowerpot or something because his character likes plants), I think the best thing about this so far is cinematography — it’s just so prettily shot that I can just sit back and watch without thinking much. And hey, even the CGI looks acceptable. The worst thing, on the other hand, was very unexpectedly the opening theme song — what is “rock”? what are “screams”? why?

    Plot progression is rather fast — the intent of very quickly establishing relationships, especially the main romance, leading to Shi Shi’s character creating the alternate universe where I imagine the main drama will take place is quite clear. Some parts, including the dialogue, could be better executed but so far it’s quite nice to watch, with nothing offensive at all; XHQ’s character feels the most nuanced out of everyone so far compared to our leads, as well as Han Dong and Han Xue’s characters quite obviously good, the emperor, Crown Prince, Zhang He’s 9th, etc. so very evilll. Costuming can be nice, but the armor looks a bit ridiculous? But overall, there’s a clear consistent style/scheme/color palette.

    Will continue watching — I find it a great way to rest my brain after The Advisors Alliance (which I haven’t finished even S1, though apparently there’s to be a 40-ep Part 2/Season 2 called 大军师司马懿之虎啸龙吟 after the first 42 eps of 大军师司马懿之军师联盟 which finished airing). And hey, given that even compared to AA, I can still compliment this show’s cinematography, which I don’t find worse than that of AA, I think it’s considerably worth watching solely for the pretty.

    • 39 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

      How good is Advisor Alliance? What’s its strongest/selling point?

      • 39 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

        I…happen to be not very good at answering these questions (“how good”?, etc.) , so I’ll talk about what I think is probably the appeal of The Advisors Alliance:

        1. 好口碑/ Good reputation & well-roundedness: This show has an 8.2 on Douban, and while I don’t use that site as any metric of sorts when considering what shows to watch, that’s honestly extremely impressive. Overall, I must say that The Advisors Alliance is just a very well-rounded show — everything, including the cinematography, directing/execution, plot/writing, dialogue, characterization, acting, etc. is honestly quite good. Wu Xiubo, Yu Hewei (Cao Cao), Wang Jinsong (Sun Yu), and Zhao Tianlin (Yang Xiu) especially gave out very memorable and impressive performances. And all the ladies are ridiculously gorgeous!

        2. Amazing execution: I just really really like this show’s execution — I’m not sure how to describe it, but I personally enjoy how dramatic everything can be. There’s also a very strong feeling of authenticity, despite many historical liberties this show takes.

        3. 萌点/moments of cuteness and humor: I tend to be a more shippy watcher, and I love watching the moments of domesticity between Sima Yi and his wife Zhang Chunhua (Liu Tao), the squee-worthy romance between Cao Pi and Guo Zhao, some subtle ~bromance~ between political-historical figures. And there are really nice moments of comic relief, especially with the Sima family’s servant Hou Ji.
        One of the more memorable scenes was in Ep 30 (even though I’m only up to 26) where Chunhua was screaming at Sima Yi after she found him with Bai Lingyun (a concubine he couldn’t refuse/a spy planted by Cao Pi) for him to refuse — it was ridiculously HILARIOUS.

        4. Characterization: this is actually a bit mixed, and I think is both this show’s strength and flaw.
        The best thing is that there’s no clear “good” and “evil” — the antagonists can be cinnamon rolls, alliances and relationships change a lot, and during the latter part S1/a huge part of S2 protagonist Sima Yi will gradually become morally darker and darker. Everyone has his/her own clear motivations, and the time period is really one where everyone’s lives are on the line 24/7.
        Unfortunately, the show insists on doing the whole “everything is connected/related”, I think to the point where it suspends belief. Especially later, I feel like everything comes back to protagonist Sima Yi and how intelligent/reserved/patient/resourceful, etc. etc. he is. I really like Guo Zhao (Tina Tang)’s character, but the fact that she had to be connected to the Sima family felt very forced. Additionally, there are side characters that essentially serve as plot devices/sacrifices and I just find that a pity.

