Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (10)

Been slacking off on these binging posts! Let us know what and how many dramas are your plate! What’s frustratingly bad, messy mess mess, and the ones that get you right in the heart!

I’m only watching three dramas, one of which you know has been taking over 48 hours of my every day. Lol.

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Random News that got my attention:

=======> ♦ Eddie Peng’s Wu Kong Story reveals a music video for their song “Kong” by Terry Lin.

=======> ♦ Another cute trailer for movie Fist & Faith with Oho Ou and Jing Tian. They are seriously too cute for this world. GAHHH.

=======> ♦ William Chan and Bai Bai He star in a short film for Vogue.

=======> ♦ Yang Mi and Chang Cheng’s film, Brotherhood of Blade 2, releases themesong mv.

=======> ♦ Alan Yu Meng Long and Ju Jing Yi celebrate their birthdays this week and the production team of Xuan Yuan Sword Cloud of Han Dynasty (轩辕剑之汉之云) released a trailer for each of their character. Alan is sooo sooo pretty with white hair. Unbelievable! Together they are beautiful. I’ve heard of Miss Ju’s surgeries but she’s one of the few who doesn’t look too plastic-y (at least to my eyes).

=======> ♦ Yoyo Sham sings for Rush To The Dead Summer OST.

=======> ♦ Posters Shooting for TFBoy’s Boyhood.

=======> ♦ Posters Shooting for William Chan and Liu Shi Shi’s Lost Love In Time. All is good until they crack up!

=======> ♦ The other two songs for Huang Xiao Ming and Victoria Song’s drama A Life time Love, currently airing.

By Yisa Yu.

By Lin Bae Fong.

=======> ♦ Jin Dong reunited with his brother Hu Ge at the Milan Show and decided to troll the camera. Lol.

=======> ♦ Stairway To Stardom with Push and Song Yi has another OST by Li Qi. Have you been watching?

=======> ♦ Variety show-wise, did anyone catch the new season of We Are In Love yet? It’s up to episode 3 right now with Ryan Zheng and Real Girlfriend Yvonne, Ming Dao and Wang Ou, Wilber Pan and Wu Xin.

=======> ♦ 72 Floors of Mystery Episode 6. Li Ying is no joke when it comes to games. The girl is vicious! XD Her and Kris giving different nods when Leo asks them. BUSTED. HHAHAHAA.

=======> ♦ Midnight Diner music video by Jam Hsiao.

=======> ♦ As Frea kindly pointed out in the cbox, The Advisors Alliance with Wu Xiu Bo, Liu Tao, and Janine Chang are also out today, June 21st!

  1. 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (10)

    … hmmm I have been watching anime LOL
    On my short break before I take classes again.
    Ill try to check out Advisor Alliance.
    Trying to find dramas for my mom to watch lol. She watched PA til episode 20. I’ve been passively watching it with her 😛
    Been so lazy to watch stuff ~
    What other two dramas is Kappy watching?

    • 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (10)

      Oops, I forgot to comment about the two other dramas! LOL.

      Ruler = a big fat disappointment and a waste of two extremely talented kids. You finally have them together in a drama and THIS KRAP is what you gave them writer? Shame on you.

      Seven Day Queen = Oh my heart. With great buildup the romance angst is so damn satisfying. What I didn’t expect is to feel sympathy for the evil King. Chae Kyung, this little deer has the power to bring out the best and worst in both brothers. HURTS SO GOOD. Should’ve waited till it ends to watch. T___T

      • 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (10)

        I usually understand Korean viewing choices but I am absolutely baffled Ruler is leading the ratings. Seven Day Queen is AMAZING in every way and it’s ratings in South Korea aren’t good. At least it’s getting some much deserved love from international fans but it’s sad seeing it being slept on by the domestic audience.

        I guess Ruler’s ratings are due to Yoo Seung Ho and Kim Sohyun popularity. It was hyped up so much before airing and it’s so mediocre from directing to writing to acting to characterization to insipid heroine to lack of chemistry between leads. Just a nonsense drama.

        • 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (10)

          I feel like they feel bad for the two young stars so they’re supporting them by watching it? Lol. I’m baffled too but the ratings has been stagnant, not gaining and not losing as much.

  2. 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (10)

    Where can I watch 72 Floors of Mystery with eng sub?

