Princess Agents: Episodes 17 – 20 Recap “Misunderstandings.”

Oh Mr. Sunshine. Just because you show that bright, blinding smile, people think you’re truly happy. It’s his defense mechanism, the can’t-change-situation-then-change-attitude type of approach. Many ask why he’s so insistent on bringing Chu Qiao to Yan Bei and I would like to add that it’s the same reason why he and Yuwen Yue are the only “friends” in the rich group of boys (at least in the drama version). Yue could care less about the other guys, but he does little things to defend Yan Xun and his family. Why? They come from the same place and gravitate towards each other with the understanding that they’re trapped by their duty to family (Yue) and duty to cpuntry (Yan Xun). Both boys saw at the hunting ground the same will to rise despite the comprosmised condition in Chu Qiao. Yan Xun even said Chu Qiao is like himself, unwilling to resign herself, and that spark of burning passion attracts him to her, prompting him into the mission of freeing her so that she doesn’t end up like him.

It’s a beautiful notion, if only the road to Yan Bei isn’t filled with corpses and heartaches….

Thanks Kath for helping me with recapping episode 19 & 20!

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Episode 17 RECAP (written by Kappy):

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After trapping Xing Er, Yuwen Yue, and the shopkeeper Zuo Bao Cang in the cave, Liang Princess Xiao Yu and her bodyguard Tao Ye burn down the house, just to be sure the trio is thoroughly cooked. Yue Qi and Eyes of God’s army arrive too late but they do put out the growing fire regardless. Back inside the cave, Xing Er has drifted off and wakes up startled to be leaning against Yuwen Yue’s shoulder. She grows frantic when she can’t find the shopkeeper around and Yuwen Yue doesn’t respond to her screaming his name. The rich boy is sick?! So weak! Lol.

Cut to Yuwen Huai strutting around in his own manor and sensing a dangerous presence in his proximity. I love how there’s no indication of wind but his hair flutters all over the place (Mr. Fan, please keep your tendency controlled!) until he takes notice of Princess Xiao Yu standing in all white like a ghost. He makes a move to attack her but she stands there calmly, not moving an inch to fight him off, and he stops his attack to ask who she really is, a musician or a Liang spy?

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She lays in the compliments to start off their conversation; he’s so smart, he should know who she is. Liang spy it is, and she’s here to chat with Yuwen Xi Pervert, who’s been loyal to Da Liang all these years. Unfortunately, his age has shown and he no longer shows the same courage and passion of earlier years. Girl, that old geezer ain’t no fine wine. LOOK!

Anyway, she’s looking for a replacement and says Yuwen Huai is her best choice. He grins lopsidedly; he knows their fate isn’t simple, but still doesn’t know whether it’s a blessing or a curse. A blessing or a curse, one can’t just tell with a few words, and she punctuates her meaning with an encouragement for him to pick the right party to side with. He smiles wickedly, following a beauty is his honor and she rewards him by granting him full authority over Hong Shan manor.

Liang Princess’s bodyguard, Tao Ye, disrupts the conversation with news that Yuwen Yue’s people are coming over to Ji Le Ge right now, but she thinks they can overcome a few soldiers easily. Not agreeing to early exposure, Yuwen Huai shows them Hong Shan manor’s secret getaway tunnel.

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Because Yuwen Yue is especially vulnerable to the cold, Xing Er has started a fire for him, warming the whole cave to summer weather and the shopkeeper returns in a jolly mood to her quick thinking. She thought he wouldn’t return and he sneers at her distrusting attitude, again confirming there’s no way out of here, telling her to accept the reality of their situation. He thinks they are the true example of going through thick and thin and she doesn’t dignify that with an answer. She sighs and he promises not to leave alone like that anymore.

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He gives her some alcohol and food and she sniffs the wine skeptically, forcing him to throw a small tantrum to the side, “It’s not poison!” He turns back, “Even if it’s poison, I don’t think you can smell it…” Xing Er smirks. “Why do you think I won’t be able to smell it?”

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He giggles like an 8-year old, then confesses that he likes the feeling of being trapped here with her. Lol. Omg. He’s so random! He continues to chatter on and on and she finally tells him to shut his trap, sending him into another tantrum as he tells the guinea pigs to shut up as well because a cute little girl forbids verbal communication. He asks if she’s happy – he clearly is not because he’ll be bored to death without talking. She looks around and agrees that this cave is his area, surely he knows a lot about it…. He doesn’t fall for her nice words and tells her not to admire him. But he has secret! His real work is exchanging intel with others, which makes more money than selling weapons.

Following on his know-it-all bragging rights, she asks if he knows the root of Yuwen Yue’s cold illness and if there’s a cure for it. He doesn’t, explaining that there are a thousand ways to get the illness and his condition looks severe enough to have been born with it. The easy solution is keeping away from the cold and carrying around a heater, then he might live for another 10, 20 years.

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That alarms Xing Er and he says congenital disorder is the hardest to cure and he’s lucky to be born in a rich family like Yuwen to extend his little life. She asks him to take a closer look at Yuwen Yue’s condition and he thinks she’s commanding him. He fakes anger, only to turn up a smile, “Command obeyed!”

He listens to his pulse, finds it bouncing strongly, and announces his safety from death door. Then his eyes fall on Xing Er’s heirloom vial (whatever you called it) and his expression stiffens. After a while, Xing Er asks if he knows how to solve the divination form called Qi Men Dun Jia and has the maps to all the richest households in town. She smiles and pulls him aside, meaning to buy a few things from him. He has everything and she quickly adds that money is not a problem because Yuwen Yue will pay her handsomely after they escape from here…which means she wants to put the money on tabs and he barks at the idea. In the next breath, he sighs about giving in easily to pretty girls and suggests she trade in her heirloom item, but once she takes it out in broad daylight, he recognizes it as Luo He’s belonging. Oh, you know her mom?!