        5. The actors are all rather popular/well-known, and everyone delivers.

        Overall, I would recommend this show; it’s true that I know very little about Three Kingdoms history, but honestly I think it’s completely acceptable to take historical liberties for the sake of a well-rounded story. The earlier eps had that whole Nirvana in Fire vibe that came with an advisor placing an unfavored son on the throne, but what happens afterwards and how the relationship changes between two friends/brothers and a king and his subject is also very interesting to watch. It’s not a perfect show (but honestly even NiF isn’t perfect ;P), but still very enjoyable.

        • 39 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

          Thanks so much for the detailed review! It sounds very appealing indeed, especially the no clear good or evil part. I keep hearing the show is good but it is such a subjective statement that I wasn’t sure even if it’s good for others it would appeal to me, but from your review it really sounds like it would be right up my alley, am excited to try it! Thanks a lot~

        • 39 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

          I second Moon’s opinions. I really enjoyed the first season of Advisors Alliance. Was quite disappointed to find out the series was split into two parts. The acting is top-notched from everyone. The plot is interesting and the series is visually quite stunning. Also, they did a great job at peppering the funny scenes throughout the series. I always find that’s the hardest challenge for the directors. The pacing also has a NiF feel where every few episodes, you have something big happening.

          I was waiting for more episodes of PA to be released so I could binge watch… and in the end, it’s AA that got me hooked 🙂

        • 39 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

          @natuschan: So you didn’t watch Princess Agents yet! Lucky you, you missed the poor directing, disgustingly obvious 抠图, blindingly bright colors, draggy and unnecessary plot lines, characters lacking development… overall, I found PA a mess (sorry), and ended up dropping it. Some parts of the plot was interesting, but I think I was so turned off that I can’t even get through these recaps.

          I just remember being so hyped for this because the trailer was amazing (I guess I can 脑补 a far better show from the trailer), not to mention I do actually like many of the actors including Shawn Dou, ZLY, Li Qin, Deng Lun. I also think Lin Gengxin had a better performance in BBJX, though in the end his acting wasn’t the problem at all — he and ZLY could have pulled it off with their strong chemistry but I can’t help but cringe at all the manufactured damsel-in-distress moments this show HAD to the create. And skipping some 20-or-so eps, the fact that he’s still calling Chu Qiao Xing’er is just unbearable for me. I actually can’t even really stand eyeliner!Yan Xun either, though his actions are completely understandable. Li Qin is a really good actress, but while I was looking forward to Chun’er’s transformation I simply lost the patience. I did try Deng Sun cuts for awhile, but at one point I just completely lost it with PA (okay, fine, AA was part of the reason).

          Re: Advisors Alliance S2: I think this show wants to cover Sima Yi’s life, and even his descendants founding their own dynasty. Not to mention it would be quite strange to have a show about Sima Yi without showing any major battles and most especially Zhuge Liang. I know that these cdrama lengths are becoming increasingly ridiculous, but gosh that trailer for S2!

        • 39 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

          @Moon: No, I’ve been watching-ish PA LOL. I waited till there was 30 episodes before I started the drama. After episode 8, I skipped ahead for more action/interesting plot. Unfortunately, having read spoilers, I knew CQ ended with YWY and therefore, had no interest watching her with YX. I did persevere because I wanted to see Deng Lun! Unfortunately, even he could not save the drama for me. So been skimming pretty much every episodes. My biggest issue is while I think ZLY is giving a great performance, I don’t like CQ’s character/personality. I know it’s made worst with the story changes and the fact the production is pushing the YWY/CQ ship… but seriously, she gets on my nerves with her righteousness, especially given she doesn’t understand everything that is at stake and everyone’s motives.

          The trailer was excellent. Also, if truth be told, the acting is actually good. ZLY, Shawn Dou, LGX, LQ, DL, etc. They are giving good performances. However, PA is showing us that good acting chops is not enough to make a drama. Good directing is required and good storyline/character development is a bonus. Unfortunately, PA also shows us that in the end, it doesn’t matter. Put together good looking people who are shippable and have good fan-bases and your drama will break viewing records.

