Cdramas to begin filming: Beautiful Reborn Flower, The Legend of Yun Xi

More dramas air means more dramas enter production stage!

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Beautiful Reborn Flower Booting Ceremony on 7/8:

Beside Lin Yun and Song Wei Long, modern drama Beautiful Reborn Flower has added Peter Ho, Xie Bin Bin, David Wang, and Li Xin Ai to the cast. Xie Bin Bin needs to stop growing, he towers over both Peter and Song Wei Long! Rarely anyone towers over Peter…

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The Legend of Yun Xi Booting Ceremony on 7/10:

Beside Ju Jing Yi and Zhang Zhe Han, there are Merxat and some SHN48 members such as Lin Si Yi, Liu Jiong Ran, and Xu Jia Qi.

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  1. 2 thoughts on “Cdramas to begin filming: Beautiful Reborn Flower, The Legend of Yun Xi

    I forgot her name but hey it’s our adorable baby dragon from Fighter’s Destiny! Idk if I’m in the minority but despite not really feeling the main couple, I found Fighter’s Destiny kind of entertaining and surprisingly watchable if not particularly great. There was a lot of FF involved but I did keep with the show so that says something (admittedly, much less after Janice appeared less). Kind of like Ju Jing Yi so may check it out…not too fond of anyone from Reborn Flower so ehhh maybe. The plot seems interesting so might check it out for that. It’s that novel that’s BL but someone gets reincarnated as a girl right? Or am I remembering something totally different?

  2. 2 thoughts on “Cdramas to begin filming: Beautiful Reborn Flower, The Legend of Yun Xi

    Hi, I wanted to inform that recently when I visit the site, the updates do not show up on the homepage.Even after I’ve cleared the cache in my browser,the problem is continuing.

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