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His interest on her heirloom doesn’t go unnoticed by Xing Er and she hides it away from him, insisting it’s too important to pawn away. He plays reverse-psychology, admitting the item has no real use to him anyway. Moments later, curiosity kills the cat and he wonders if she knows Luo He? 12 Agents? Feng Yun Ling? The last phrase, she has some impression of it but she feigns knowledge that can’t be revealed to him and he likes her frank personality. “But I will tell you the reason why you should tell me! Because we are doing a trade!” He reaches into the nook and cranny of the cracks on the wall and pulls out various weapons, presenting them to her like hard-to-find treasures, only his eager attitude makes Xing Er realize she has to drop the line farther to catch the biggest fish. He repeats his question, “Where is Feng Yun Ling?”

Xing Er gives a fakeout, it’s in the possession of the 12 agents. And why would they have it? Luo He gave to them, and at this point, he catches onto to her lie and psssttts at her in frustration. She only smiles at his rising temper.

Liang princess Xiao Yu and her bodyguard Tao Ye escape through the tunnel but Xiao Yu stops in her tracks when she notices a missing item and sends Tao Ye ahead without her.

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Disappointed in his dull sharpness against a little girl, shopkeeper leans against the wall, dejected and bored. Xing Er makes a deal with him, promising to reveal whatever she knows about Feng Yun Ling when her memory returns, which lifts his mood instantly. He calls her silly for not bringing up her amnesia sooner! He is an expert in treating amnesiac patients. Oy, so convenient.

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Yuan Chun manages to get Yan Xun all to herself and they toast at the pavilion, allowing her to try her damndest to convince him to stay in Chang’An furrreverrr. She hears a lot of stories about Yan Bei’s moody weathers and sandstorms, plus women over 30 are wrinkly like they are 80! Moreover, the men have nothing better to do but ride horses and shoot arrows. And the most important thing is….if he leaves Chang’An, where would he find the best drinks and a pretty Chun Er?

He nods noncommittally and thinks of a way to escape her company by pretending to be drunk. That doesn’t work and she tickles him as they run in circles around the table like a pair of innocent bunnies…not to the eyes of Consort Wei though. She makes a point to drag his dad’s reputation through the mud. Ugh.

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Remaining calm and respectful, Yan Xun explains he was invited to visit the King’s mother and takes the blame for the careless action. He apologizes and she tells him to reflect on his behavior, as they are no longer kids to be fooling around in public.

Consort Wei sits her daughter down and tells her to be mindful of calling Yan Xun gege all day long. That only makes her grin bigger, because she doesn’t want him to be her brother in the future. Mother talks about the wicked world of politics and the rise and fall of many great families. Yuan Chun begins yawning and mother knows her words went in one ear and out the other.

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Back in the cave (why are we still in this freakin cave!), shopkeeper presents his traditional recipe for curing amnesia. The dark bowl puts her in a trance as he guides her into the deep recesses of her mind…and the clear bowl is to freshen her up in case she remains sleeping for too long. Lol.

She worries he might take advantage of the situation and steal her heirloom and he goes on a rampage about how he wouldn’t do such a thing! Even if he stole it, he couldn’t escape the cave! And once the sleeping beauty (Yue) wakes up, he would chop him in two! Not worth it.

He tells her to stop being a worrywart; life is an adventure, without taking risks, you won’t fulfill your purposes in life. She stops his speech and asks him to help her with one more thing – give her the map to Ji Le Ge (Yuwen Xi’s place) and he shakes his head, a girl like her shouldn’t be caught in a place with deadly traps and beasts acting as guards. She insists and he relents, only if she agrees to drink his family’s traditional soup.

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The map shows all the contraptions and even escape routes of each chamber and Xing Er’s eyes glow at the treasure in her hands. She almost plays hookie on him but his words about finding her identity and lost memories triggers her innate desire to know who she is and she drinks it.

He spins a candle before her eyes as she slowly succumbs to sleep.

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Flashback. A young Chu Qiao is practicing Kung fu with her mother Luo He but she’s exhausted and stops, but mother insists she’s prepping Chu Qiao for the future. When the time comes, she doesn’t want her to be unprepared and lack the ability to protect herself. She’s transferring a cold energy (a type of Kungfu based on cold called Han Bing Jue) into Chu Qiao’s body and the girl must practice how to control every day. She must do it diligently because Mom will be leaving tomorrow and doesn’t know when she will return. During this period, a girl who goes by the name Lan Er will take care of Chu Qiao. If mom doesn’t return in half a year, she wants Chu Qiao to go to Mr. Jing and he will take care of her.

And when she manages to control her cold inner energy, she’s allowed to open her heirloom item and it will let her know where to go next.

Mom’s last advice: You must live, no matter how small your life is reduced to, only the living can have unlimited opportunities.

When the direction of her memory leads further away from his goal of knowing Feng Yun Ling’s location, shopkeeper tells her to think about stuff related to Feng Yun Ling. Nope, no can do! Mr. Jing brings home a poster announcing the decapitation of Chu Qiao’s mom and she leaves the Jing household to save her mom. Shopkeeper is being creepy now, whispering Feng Yun Ling constantly into her ears.

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Chu Qiao makes it to prison and disables the awaiting soldiers, leading her to the outside of a cell and her mom is chained inside. Shopkeeper wants her to open the gate but Chu Qiao’s mental subconscious resists and she does finally kick down the door, only it’s another trap and the woman spits weapon at her. Unharmed, Chu Qiao escapes but outside the prison, soldiers have lined up.

Like a true badass, Chu Qiao charges forward instead of running away. She beats one soldier after another, totally annihilating the whole troop and arriving at the leader, who says her mother’s killed. He thinks Luo He wasted her life; she who had the top kungfu skill and the power to dominate the world chose to abolish slavery. What a silly dream. He wants to blame Luo He’s death on her own daughter and believes killing her would fulfill that lie to the outside world.