          Did you finish Advisor Alliance S1? It’s become my go-to series at the moment. They also released two episodes which seem to be “The making of”… Wished viet-subbers would sub it. I’ve also been looking for the OST without much success.

          I’m not really familiar with the Three Kingdoms era and learned a lot with this show 🙂 I’m really looking forward to S2. I saw somewhere they would start airing it in November…

        • 39 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

          I was really amazed by PA’s rating! Compare to how boring HXM and VS drama, about the same level of boringness.

          I looked into that ep.30 where Liu tao chase Sima Yi with the sword, so funny! I got interested to go read about the princess Chun Hua and it is very sad to know how cruel Sima Yi is to her when she got old and ugly.

        • 39 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

          @natuschan: Same here — I was persevering with watching PA partially for Deng Lun, but frankly even that’s not enough to convince me to take another peek…*shudders*. I’m going to be bitter and say that while I like ZLY, I really feel like the shows she participates in tends to be both popular and problematic, though admittedly I did enjoy Boss & Me and Female Prime Minister. But even then both shows had their clear shortcomings. I think the best out of what Liying’s been in would have to be The Firmament of the Pleiades, but frankly unless a major change happens she really isn’t going to participate in productions like The Pleiades anytime soon. But gosh, PA scared me into feeling immense apprehension for Legend of the Concubine’s Daughter Minglan — I’m scared it might be a weak show — despite the producers of Battle of Changsha behind that. I don’t know — I just feel like I haven’t really seen Liying in anything particularly good in recent years, aside from aforementioned shows, which are older productions anyway. Princess Agents made me too bitter 😭

          I actually just so happened to finish Advisors Alliance S1 today, and it ends on a note where… ugh, I want to see more! I haven’t seen the “making of” episodes though — aside from Glory of Tang Dynasty, I haven’t seen any “making of” episodes of that for any drama. But this production is AMAZING, so I’ll try to find the time to take a look. Please air S2 this year!!

          Speaking of PA and AA, I actually started White Deer Plain for Li Qin, Deng Lun, and Zhai Tianlin (actor who portrayed Yang Xiu — I was personally really impressed!). Gosh, I feel so pretentious LOL, but I’m liking it so far 😂 (It’s really not that bad/rather interesting; if anything, you can see constantly featured delicious noodles.)
          Definitely a production to watch for the actors you like, though since they’re all part of the “younger generation” they won’t appear for a while.

          How are you enjoying Lost Love in Times? I find it really nice to watch as romantic fan service and relaxation — it’s so pretty and if watching the previews for Eps 7&8 — my fangirling heart! I too found the romance a bit too quick but it’s working for me.

          @yoyo_oy: Erm… I was actually talking about the scene BEFORE — I mean, the opening scene of Ep 30. But I agree — Chunhua chasing Sima Yi down with a sword was simply executed A++. Hearing that really saddens me, and I do wonder how they’re going to address Sima Yi having children with Lingyun — maybe this show will be historically inaccurate in that aspect? The last ep did hint things becoming warmer between Sima Yi and Lingyun, but gosh I like watching them together almost like a lady protective of her beloved uncle, so, erm… All in all, I’m both parts curious and apprehensive about how S2 will deal.

        • 39 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

          @Moon: I thought Deng Lun was cute in PA, but definitively not enough to save the series for me. As for ZLY, I’ve actually not watched her dramas before. She really got my attention in Legend of Chusen… I like self-sacrificing characters LOL.

          I was hopeful for Legend of the Concubine’s Daughter Minglan because it’s the same production company as NiF. However, it’s been announced that Feng Shao Feng is the male lead. Ugh. Really not my favorite actor. I guess we will have to wait and see. Then again, perhaps going in with low expectations is the way to enjoy a series.