  3. 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (10)

    Latest cracking is Princess Agents…I want more YWY & XE scenes! Unfortunately it looks like it’s angst time…

    Advisors Alliance will have to wait I don’t think I can handle bing watching 2 shows simultaneously…

  4. 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (10)

    PA and 72 floors what else :p
    Those two are very addicting……

  5. 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (10)

    I am watching A lifetime love and I am loving it. Granted, special effects and cgi lacks, but I am enjoying the same.

  6. 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (10)

    I just got back from vacation – when traveling, I was hitting Princess Agents pretty hard, watching unsubbed on YTube in the morning and subbed again in the evening. I think I’m burned out already and the real conflicts are just starting. Also watching Paen Rai Long Tai Wa Rak as it is subbed and that old silly standby- Go Princess Go.

  7. 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (10)

    Currently I’m watching Happiness of an Angel and it’s making me appreciate Ming Dao all over again. The guy is good at what he does and he makes my heart melt but boy did they go crazy with his script lol. He’s supposed to be this naturally arrogant and cynical person, which is fine, but I feel like he portrays his character with more exaggeration than needed sometimes. But it is an idol drama after all so you can’t expect practicality to move the plot along. Shi Shi is trying hard to fit her role and I can tell by the way she acts but this was still early on in her career so hopefully Lost Love in Times will see an improvement from her. The little girl who plays her daughter is amazing and absolutely adorable though.

  8. 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (10)

    Watching PA only…is Stairway to Stardom worth watching? I love Song Yi but the plot is REALLY not my thing.

  9. 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (10)

    I binged Fox Fall in Love within 24 hours and then went back and rewatch the last ten episodes again. I love the otp so damn much. The drama itself was surprisingly conservative and chaste, but I adore how much domesticity they gave the otp, like it’s nice to see an otp just talk about mundane stuff and not in dramatic eventful interactions all the time.

    I naively thought a chinese drama can finish in 16 eps so I binge all current 16 eps of My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend(which weirdly doesn’t even have a soompi page) and is left cursing that the second half of the drama hasn’t begin yet(like I am stalking the weibo page. The drama is compelling because only ONE reason for me and that is the male robot, like my puppy Yuan Ho better get everything he ever wants and more. I’ll volunteer to pay for all for electrical needs!

    • 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (10)

      I’m waiting on the last 10 eps to be subbed so I can finish Fox Falls in Love. I am really enjoying the show. There are a lot of flashabacks and the grandmother and Li Yan Shu’s mom are annoying but overall I really good drama. I really like Gu Cheng Ze and Li Yan Shu together. They are best. I agree they were very domestic and respectful of each other which was refreshing. I kinda of like that they are both loners/losers who found each other.

  10. 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (10)

    I have such a lazy drama watching year. Finished only LOCH 2017, currently watching Princess Agents, and just started Advisor Alliance (on ep 2 now) — rather struggle to understand the latter because no sub is available yet, but as often lack of subs doesn’t stop me. Production wise AA is pretty well done — nice cinematography, generally mute colors, etc. I didn’t expect to see a rather comedic portrayal of a young Sima Yi though, but we’re only in the beginning (and of course I don’t quite understand what they are talking about LOL). It cracked me realizing that the actor who plays Cao Cao is also the one who played Liu Bei in the Three Kingdoms :D. I couldn’t help comparing this to the 3K, and it does feel to me like AA is less serious, and a little more idol-y. 3K is a masterpiece, it is my all time best Mainland drama, so I probably should with until much further episodes before concluding anything, but so far it’s quite enjoyable.

    • 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (10)

      Do you mind me asking where you’re watching Advisor Alliance? Told my parents about it and they really want to watch Liu Tao after Nirvana in Fire. ^_^;; I need to wait for subs but they can understand. Maybe I will force them to explain what’s going on to me. Lol.

      • 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (10)

        I watch it at CN LoveTVshow info (just add dots in betweens). As of now they’ve uploaded 4 eps.

        • 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (10)

          Thanks for the info! Looking at the show so far, it looks beautifully filmed. Unfortunately, my Chinese is definitely not up to par. Hopefully it will be subbed in English. Waiting to show my parents so that they can explain what’s going on. lol

  11. 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (10)

    I’m currently watching rush to the dead summer.. so far it’s good.. the actors are so good looking hahahaha

  12. 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (10)

    I feel ljke im kdrama trash right now. I’ve watched a lot of kdramas. Sigh. I just feel like im not me haha.

    Of course, with ode to joy 2 finished, my focus is only on PA. But rush to dead summer seems promising. Gotta check the first episode today.