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He flies into the air and Chu Qiao waves her arms forward and droplets of blood from the fallen soldiers coalesce before her and turn into sharp arrows piercing him and his men. A woman calls out Master and and saves Chu Qiao with a whip. That’s when our bedtime story is interrupted, thanks to Sleeping Beauty. Aww. C’mon. You know her identity, let her (and us!) have a chance of knowing the full story too, Yuwen Yue!

 photo Agent17-55.jpg

Old shopkeeper is upset at his willy nilly intervention, which could have hurt both of them but Xing Er doesn’t want to embellish further on their secret agreement and yells at him to shut up. Yuwen Yue calculates a good amount of time has passed and thinks the shopkeeper should let them out now. Sticking with the same old story, shopkeeper turns to the side, only Yuwen Yue points to the brightly-lit candle, without wind and air, how could the flame sparkle with such life?

He shows them it’s their body movement causing the flickering and Xing Er adds that oxygen hasn’t been depleted at all….and Yue threatens to smash his cave, making it a mirror of the burnt down store above.

Shopkeeper gives up and orders his two guinea pigs to lead the two ingrates out of the cave. I love how Xing Er mouths to him behind Yuwen Yue’s back that she will come back, and he angrily dares her to come back. HA.

 photo Agent17-59.jpg

Once outside in the beautiful green woods with CGI grass, Yuwen Yue and Xing Er find themselves the object of attack once again. Yin Xin bothers to wear his silly veil even though he’s the only guy around who uses a metal fan. Lol. Last time,Yuwen Yue singlehandedly kicked him away with one leg, what made him think he could defeat Yue and Xing Er at the same time? Nope. Yue and Xing Er strike a pose at the end with their perfect synchronization. With all the nightly sparring sessions, you guys better be synchronized! XD

Episode 18 RECAP (written by Kappy):

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Before Liang spy Yin Xin escapes, he flings some pointed needles their way and Xing Er deflects two, only one hits her on the shoulder and Yuwen Yue kneels by her side, chiding her for not getting things done and embarrassing him, all the while checking her pulse. Heh. “Don’t tell others you are my disciple!” She blames it back on him for implicating her and he challenges her for not accepting defeat. “Then you should have killed me in the cave.” She says she wants to but doesn’t have the guts to do it. He balks at her “small” guts, hahaha and then scolds her some more for not reporting back to him and acting on her own. Her defense: “I didn’t get a chance to go back because…you came.”

The Yue’s soldiers finally locate their master and tells him Yue Qi is on his way to catch the Liang spy in Hong Shan manor. Yuwen Yue orders them to back up Yue Qi and denies Xing Er from tagging along.

Liang princess Xiao Yu rushes back to her tavern and sighs relief when she finds the object of her longing – a wooden bird, similar to Yuwen Yue’s bird. Ah. They are each other’s penpal? (They also changed this part? Yan Xun has a penpal in the book and marries her (a princess) for political reasons.)

Somehow, Yuwen Yue makes it to her room, now empty, and takes notice of the poem book sprawled on her bed with a curious eye.

 photo Agent18-7.jpg

As instructed by her cold master, Xing Er rests in bed and his guard comes by with rare medications for her, rendering Xiao Ba to jealously says she has no one, unlike Xing Er, but immediately after her complaint, the guard brings forth a bottle to treat scars for her as well.

The girls excuse themselves and Xing Er lies in bed repeating her name Chu Qiao to herself and wonders who killed her mother Luo He.

 photo Agent18-8.jpg

Hearing the news of his darling grandkid Yuwen Yue risking his life to save Xing Er, Yuwen Zhuo has fallen ill out of shock. Ha. Yuwen Yue glares at the guard, asking who tattled on him, and displaying such shifty eyes, the culprit doesn’t say much. Yuwen Yue insists on checking his sick grandpa and sees him lying in bed, mumbling about not wanting to be the one to destroy Eyes of the God, over and over.

 photo Agent18-10.jpg

Shopkeeper has an old friend visiting. The new character is called Dong Fang Ji, an advisor under Yan Xun’s father, and shopkeeper wonders why he’s here. Fang Ji vaguely says he’s bored and Shopkeeper reminds him of the last time he was bored which resulted in Luo He’s murder. “Are you here to help Prince Yan Xun escape?” He hopes Fang Ji doesn’t put a hand in anyone’s affair because it only leads to more deaths but Fang Ji thinks old friend has misunderstood him. Nope. If Shopkeeper has a choice, he would choose not to have met Fang Ji, even if it means early termination of his life. Pleasantries aside, Fang Ji wants to know the progress of shopkeeper’s investigation on someone.

He found out something and wiggles his brows, an indication for more money = more intel. Turns out the heirloom item Xing Er carries around was made by Fang Ji and he asks about her kungfu and shopkeeper relays it’s nothing impressive. Shopkeeper doesn’t reveal Xing Er’s wheresabout, afraid Fang Ji might try to kill her, but promises to investigate further. “If she’s indeed the Little assassin girl who killed Luo He, I will hand her over to you….but if she’s not that person… I will protect her with my life.” Oh…!

 photo Agent18-12.jpg photo Agent18-14.jpg

Yan Xun returns to his own manor to find Miss Zhong Yu in his room with a letter from his dad, Yan Shi Cheng. In the letter, dad says he’s old and misses Yan Xun and wants to see him. He knows The King is paranoid and has kept Yan Xun in Chang’An all these years as a hostage so he can’t publicly leave, hence he hopes Yan Xun can leave in secret.

Worried about the implication of his secret escape, Yan Xun can’t let the King punish the whole Yan Bei. He wonders why his father is in a haste to get him back and Zhong Yu reveals the severity of the situation, someone might frame the Yan’s family for rebellion regardless. Right now, Yan Xun’s dad wants him safely by his side, that way he doesn’t have to feel pressured into doing anything.