          I really enjoyed the last few episodes of the Advisors Alliance. The scene where Lady Zhen entrusts Sima Yi with her son was just awesome. Tang Yi Xin did not impress me in Legend of Chusen and I wasn’t expecting much from her in this series… but she proved me wrong. The expression when Cao Rui calls her “mother.” Just nailed it – her heart breaking for Lady Zhen and Cao Rui’s future.

          I liked the “making of” episodes of AA and I didn’t even understand what they were saying LOL. Think you will like it. Looks very informative and it gives us glimpses of what’s to come in season 2. That’s why I think that if they really show Lingyun having a son, it looks like Chunhua would be fine. Plus, it seems to me that at the end of season 1, Chunhua accepted Lingyun no? That’s why she “pushed” Sima Yi into Lingyun’s arms… Plus, you have to give Lingyun some credit. It looked like she lived in the Sima family for years without much support. It’s already hard when you’re a concubine, but at least, married in every sense… but to be treated as a guest/stranger for so long and stick with them. She earned her position. Of course, all this is fictionalized/romanticized. That’s why we’re enjoying it so much.. because reality is a lot harsher 🙁

          Thank you for the recommendation. However, I doubt I’ll be watching White Deer Plain. Just not a time period I really enjoy.

          As for Lost Love in Time, I haven’t started yet. I’m waiting for a bit more episodes. I came to this post to see what were people’s first impressions and discovered your comment LOL.

  5. 39 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

    Unlike PA, my expectations for this wasn’t as high too, but so far it is surprising good~ The colour tone of this drama is what I am looking for in PA, it’s very pleasant to the eye! And the directing and camera work is good as well, the butterflies are really pretty, CGI done right here haha! Though some of the scenes like the one where William fell of the cliff and LSS used her magic to catch her, that was a rather awkward scene.

    The romance came rather fast, not that it feels like it came out of nowhere, but it just feels odd to see the leads fall in love already at episode 2 when normally they will somehow drag it. So far I am liking the speed of the drama, the characters were briefly but well introduced.

    Acting wise, LSS and William same old same old. Neither spectacular nor bad. All the actors and actresses visuals made up for the hairstyle haha!

    • 39 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

      Spoiler: It’s because they are going for an “alternate realm” version here. William will soon forget LSS and their romance will be repeated again, with only LSS remembering who he is.

      • 39 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

        Really? Sounds like 3l3w.

  6. 39 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

    Pacing is very quick, which is a plus. LSS and WC are ok. As always, WC is a stiff. Nothing spectacular yet.

    • 39 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

      I’m caught up! The color scheme is darker, which is fitting with the magical/sorcery parts.

      I thought LSS’s character would be aloof/cold from the trailers. Not lol

  7. 39 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

    The first 5 minutes kind of scared me off with all the girls running and jumping around in the jungle. It looked like some kid show and the CG was quite cringeworthy as well. Han Dong and Han Xue keyed on the waterfall scenery almost made it look like some cheap calendar from the old days. So I closed the screen after 10 minutes and went to watch something else lol. Not a fan of William.. still remember him as the taxi guy lol. But I like Shishi, so maybe I will give it a second try. I have read many good reviews on Weibo, mostly regarding the fast pacing. So that sounds good (I’m a bit traumatized by PA’s slow pacing and time fillers).

    But really, hope C-dramas won’t get too dependent on the green screen. Why do they need to fix “normal” scenery with green screen too nowadays? I have noticed this in PA too.. probably due to conflicting schedules between actors, but it’s a pity to see that they need “kou-tu” (green screen) for the most simple things. So hurray for Tribes and Empires! Can’t wait to see some real kickass quality stuff.

    • 39 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

      I can see LSS’s outline in what I thought was a normal background. I don’t really know anymore lol

  8. 39 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

    Opening scene was enjoyable for me and CGI wasn’t too bad at all. You can still tell when they use CGI in some scenes but it’s not as glaringly obvious as it could be. The plot moves along so fast for the first 2 episodes and the romance has already reached a peak so I’m still trying to get use to it because I’m not used to this pacing at all. The colors used in this drama are very neutral and earthy and it appears they’re using some sort of blur filter that adds a touch of glow to the close up shots. Fight scenes are decent. I haven’t had enough time to root for this couple so I’ll be waiting for a couple more episodes. Not a bad start!

