Lu Yi and Li Yi Tong’s quiet romance in Just To See You

Just To See You (只为那一刻与你相见) is an upcoming modern drama based on the novel written by Xian Chen, depicting a quiet but circular romance among all the players. That’s never a good thing is it? This is Li Yi Tong‘s harem romance, all the guys. Both of our leads were born into rich but grew up in broken households. She’s stubborn and considered by many as weird and he’s a man who couldn’t protect his love five years ago. In the presence, she begins dating Lu Yi‘s character to ingratiate herself with her father. Two broken hearts, could they heal each other with time?

Lu Yi looking spectacular and sharp in the suits. *___*

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Li Yi Tong. Actresses are going for the short bob lately, no? She’s another one who pulls off the style.

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HA! It’s the Veiny actor from Hua Qian Gu. Lol. Ricky Wong. He also loves her.

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With actor Song Chen. Dang, all the good-looking men in here. He was her first love, a man she loved despite ruining herself in the process. But he loves another woman and that woman loves the male lead. Oh my.

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Directed by Cha Chuan Yi (Kill the Boss, Feng Lei Ji), Just To See You has 45 episodes.

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    I like the main idea, two chaebol fall in love. But A loves B, B loves C, C loves A, aiya.. Sounds so typical. But gonna give it a try. One episode or two wont hurt.

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