Yan Xun promises to return but he wants to bring a girl back with him. Aww. 🙂

He proceeds to write a letter to his father, to tamp down his worries, only the messenger bird is intercepted by Liang Spy Tao Ye and she replaces the letter with one of her own. Oh Krap. Unbeknownst to her, the whole scene is witnessed by Fang Ji’s man and it’s reported back to him. DOUBLE KRAP. He’s not loyal to Yan Bei? He ppens another letter and orders his people to give this letter to Yan Xun. Okay, how many letters were written?!

 photo Agent18-16.jpg

Xing Er goes into the dungeon of Eyes of God and marvels around the weapons, trying to pick one to use when she kills Yuwen Xi. When she hears footsteps, she hides out of sight and eavesdrop on Yuwen Yue’s people copying the letter written by Yan Xun to his father. Oh Yan Xun, everybody is keeping tabs on you!

Yuwen Yue sits down and writes another letter – from Yan Xun’s father to Yan Xun, just talking about trivial family matters, hoping that this letter will allieve the King’s paranoia about an upcoming rebellion. After he finishes, he tells his guard to give this letter to the King. You silly goof think a simple letter will do good when the King is a bloodhound searching for any excuse to kill a loyal subject. But I’m happy you care about Yan Xun! I really wanted more brotherhood scenes. 🙁

Xing Er wonders why Yuwen Yue has to change the content of the letter.

 photo Agent18-19.jpg

More training session by Master Cold! Xing Er is excited she gets to learn something lethal and Yuwen Yue finds her attitude of wanting to win others problematic and she explains that as a spy UNDER him, she needs to be good lest he gets complaints from others. HA. That stuns him speechless and he comments on her growing guts. She smiles, she’s only speaking of the truth from her heart, “You don’t want to hear the truth?” He doesn’t want to listen to her guts talking. Hehe.

 photo Agent18-21.jpg

Today, Xing Er gets to use the special arrow-shooting device (he’s also giving it to her as a gift), enabling one to kill from a hundred steps and allows six consecutive arrows to be shot. If after six shots and the opponent is still breathing, that means she has met a top-notch fighter. He then teaches her how to use his icicle arrows….more skinship of course. Man, if I have to do that dance every time I shoot an arrow, I might as well be dead. Lol. Their song starts playing to tell us it’s an OTP moment, please squeal to the side. XD

 photo Agent18-27.jpg

Yan Bei. Yan Xun’s father seeks advice from Fang Ji and asks what he thinks of Yan Xun’s letter. Both men agree the content is not something Yan Xun could have written and Fang Ji discloses that Liang Spies want Yan Bei and Western Wei to fight and hands over a letter he says was written by Yan Xun (it was not). GAHH. Yan Xun’s father’s face narrows in on the content, believing that Yan Xun’s in trouble for that story about his wound is a secret code between them, signaling Yan Xun’s call for help. Oh no! Dad is tricked by Fang Ji!

Having no choice left, he thinks he should pay a visit to Chang’An and explain the situation to the King, believing the King’s good judgement. Oh man… Fang Ji suggests bringing some troops with them, just in case things go awry but Yan Shi Cheng believes if the King really wants to kill him in Chang’An, he wouldn’t be able to escape. He wants Fang Ji to submit a letter to the King, making him aware of his arrival. “He can do whatever he wants with me but no one shall touch my son!” GO dad! I mean, no, don’t come to Chang’An! Run!

 photo Agent18-29.jpg

Fang Ji ponders about replacing the King and Yan Shi Cheng repeats his belief. In this life, he can run away from the king, he can submit humbly before the king, but the only thing he won’t stoop into doing is betraying the King. Awww, your son is exactly like you, sir.

Loyal subject under a stupid King. We see the paranoid king wakes up in sweats after dreaming about Yan Shi Cheng cutting off his head. He wants to get rid of Yan Shi Cheng and needs evidence of his rebellion. He tells Consort Wei to summon the Yuwen boys to search for (nonexistent) evidence. On cue, Yuwen Yue’s fake letter arrives and the King disappointedly notes the unusefulness of the letter. This man is infuriating. One has to wonder why all the brave and smart men follow such a lousy king.

He wants Yuwen Huai to do the digging.

 photo Agent18-32.jpg

Fang Ji broods over the letter to the King. A person without goals is like an animal. While his Shifu thinks his shady self isn’t qualified to assist a leader – he has such crafty hands and doesn’t want to be merely a means to an end. He has used 10 years… 10 years of his life, “Yan Shi Cheng, you are not the person I was looking for.”

He burns the letter and tells his man to pack up. They are leaving Yan Bei and never returning.

 photo Agent18-33.jpg

Yuwen Yue and Xing Er converse about the arts of using weaponry and the techniques of spy letters, gifting her two vials of powder; one helps text appear, one helps text disappear.

She uses the vial to see the text written by her mom stored in the her heirloom item. It reads, “If met with danger, go to Yan Bei and find Mr. Wu. He will protect you and answer some problems you might have.” I really dislike how they changed the intention of her character! She didn’t go to Yan Bei for this! She went with Yan Xun on her own after forming an unbreakable bond with him!


Xing Er goes to see Yuwen Yue and sees Yue Qi entering his room and disappearing. Her eyes glow and she fiddles around with the vases in Yue’s room, and one unlocks a hidden passageway.

 photo Agent18-35.jpg

Yuwen Zhuo has summoned Yue Qi. He wants to know why the Da Liang’s spies were able to escape and Yue Qi apologizes for his failure. Xing Er can’t believe Yuwen Zhuo is still alive and listens as he plans to send her to Da Liang as a doomed spy, not caring an ounce about her life. Yue Qi says that’s the same as killing her and Yuwen Zhuo admits on Yuwen Yue’s behalf that training Xing Er is only to make her become Yue’s sharpest weapon against the enemies.

 photo Agent18-40.jpg

Xing Er leans back against the wall, a tear drops from her eye. “Doomed spy?”

Doomed-spies/ready-to-die-spies: a category of spies sent with false information on purpose to mislead the enemies. Once the enemies know, they will kill the spy. So essentially, she can’t believe Yuwen Yue is sending her to her death. Not him, but his grandfather, of course.

