Jin Dong and Ma Yi Li’s The First Half of My Life to air

Dang, no place for young kids in this drama! An adult show about middle-aged women and their struggles in society. In The First Half of My Life (我的前半生), Ma Yi Li plays a married housewife in her mid thirties and her life turns upside down when her husband wants a divorce. She doesn’t have any work experience and to top it off, she also has a young kid to support, what will life be like for her? In comes Jin Dong‘s character, a perfect gentleman, a businessman who recently return to Shanghai to manage his business. He’s a busy man with a quality lifestyle and after meeting her, he’s thrown into her messy life. Both of their lives have been peaceful and calm, how will a fateful meeting challenge and reward them in the latter half of their lives?

I waited to publish this post, hoping the press conference (today!) would drop a trailer! But nothing! Na-da! WHAA? It’s airing next week!

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First Stills:

Jin Dong.

 photo Half-5.jpg

Ma Yi Li.

 photo Half-6.jpg

 photo Half-7.jpg

Yuan Quan.

 photo Half-8.jpg

 photo Half-16.jpg

 photo Half-13.jpg

Lei Jia Yin.

 photo Half-10.jpg

Zhang Yan Yan and Vivian Wu.

 photo Half-9.jpg

Mei Ting.

 photo Half-12.jpg

Chen Dao Ming.

 photo Half-14.jpg

Kong Wei.

 photo Half-15.jpg

Zhang Ling Xin.

 photo Half-17.jpg

Wu Yue.

 photo Half-18.jpg

 photo Half-11.jpg

 photo Half-23.jpg

 photo Half-28.jpg

 photo Half-27.jpg

 photo Half-30.jpg

 photo Half-25.jpg

Oh yea, hot Shu Shu. HEHEHE =D

 photo Half-24.jpg

 photo Half-29.jpg

Press Conference:

 photo Half-20.jpg

 photo Half-21.jpg

 photo Half-22.jpg

 photo Half-19.jpg

 photo Half-26.jpg

 photo Half-31.jpg

Didn’t see an official trailer yet but lookie at this gif of Jin Dong. I think he’s getting back at the jerk husband. hee!

Directed by Shen Yan (Chinese Style Relationship) and written by Yi Shu and Qin Wen (Hot Mom), The First Half of My Life has 36 episodes and plans to premiere on July 4th. That’s fast. O_O

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  1. 2 thoughts on “Jin Dong and Ma Yi Li’s The First Half of My Life to air

    Thank you for your synopsis Kappy! I searched for the drama synopsis for 5 minutes before, but saw the autobiography written by the last emperor Pu Yi instead. I guess that autobio just happens to have the same title.
    This drama has a number of reliable actresses who rarely appear in recent dramas. Yuan Quan, Mei Ting, Vivian Wu, Ma Yili. I hope this will be a good production with a reasonable plot.

  2. 2 thoughts on “Jin Dong and Ma Yi Li’s The First Half of My Life to air

    Thank you so much for the insight into this new drama..I am really looking forward to it and am hoping for a HE for them.
    My favourite picture is the one where Jin Dong is sitting on the chair and holding a microphone..his smile is so bright and honest…aww

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