Weibo Movie Awards Ceremony 2017

The Magnolia Awards was worth talking about, the weibo awards, not so much. Show up and you get one slice of pork!

I think I sorted over 1000 pictures in the last 2 days. What’s with all these events back-to-back!

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  1. 7 thoughts on “Weibo Movie Awards Ceremony 2017

    I saw the clip <3
    Such an intense gaze. I need a drama with those two ASAP. Plz. I'll throw money at the screen lol. Any type of drama, even the most dog-blood of them all. I'll watch it, plz drama gods. OR CAST HIM IN LEGEND OF CONCUBINE DAUGHTER'S MING LAN. Even if he doesnt fit the male lead… no worries I'm sure Huang Xuan will make it work lol.

  2. 7 thoughts on “Weibo Movie Awards Ceremony 2017

    Li Yifeng also commented on Feng Xiaogang’s post before the ceremony telling him not to always worry about daughter-in-laws lol

  3. 7 thoughts on “Weibo Movie Awards Ceremony 2017

    I thought Liying looked like a real princess with her shimmering dress. Not too fond of her earring though but she does attract attention with it 🙂 I thought it was cute of Feng Xiao Gang to speak to Liying during the ceremony. I am sure that HX and LY’s interaction is trending right now. Wohoo. We them two in a drama or movie together!!!!

  4. 7 thoughts on “Weibo Movie Awards Ceremony 2017

    That earring ruined the whole outfit for ZLY 🙁 So out of place..
    Aww the video is adorable!!!

  5. 7 thoughts on “Weibo Movie Awards Ceremony 2017

    My ideal for Zhao Liying is actually Lin Gengxin. He has such manly features, while hers are so petite. So ideally they could collab on a modern drama together next.

    But Huang Xuan I wouldn’t mind seeing them collab!.

  6. 7 thoughts on “Weibo Movie Awards Ceremony 2017

    Not too long ago there were rumors that ZLY and Huang Xuan were going to do a modern drama together and it actually looked interesting, but that ended up nowhere. He is a good actor, so I would love to see them together in a drama.
    I prefer serious awards like the Magnolia Awards, not just attendance/popularity trophies. Sadly the Magnolias are the exception, not the rule. It is the same everywhere.

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