Episode 19 Recap (written by Kath):

 photo Agent19-1.jpg

Inside her bedroom, Xing Er ponders over what she’s seen — how her brother’s death was worthless, and it was all part of the grand scheme under the annoying grandpa. But what breaks Xing Er’s heart the most, is realizing this whole time she was only a sacrificial pawn under Yuwen Yue’s tutelage. He had trained her so he could send her off as a spy for a suicide mission. She breaks down into heart-wrenching muffled sobs, shattered that she nearly trusted Yuwen Yue.

 photo Agent19-3.jpg

Yuwen Yue’s men can’t find traces of the Liang spies (The princess, her maid (Tao Ye), and the guy with the fan – Yin Xin), and soon a guard reports about Yuwen Huai acting suspicious. Yue deducts that the more Huai is suspicious, the likely it is that he’s going to be meeting up with the Liang spies. Just then, Yue Qi reports that annoying grandpa has ordered Xing Er to be the kamikaze spy to defeat the Liangs. Perplexed at the order, and unaware that Xing Er knows what his grandpa’s plans are, Yuwen Yue says he must kill the spies as soon as possible as to not get Xing Er involved, and summons his guards out. (Aww, he doesn’t want her to be injured or hurt, despite the orders from annoying gramps.)

 photo Agent19-4.jpg

In the forest that night, Yuwen Huai meets with the Liang Princess who congratulates him about being the new master of the Hong Shan Manor. He asks why she is here and helping him. Princess of Liang states that she wishes to retrieve evidence that the duke of Yan Bei is planning a rebellion against the Wei. Yuwen Huai asks why she wants to use him. The princess states that betraying the country is no big deal since Yuwen Xi’s been doing it for the past decades and yet lived to enjoy luxury and the company of beauties every night. The law of nature is never changed, “The winners become kings, the losers become bandits.”

 photo Agent19-5.jpg

She basically insults Yuwen Huai when asked why she selected him to help, and she says he’s not the best choice in title or talent. HA. But she says it’s the fact that he has ambition that she chose him. (He seems to go on a smirking spree overkill. I don’t see many other emotions expressed.) Yuwen Huai says they’re now partners, and the princess says to do so, they have to kill the Duke of Ding Bei (Yan Xun’s father) first. She reveals that she exchanged the letter from Yan Xuan to the duke, and upon receiving the letter, the duke will come to save Yan Xuan. She tells Yuwei Huai to take this opportunity to lead the troops to kill the duke. And says she’ll take care of convincing the emperor with evidence.

 photo Agent19-10.jpg

The maid reports that Yuwen Yue is leading his troops to them. Yuwen Huai is persuaded by the princess to not be seen. She hides her face and throws darts at Yuwen Yue and his men. He easily dodges them, and the two engage in a sword fight. Yuwen Yue is able to block her moves. (Honestly, it just looks like flashy moves and slow-mos.) Yue Qi of course can’t even hold his own against the princess’s maid. But it’s Yuwen Yue who slices the princess and she goes down injured. Yuwen Yue’s men surround the two women…only to be gas poisoned by Yin Xin. He helps the two women escape.

Xing Er has lured the keeper out to meet her. She tells him she came for a favor and offers him two mice pets. The keeper eventually invites her inside the cave.

 photo Agent19-13.jpg

Tao Ye questions why her Princess let Yuwen Huai escape and put herself in danger for someone like him. The princess says she wouldn’t fall for someone like Yuwen Huai anyways. She needs him to accomplish pitting Wei against Yanbei. In which chaos and turmoil will take place, ridding them of Yan Xun. The war and imbalance of powers would eventually benefit Liang.

Yuwen Yue sees a flare and rides towards his men. They turn against him, supposedly under a spell by the Liang Princess. He ends up having to kill his men and at the same time is shot by a needle. He removes it and takes a tonic, working to meditate his inner strength.

 photo Agent19-16.jpg photo Agent19-20.jpg

Inside the keeper’s cave, he is able to figure out that she asked for the map to the pavilion to kill creepy grandpa. The keeper rallies with his mice audience that they wish Xing Er success in killing the creepy grandpa. Xing Er is touched and smiles at his gestures. The keeper informs her that she has to be careful because he doesn’t want her to die. He sighs and gives Xing Er a small weapon—a long hairpin, and tells her that in order to kill the creepy grandpa, she has to seduce him. Xing Er is not pleased and raises the weapon towards the keeper. He informs her that she can’t take any noticeable weapon into the pavilion, and this will be the only object she can use. Xing Er smiles as she twirls the weapon around. The keeper gives her a folding crate as well, and tells her he’s placed weapons to also help her escape against the guards. He studies her and then gives her another gift. It’s a sword.

Afterwards, Xing Er runs up to the keeper and says she knows he has something better, demanding he give it to her too. He does really dote and adore her because he relents. The keeper gives her an item that looks like a cloak, thinking she doesn’t know how to use it. She says she does after a glimpse and he is shocked. He then asks if she’ll come back alive, not that he cares, because he says his mice do. (AWWW, cuteee! You love her, keeper, you do.)

 photo Agent19-36.jpg

Back at the manor, Xing Er practices her swordplay, and Yan Xun appears. He asks if she’s made up her mind to join him. She asks again if his country is really beautiful, and that there truly are no slaves. He sticks with his words that he’s previously told her and tells her to take her sisters with her too. He promises they won’t be slaves anymore. She tells Yan Xun she believes him, and Yan Xan is overjoyed, telling her he’ll inform her of the date to set off.