    Anyone watch princess hours Thai? Acting, chemistry, cinematography failed me. But i just cant stop watching it. Lols.

    Tw drama, perfect match. Watching it literally bcuz of the main leads. Too typical.. Yet, just like PH Thai, i qont quit anytime soon.

  13. 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (10)

    The only drama I am currently following religiously is Suspicious Partner. The crime cases and cute interactions between the leads and co-stars are good enough to keep me interested but I wouldn’t call it great. I’ve been watching variety shows on and off instead. As for Princess Agent – I’ve been tuning in once a week to fast-forward the episodes to keep myself abreast. Somehow, it failed to draw me in – so I’m not addicted to it. Started A lifetime love because of Huang Xiao Ming but as of ep. 12, decided to ditch it. Zero chemistry between leads and the story failed to hook me in. I guess I’m in a low mood with dramas now. Nothing seems to be able to impress me. So, it’s variety shows, anime and books for the time being. Do let me know if there is a drama that is absolutely fantastic that can end my drama dry spell now. Thanks.

  14. 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (10)

    Not much of a K-drama fan, but am currently addicted to two of them!

    Queen For 7 Days has been hitting all the right notes for me so far (I’m up to ep 6). Romance and angst that doesn’t feel contrived, nice OST, lovely cinematography, and just all round good storytelling. The child actors were wonderful (casting was spot on as they really resemble their adult versions, not so much in looks but the acting) and had great chemistry. So relieved that the adult versions did not disappoint when they appeared. Looking forward to the rest of this drama’s emotional roller coaster ride.

    Circle: Two Worlds Connected. I (luckily) only discovered it this week so could binge-watch up to the latest eps. This drama is AMAZING! It’s so sense and engaging, I feel like I’m using so much of my brainpower haha. Never watched/heard of any of the cast before but am quite impressed, esp. by Yeo Jin Goo. Definitely recommended even if you’re not a sci-fi/mystery fan, it’s that good XD

  15. 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (10)

    I like the trailers for Advisors’ Alliance. About to watch it. It’s more appealing to me than PA. I am allergic to recent Croton period dramas: PA, General&I, 3l3w. I would have liked it better if Croton use the 3 main leads for PA in General&I. PA’s production values bugged me. They film too much stuff in indoor studios with lots of fake props. Their cinematography is not my thing either. Croton likes to use HK directors for their period dramas? I hope ZLY and the PA cast enjoyed good comforts filming parts of PA indoors. I didn’t finish G&I. The thing I enjoy the most in PA is the use of Shawn Dou as 3rd lead. I only saw him once in Hawthorn tree years ago. Nice to see fresh drama faces.

    • 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (10)

      I also watched Legend of Dragon Pearl. LDP is ok. I like its production values better than Croton Period dramas, though LDP isn’t spectacular.

  16. 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (10)

    I’m watching PA (though it’s really just for the love story line as the politics bore me =P) and 2 web dramas (梔子花開2017 and 那一场呼啸而过的青春). Both are youth dramas. Just started on the first 2 chapters, so not sure yet if I’ll continue.

    梔子花開2017 has better production values I think and was filmed in Qingdao. The university campus is lush and so pretty. Lots of noble idiocy going on in the show, but the main couple is cute and I can’t help myself from wishing they get back together in the end.

    那一场呼啸而过的青春 is about a girl who goes undercover as the new male student to uncover the truth behind her best friend’s attempted suicide (it’s an all girls school that just opened the doors to new male students). Female lead is believable as pretty flower boy =). She’s rooming with the other new male student, so I’m hoping there will be some fun cohabiting hijinks to come!

    • 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (10)

      I’m always amazed at the sheer number of webdramas produced each year. It keeps increasing in number! T__T

      The second drama sounds interesting! Thanks oolong!

  17. 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (10)

    Suspicious Partner and Suspicious Partner. Sometimes Lookout. I thk i tend to get more hooked with modern dramas.

  18. 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (10)

    I jumped on Princess Agents bandwagon last week and I’m proud to say I caught up with the subbed eps. With no doubt, it’s going to be a long and bloody ride. I can totally understand Zhao Li Ying going on a break after filming this one.

    On my watching list is The Cupid series, thanks to finals I’m 3 arcs behind. I’m marathoning each arc to catch up^^ Same goes for the UPrince series.

  19. 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (10)

    Where do you find Stairway to Stardom? I looked on Youtube and the usual channels I use but I can’t find anything but trailers. Thank you in advance!

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