New Promos: The Legend of Dugu, Oh My General, Let’s Shake It ET, See You Again

A mini-batch posts to catch up with other dramaland projects. The world keeps on spinning while you guys follow your crack drama. Lol.

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=======> ♦ Tang Yan’s modern drama, See You Again, with Shawn Dou and Yang Shuo. Filming has moved to London ~

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=======> ♦ My Mr. Mermaid with Tang Son Yun reveals new stills and a new trailer!

 photo mer-3.jpg

 photo mer-4.jpg

 photo mer-5.jpg

 photo mer-2.jpg

 photo mer-1.jpg

 photo mer-6.jpg

=======> ♦ New Posters for period drama, Nothing Gold Can Stay, with Chen Xiao and Sun Li.

 photo gold-5.jpg

 photo gold-6.jpg

 photo gold-1.jpg

 photo gold-4.jpg

 photo gold-3.jpg

 photo gold-2.jpg

=======> ♦ New Behind-the-scenes stills of Yang Yang working hard on his current project, Martial Universe.

 photo unsi-5.jpg

 photo unsi-1.jpg

 photo unsi-4.jpg

 photo unsi-3.jpg

 photo unsi-2.jpg

 photo unsi-6.jpg

=======> ♦ His co-star, Zhang Tian Ai has a movie, Legend Of The Naga Pearls, with Darren Wang.

 photo naa-3.jpg

 photo naa-1.jpg

 photo naa-2.jpg

 photo naa-4.jpg

=======> ♦ Darren Wang‘s webdrama with Gina Gin‘s Ghost Blows Out the Lights: Mu Ye Gui Shi has an air date on July 3rd.

 photo muga-7.jpg

 photo muga-1.jpg

 photo muga-6.jpg

 photo muga-2.jpg

 photo muga-5.jpg

 photo muga-4.jpg

 photo muga-3.jpg

=======> ♦ Webdrama Let’s Shake it ET with An Yue Xi and Zheng Ye Cheng releases new trailer and stills as well.

 photo lets-3.jpg

 photo lets-1.jpg

 photo lets-6.jpg

 photo lets-7.jpg

 photo lets-2.jpg

 photo lets-5.jpg

 photo lets-10.jpg

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=======> ♦ Fantaken Trailer for Oh My General with Sandra Ma and Peter Sheng Yi Lun.

 photo ogmy-1.jpg

 photo ogmy-6.jpg

 photo ogmy-5.jpg

 photo ogmy-4.jpg

 photo ogmy-3.jpg

 photo ogmy-2.jpg

=======> ♦ Extended trailer for The Legend of Dugu with Hu Bing Qing, Zhang Dan Feng, and Ady An.

 photo dugu-6.jpg

 photo dugu-5.jpg

 photo dugu-4.jpg

 photo dugu-2.jpg

 photo dugu-3.jpg

 photo dugu-1.jpg

  1. 4 thoughts on “New Promos: The Legend of Dugu, Oh My General, Let’s Shake It ET, See You Again

    Dugu’s trailer looks good. But not gonna have expectations for it yet haha, I don’t want to end up feeling disappointed like how I did for Chu Qiao. My favourite scene in the trailer has got to be when the 3 sisters agreed to only go against their external enemies and not to have internal conflict/harm one another. Beautiful scene but sad, since it is obvious their pact ain’t gonna last lol.

    • 4 thoughts on “New Promos: The Legend of Dugu, Oh My General, Let’s Shake It ET, See You Again

      Oh Peach, we got fooled real good by PA badass trailer, completely devoid of the maid fights and only showing the epic battle scenes. LOL.

      But there’s still a story and good acting to tell! Don’t give up yet (well, I already gave up on the directing… XD)

      • 4 thoughts on “New Promos: The Legend of Dugu, Oh My General, Let’s Shake It ET, See You Again

        Yeah, right now it’s completely the acting and story and chemistry holding the whole thing up. The trailer was so fantastic and the MV so epic…and then we get some truly terrible editing. But still really enjoying it if only for the reasons mentioned above.

        Here also excited for Dugu…I know I’m gonna love HBQ’s character cuz she’s cute and seems likable, but surprisingly I REALLY like Ady’s very grey, very complex character. At times she seems so protective of HBQ as a sister, and so badass and truly good. Yet she’s also unabashedly ambitious and the-end-justifies-the-means mindset. Very conflicted but I feel like I’m gonna love her.

        Also, Let’s Shake It ET looks so adorable!!! An Yue Xi’s super cute and seems very lively and her character seems like such a riot. Previously Zhang Ye Cheng seemed like the very cute, pretty, flower boy type. But honestly, wow he seems hot here. Excited for it.

        Looking forward to Sandra’s badassery, but honestly I spent the whole time watching the trailer like….what??? Not a fan of Peter at all and here he seems to have the same 1 expression from Pretty Li Hui Zhen…just in strange clothing and confounding scenes. I feel like by nature Oh My General has the potential to be super cracky and very interesting, but (hopefully I’m proven wrong) I don’t think Peter has it in him to make me believe in his character. Cuz he’s gonna need to pull it off well. His character just from the short trailer and the stills seems very shock-factor and has the potential to be totally awesome but in Peter’s hands…based on past performances at least I can’t see him pulling it off.

  2. 4 thoughts on “New Promos: The Legend of Dugu, Oh My General, Let’s Shake It ET, See You Again

    Let’s Shake It ET! Looks more fun to watch! Go An Yue Xi!😆

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