Yan Xun goes to look at saddles for horses and we find out it’s to find the most perfect one. The salesman recommends what noble girls would love, but Yan Xun says this girl is different. He tells the salesman to bring out the best. He finally finds one that he feels fits perfect for Xing Er…only Princess Chun’er oversees this, and goes to confront Yan Xun. She thanks him for the saddle and tells him it’s exactly her taste. Yan Xun is caught in an awkward position and can only sheepishly smile. He tries to tell her subtly that it isn’t for her, but she doesn’t get it. She lays it on thick that since young, she’s liked him.

 photo Agent19-44.jpg

But before she can finish, Yan Xun interrupts and takes the opportunity to say he’ll always treat her like his little sister. She’s crestfallen at his words, and pretends that she has to return to the palace. As she walks away, there are tears in her eyes, but she still tries to keep a cheery voice. (Aww, I feel so sad for her, but at the same time, she forces it without being sure.)

 photo Agent19-48.jpg

The emperor rides a carriage escorted by Yuwen Huai’s men. They come across a group of villagers who are causing a lot of disturbance. The carriage stops and the emperor asks what the group of villagers are fussing about. The king approaches the cargo and finds a stone supposedly a sign from the gods, that has an inscription: Wei Dynasty will end, and Yan will dominate the world. The emperor kicks Yuwen Huai in anger.

 photo Agent19-51.jpg

Back at the court, the group of advisors, with Yuwen Huai front and center, advise the king about possible evil schemers behind the stone. The emperor asks Yuwen Huai who he thinks could have done this. In a not so subtle way, Yuwen Huai says someone who can benefit from this would yield an army and cause trouble. The emperor ponders if it’s a conspiracy or a sign from god. He’s furious and eventually pins this on the Duke of Dingbei.

One advisor speaks up that he feels someone might be out to frame the Duke of Dingbei and cause a wedge between the emperor and the duke. Several of the advisors feel the duke is loyal, and Yuwen Huai twists their words, asking them who they are loyal to.

This is enough to get the king to spiral down deeper into the dark. The suspicion was already there, and it was just a push to shove the king completely down into the dark hole. (Stupid king. Why are most kings so ignorant and stupid? It baffles me how they rule, but also makes it believable how they’re always so paranoid that their thrones would be usurped.) He pulls out a sword and kills Generael Song, who is supporting the duke. The emperor then orders the rest of the men to arrest the duke for rebellion. He gives this order to Yuwen Huai to do so.

Episode 20 (written by Kath):

 photo Agent20-1.jpg

Consort Wei comes to speak to the Emperor about the urgent matter of arresting Yan Xun, and tells him to calm his anger. He tells her their family is in danger. Consort Wei tries to stand up for Yan Xun — stating that he is loyal and grew up in the city. The king says he would kill many just to eliminate one if he has to. He reminds the concubine of her place.

 photo Agent20-4.jpg

One of the advisors is the uncle of Wei Shu Ye (one of the five Masters of Chang’An) and he’s summoned to arrest his friend. Shu Ye protests and says he knows Yan Xun well and Yan Xun would not rebel or conspire. He kneels to beg his uncle to reconsider, because Yan Xun is also his friend. His uncle slaps him and tells him to carry out the order, using the opportunity to make something of himself.

 photo Agent20-6.jpg

Princess Chun’er reflects on her feelings towards Yan Xan, realizing it’s been unrequited. The Imperial Concubine talks to Yuan Chun and Yuan Song, reminding them of their place as imperial children of the royal family, as a prince and princess of a nation. She mentions that despite being royal, others will never understand how the nobility will suffer. However, the common people have two things the royal members are never allotted and must leave behind: friendship and love. She speaks in riddles, but we as audience understand what she’s alluding to.

Xing Er studies the map and the hairpin given to her by keeper. Xing Er observes from behind a tree as the women are shoved into a wagon to serve the disgusting grandpa.

 photo Agent20-15.jpg

Yan Xun’s bodyguard delivers a message to Xing Er that Yan Xun will wait for her at west gate, and will not leave until he sees her. The bodyguard asks if she’ll come and Xing Er says if she doesn’t come in the time frame, they should leave without her. Xing Er relays this message to her two sisters to leave and meet with Yan Xun’s people.

Xiao Ba is unhappy about the plans, jealous that Xing Er has Yuwen Yue’s love, but is still going to go with Yan Xan. Suddenly, she imagines Yuwen Yue approaching her and embracing her in her daydream. When Xiao Qi asks what Xiao Ba is up to, she says she’s simply wondering who would take care of their young master if they all leave.

The women are ushered into a cell, awaiting their fate. Xing Er, in her old maid uniform, comes into the cell with her hairpin and unlocks the door.

 photo Agent20-19.jpg

Yan Xun’s father, Yan Shi Cheng, and his men ride towards the city. He insists if the contents of the letter are true, his son is in danger, and he needs to meet with the emperor.

 photo Agent20-22.jpg

The guards gather the women into the pavilion, and Xing Er is amongst them, her large hairpin weapon is pinned through her hair. (It’s really odd…how does someone not think it’s weird?) She moves along the corridors and places her hand print onto it to mark a spot. Later she grabs a guards hand intentionally to perhaps mark him too, because she apologizes and goes off. Xing Er notices the blood incense being lit – a method to cause people to hallucinate, and remarks that she is fortunate for her inner power to combat this. She undresses to reveal her black assassin outfit.

Back in the palace, Princess Chun’er’s maid relays the information about the death of General Song, the duke’s supporter. She concludes the truth of what her father’s intentions are.

 photo Agent20-25.jpg photo Agent20-27.jpg

In the forest, Duke Ding Bei’s men camp for the night, unaware they’re surrounded by the enemy. Yuwen Huai leads the men, and he finally gives the signal. The men attack the duke’s people as Yuwen Huai smirks (because he can’t seem to express any other emotion…). The duke and his men are surrounded and outnumbered.

