Tan Song Yun celebrates 27th Birthday with fans

This lady is in her late twenties? LATE TWENTIES? Not in her late teens years? I swear I get whiplash every time I check her profile page. I think The Fox’s Summer did good for her career, allowing her to display more range to her acting other than portraying the cute sidekick friend she’s been doing in the Taekwondo Girls series.

Happy Birthday little lady! =)

Photos from Birthday Celebration:

Celebrating with her fans the day before her birthday 5/31. =)

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Photos from Hua Ding Awards Ceremony:

She picked up the Best New Actress award at Hua Ding Awards 2017 for her role in Taekwondo Girl. I wish it was for The Fox’s Summer instead, though.

 photo Tann 12.jpg

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  1. 2 thoughts on “Tan Song Yun celebrates 27th Birthday with fans

    Happy bday!!!!

    Omonaaa.. She’s 27y.o but looking so freaking young for her age. I like her in some of her dramas but of course, in fox’s summer, she’s the best. Probably bcuz she’s the lead.

    Well, hopefully, another project will make her more shine. Goodluck!!!

  2. 2 thoughts on “Tan Song Yun celebrates 27th Birthday with fans

    OMG.. no wonder I felt really positieve energy from her.. Loved her character in Fox’s summer both leads have amazing chemistry..

    Same year and same day we both born OMG!! 1990 31 may =)

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