  9. 39 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

    So far, so good. The pacing for the plot is really good.

  10. 39 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

    Yu Zheng’s drama with Guan xiao tong in it will have hair much worse than this one, so this one is still very ok. LSS is very LSS, her character wouldn’t seem to change much from her previous roles, same with WC, he’s still the same too. The CGI were not annoying, all the girls flying around at the beginning was very beautiful although the forest/jungle was not that amazing. LSS still seems to be very flexible but a bit more stiff now compare to the back then Shi Si Niang and so on.

    I did skipped a lot so it’s likely the pacing might not be my taste, there’s no eng sub so I can’t be too sure yet but hopefully they don’t drag things out like PA.

  11. 39 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

    William is good with the alpha male role. I was impressed when he shouted ‘Where’s the Xuanjia Army’? LSS’s roles really reminded me of her character in Sound of the Desert. Maybe she will turn dark later. Overall, this drama is making up for what PA and A Life Time Love is lacking for me.

    • 39 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

      Yes I was very impressed with William too. Where is the Xuan Jia Army ? And the showdown he had with his father, wow !!!

    • 39 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

      Yes I was very impressed with William in this scene too. And the confrontation with the king was superb.

  12. 39 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

    Yo! I also started watching it and I’m pleasantly surprised! I was bracing myself for disappointment, afraid it would turn out to be a subpar show like Princess Agents that I’ve been skimming through (Arghhh, the wasted potential in that show! The superbright colors hurt my eyes, the choppy editing gives me a whiplash and while the superslow pacing has finally picked up but it still won’t save the show as a whole). Anyway, for Lost Love in TImes the first 4 episodes were actually quite decent in terms of visual, editing and story. The pacing is fast and while the romance happens a bit too quickly, it also didn’t feel like it was totally out of the blue. They could have thrown in more interactions or situations that required more interactions but in the end it still worked for me. Also I’m liking the main characters and I think they have good chemistry together, which is probably why they sell the whirldwind romance 😛 Moreover, the overambitious hairstyles don’t bother me at all and the CGI is pretty decent. Something about the whole package just feels well thought out and balanced, containing a certain level of high quality that has been lacking in the majority of cdramas. Not exactly “Nirvana in fire” level of quality, but still much better than average. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the the rest of the series will continue being this good 😀 I’m already craving next week’s batch of episodes!

  13. 39 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

    Ugh, why is there only 4 episode per week? I can’t wait this long.

    • 39 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

      I know right!! I just finished watching all 4 eps, can’t wait for the wedding next Thurs. It is going to be a torture waiting for a whole week. Would have been great if they follow regular airing schedule like 3l3w, 2 eps everyday except 1 ep on Sunday. So far the pace of the story is fast and CGIs are also pretty.

  14. 39 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

    The old 魏 king in this drama is a carbon cutout of the 魏 king in 楚乔, they look and act exactly alike!

    • 39 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

      LOL they look nothing alike, although they do share the same paranoia traits in their characters 😛 The old king in this drama is the same guy who played the scheming Hou Ye in Nirvana in fire.

      • 39 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

        Maybe it does to my westernised eyes :p The leading men look somewhat similar too, but I know Joe is the one with the cup(?) on his head! Wtf is on their heads man, those avant garde hair pieces are a hoot.

  15. 39 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

    Is anyone going to sub this? LSS and WC are both popular.

  16. 39 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

    I am enjoying this drama, the pace is fast and the leads are good looking. Liked William since Mystic Nine. Looking forward to the next episode!

    • 39 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

      Seriously!!!! Shi shi and William both have the really good looks to pull off the hideous hairstyle.

  17. 39 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

    I love this drama. Although it’s just 4 episodes and some ppl are commenting about their fast plot and romance but I found it nice actually. First time seeing William Chen here and god he’s so hot <3
    Why is it just 4episode a week? Give us more!

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