Yan Xun goes over the plan and is informed that elite soldiers will escort him from the palace tonight. Yan Xun adds he will take Xing Er and the sisters, confident that Xing Er will show up.

 photo Agent20-34.jpg photo Agent20-35.jpg

Princess Chun’er plans to leave the palace to warn Yan Xun, but is stopped by the guards. She gets further after threatening the guards, but her mother stops her. Her mother says even now that the princess knows, she can’t do anything. Princess Chun’er says she’s willing to die with Yan Xun. Her mother slaps her for being defiant, and says she wouldn’t be able to change anything. Princess Chun’er begs her mother to let her go, but the queen, though regrets not being able to do anything, says the princess will be fine and grow from the situation.

 photo Agent20-36.jpg

The duke continues a fruitless fight until his right-hand-man goes down. Moments later, he is stabbed by more soldiers, with Yuwen Huai coming in for the final kill. (For a great general, this doesn’t sit well with him. He’s been guarding a border for a nation that is bound to be attacked constantly with different strategies, and yet is easily murdered like this…)

 photo Agent20-39.jpg photo Agent20-41.jpg

Creepy grandpa begins his ritual of killing the women, only to be stabbed by Xing Er. He topples into the pool, but asks if she knows who he is. Xing Er moves towards him, expressionless, and creepy grandpa summons his guards. Xing Er easily takes them all out, even as more guards appear. (I love how badass Xing Er is in the scene…my only complaint is…did Xing Er wait till the girls were killed before she made her move? Because it looks like none of the women survived.)

 photo Agent20-56.jpg photo Agent20-59.jpg

As she knocks out all his men, creepy grandpa uses his men as human shields. She takes them all out without batting an eye. She jump-kicks the creepy grandpa and slashes him across his mouth. He attempts to choke her, but with her ring, she stabs him in the neck and breaks his arms. Finally, Xing Er holds him down, but memories of her sister, Zhi Xiang, and her brother, Lin Xi appear, and how they died. She continues stabbing him with her ring—for her sister, brother, and all the women the creepy grandpa has killed.

There is one woman who survives, and Xing Er informs the woman that she is Xing Er and sent by Yuwen Yue to kill Yuwen Xi. She orders the girl to keep her mouth shut on the “truth” because Yue will save her later. But when Butler Zhu appears, the woman blurts out that Yuwen Yue sent Xing Er to kill the creepy grandpa. Ha.

 photo Agent20-65.jpg

Yan Xan gives a rally speech to his men, saying he needs their help to get back to Yanbei, and once they’re home, they will celebrate. He brings out the wine to toast his men, and it’s so beautiful and sad. Because you know this is where the tides have turned for him. Then one of his men informs him that Xing Er is now wanted for killing the creep. Yan Xan says he must save Xing Er.

—- END —-

Kappy: I’m relieved Chu Qiao has regained her memories because the disguise as Xing Er has gone on for too long for my liking, mainly because Chu Qiao is beginning to lose herself and character purpose. She seemed settled and comfortable as Yue’s personal maid, even joining his spying organization, which is confusing to me because her passion for justice and revenge was dusted under the carpet and that’s not my girl. Chu Qiao was never resigned to any submissive positions and was always planning her escape. In pushing the romance forward, they have watered her down too much for my liking – Song Da Niang didn’t accidentally “fall” off the bridge and Zhu butler was basically tortured every time she attempted and failed to kill him (it was really funny, almost like a running gag).

The last scene gave me chills because you rarely get to see a heroine in a Chinese drama dishes out justice and kills the villain by repeatedly punching him with her knuckled ring. So damn satisfying. And it was a great moment when she not only recalled her lovely sister in flashbacks, she remembered the innocent dead girls too.

A great callback to her character as a whole – what she’s fighting for is something bigger than herself.

 photo Agent20-44.jpg

  1. 18 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 17 – 20 Recap “Misunderstandings.”

    Thanks for the recaps ladies! I love how detailed it is since I don’t want to watch it atm. Will wait to marathon at the end. Great analysis on Chu Qiao too, I was starting to think she would stay as a maid forever too! I was like, I didn’t sign up for this!! ROFL.

  2. 18 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 17 – 20 Recap “Misunderstandings.”

    If they changed the penpal part too, then what’s left for Yan Xun? I think they are really going overboard with the changes. This is exactly the same pitfall that G&I fell to. They are giving too many scenes to the male lead just for the sake of doing it. I still appreciate that they are hinting hard at the final OTP but imo viewers will like YWY in the end anyway. There’s really no need to go to such lengths. And after taking away so many scenes from YX on the romance end, they are taking his penpal away too! Seriously?

    • 18 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 17 – 20 Recap “Misunderstandings.”

      i think they wanted to create a love triangle with chuqiao-yue-princess liang to spice things up. lol. seriously, the main triangle is not even well-created, and they want another one?!

      plus, yan xun is demoted to second lead already from the production, they don’t care much about him, all about main OTP. XD

  3. 18 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 17 – 20 Recap “Misunderstandings.”

    Goodness, the stupidity of some of the characters in this show is going to drive me crazy. The emperor convinces himself that Yan Xun’s dad is about to rebel because of a sliver of faked evidence. Really? This guy saved the emperor’s life three times and he can’t even trust him to stay in his place? I also can’t really tell if Consort Wei is supposed to be a good or bad character, she seems to slide both ways sometimes. Poor Yan Xun, so naive and trusting ><

    Little bit of a spoiler, but Chu Qiao grabs the guard's hand so she can have his handprint to open a door later (not sure how it worked cuz she touched his hand diagonally, but anyhoo…) I have a feeling Yan Xun isn't too far off from turning evil 🙁

    • 18 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 17 – 20 Recap “Misunderstandings.”

      I don’t think the point is the fake evidence. The fact is that Yan Xun’s father is too powerful and the king is uneasy with the power he holds. The evidence is just an excuse to get rid of him.

  4. 18 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 17 – 20 Recap “Misunderstandings.”

    Thank you so much kappy for the recap, even though i watched it with engsubs already i still enjoy reading your recaps especially with the side comments, it always made me crack up. keep doing it!

    • 18 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 17 – 20 Recap “Misunderstandings.”

      I couldn’t have done it without help from the many lovely volunteers and contributors! =)

  5. 18 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 17 – 20 Recap “Misunderstandings.”

