Yang Zi’s The Destiny of White Snake wraps up filming after 139 days

The stills we have seen so far are mostly bubbly and very cute but the latest batch shows that angst and heartbreak is in store for our love birds. The Destiny of White Snake features Chusen package deal (Yang Zi, Ren Jia Lun, Shu Chang, and Mao Zi Jun) in hopefully their last collaboration for a while. Don’t get me wrong, I love these people but I would like to see them work with…like OTHER PEOPLE TOO! Seems like it is a new story and not a remake after all. A cultivating doctor saves a little white snake and she gathers enough cultivation power to become human. They grow close and to help him become a celestial being she breaks a heavenly seal, accidentally releasing chaos and destruction to the human world. To save the world, she sacrifices herself and our doc also disintegrates. Many years pass by and they are reunited with their memories returned. But to be together is going against the norm. Monk Fa Hai is also awakened and his rivals-turned-lovers story with Green Snake doesn’t bear a happy ending.

New Stills:

 photo Snake 61.jpg

 photo Snake 67.jpg

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 photo Snake 71.jpg

Directed by Liu Guo Hui (The Lost Tomb, Legend of Chusen) and Yin Tao (Glory of Tang Dynasty), and written by Han Pei Zhen (The Bride with White Hair 2012), The Destiny of White Snake plans to have 60 episodes.

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  1. 2 thoughts on “Yang Zi’s The Destiny of White Snake wraps up filming after 139 days

    Oh so not a four way romance. there will be two running concurrently, awesome. Maybe Mao will get a girl now.

    as much as I like them to work with other people, I kinda wish Mao and Yang will work together once more when they are together. Feels like a missed chance when they work together 3 times and not end up together.

    A new white snake story hopefully means a happy ending. I hope they make green snake just as endearing as all the version’s I’ve seen of her.

  2. 2 thoughts on “Yang Zi’s The Destiny of White Snake wraps up filming after 139 days

    I’m much more excited to see the love storyline for Mao Zi Jun and the Green Snake lady!!!

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