    Thank you very much Kappy & Kath for devoting time and efforts into writing these recaps! Much appreciated 🙂

    Now, I am not particularly happy about these episodes. Nor am I happy about those that came after them but comments on them will wait for their own recaps.
    I have been reading comments and translations online, so i kind of get why all book readers are not fond of the love triangle rewrite and the early push of the XE-YWY couple into the spotlight. One, we lose SD screen time, two, characters get watered down and made more “likable ” in order to facilitate speedy development of the YWY-XE romance. Now, I firmly believe that the last part was not well done, mostly because of XE/CQ’s characterisation. I’ve seen episodes, after episodes of YWY looking at XE, thinking about her, colecting her items and protecting her from the shadows. There is attraction from him towards XE, I’ve ssen it , I can believe it. But what about XE? Moments of her admiring YWY and thinking about him romanticaly almost do not exist. What then is the basis for those tears we saw above? She knows she is a slave and is one temper tantrum of someone impportant away from participating in another hunting episode.
    I would understant if she is angry and does not want to be sent on a hopeless mission, I can understand if she decides “F**k it! I’m off to find my true self/home/relatives..” , or if she found the dashing YX simply irresistable and wanted to follow him wherever, but to cry because YWY does not appreciate her and will discard her if the situation calls for it? Please…She is shown to be smart enough to know it would be an unfortunate part of her job and position in life and society.

    • 18 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 17 – 20 Recap “Misunderstandings.”

      Im with you nell. I dont know why she cried. I thought she cried because of her brother’s wu ge worthless death. Even when he died, she didnt cry as much.

      I think at this point in the drama, its the boys who love her but she doesn’t love any of them yet. Her story with yan xun begins with the rebellion and with yuwen yue, she realizes it long after…. At least its shown that way.

    • 18 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 17 – 20 Recap “Misunderstandings.”

      I’m equally baffled by her crying Nell, she doesn’t cry easily. I’m gonna go with frea and say it’s for her kind-hearted brother’s worthless death.

    • 18 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 17 – 20 Recap “Misunderstandings.”

      hahaha, nell! I am with you and Kappy on this. She’s just shocked about her brother’s pointless death…RIGHT? and how she was tricked and naive to believe the lot of them.

  6. 18 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 17 – 20 Recap “Misunderstandings.”

    I love this drama; but I don’t like how they tuned down the heroine and the plot. Chu Qiao supposed to be a smart and strong heroine, yet they changed so many things to make her likable. She gets back to whoever plots against her and schemes; but so far in the show, I haven’t seen anything like that. She did plot against some people, but it’s not like what I’ve thought. It’s like they made her character to be a “good girl”; she’s all white. Chu Qiao is a grey character: if you’re good to her, she’s good to you, and if you’re bad to her, she’s bad to you. She’s also aware of her surroundings and knows about them yet it’s not like that in the show. Plus this memory lost really makes her a weak character. >.<

  7. 18 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 17 – 20 Recap “Misunderstandings.”

    Aww, we have a good team of people writing. Thank you for the support, ladies (and gents if there are any). Please forgive me if anything is misinterpreted, because I am going off the subs, and I feel they aren’t perfect, but I am grateful for them. And thank you sooo much, Kappy for the help with the names. Much appreciated.

    I am with you gals on the crying too. It was weird to me, because didn’t she go into becoming YWY’s maid knowing she was trained to be a weapon? So to be crying over it was weird. Caught off-guard at the lies of how the grandpa died, yes. I can see her being angry and upset. Not really…heartbroken? I thought the whole point of being the maid was to be trained, lay low, and find the opportune moment to break free. I felt it would have made the story stronger if she found out about the lie with the grandpa’s death, how YWY (in her eyes at least) didn’t stick up for his friend, and this sealed the deal with her running off/severing ties.

    I am super frustrated that YWY basically does nothing. I understand his character is pressured to be loyal to his family, but it’s still really cowardly. I guess I was expecting more of a behind-the-scenes orchestrated rescue/plan with YX, and not being a block of ice. UGHHHHH

    Wait, so there’s supposed to be a love triangle with the Liang Princess and YWY (isn’t she trying to kill him?)? Or was it for YX? Dang I am soooooo confuzzled! HA. I don’t even feel there’s a point to her story. They could get rid of her and the story would still be fine. I don’t understand what purpose she serves? The emperor is paranoid enough to annihilate the Yanbei family on his own…no need for other’s interference to tip the scale.

    I didn’t know that in the novel, CQ decided to go to Yanbei because she wanted to, which would have been better compared to a stupid letter! UGH.

    I still am gunna complain about the general-YX’s father being ambushed and killed. This really doesn’t sit well with me. Yuwen Huai has never been one to scheme intellectually–so to be able to kill the general is weird to me. Again, he was supposed to be this great general protecting the borders. DRAMA why you sooooooooooooo inconsistent!

  8. 18 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 17 – 20 Recap “Misunderstandings.”

    So far, the whole framing Yan Xun’s father doesn’t make sense to me. If his father is truly powerful, he wouldn’t be killed just like that. He would be able to utilize his weapons and tactics to be on equal ground with the emperor. So, if he can’t do this, why would the emperor feel threatened by Yan Xun’s father.

    • 18 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 17 – 20 Recap “Misunderstandings.”

      The point is Yan Shi Cheng never desired the throne. He has an army yes but it was used to fight intruders on behalf of the King. He trusted the King..that was why towards the end he only wanted to speak to the King. His sons and daughter were caught unaware because they never thought the King would annihilate them all. The King was threatened because Yan is well regarded by his peasants. In a place far from the King’s influence….Yan’s power is equivalent to that of a King…And he couldn’t stop thinking Yan would one day come for his throne.

  9. 18 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 17 – 20 Recap “Misunderstandings.”

    Kappy’s caps always stings my funny bone! Sorta sad to realize yet sorta funny to imagine. Bwahahaha!!

    • 18 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 17 – 20 Recap “Misunderstandings.”

      You watching too Keane!!? Lol. I have more but usually get caught up with everything else and forget. T__T

      • 18 thoughts on “Princess Agents: Episodes 17 – 20 Recap “Misunderstandings.”

        Actually, not watching Kaptain-A. In limbo, rebuilding my tolerance and stamina for the latest Mark Chao mute father series. The last time I stopped in here there were some mixed reviews about that one. My well of tears is almost full again for another cry fest drainage. LOL~

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