Sweet and Adorable Stills of Tan Song Yun’s My Mr. Mermaid

If you need more Tan Song Yun (The Fox’s Summer) and her cute fashion sense, check out her modern drama, My Mr. Mermaid (浪花一朵朵) on HunanTV this summer. Surrounded by sporty and athletic boys of the pool club, won’t you need a fan to cool off?

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Compiled Stills:

My Synopsis: Our heroine, a reporter, played by Tan Song Yun. The new rookie in charge of following and reporting stories about the Annual Swimming Competition. Our hero (Dylan Xiong Zi Qi), because of a mistake three years ago, is forbidden from swimming. In those three years, he studied hard and became a model student. While his best friend took home pride for China at the Olympic with bronze and gold medals, he buried himself in academics. When he finally returns, they are at different level of popularity, and when reporters swarm his best friend, he finds himself in an awkward but memorable interview with the rookie reporter, even gifting her a pair of goggles at the end. She returns the favor by giving him a boiled egg.

She’s still so cute!

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Dylan Xiong Zi Qi, our hero, from the band SpeXial. He was recently in Painting Heart Expert.

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Mr. Hottie! He’s Pang Han Chen.

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The cutie-pie of the group: Peng Yu Chang.

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The handsome one: Huang Sheng Chi.

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Olympic swimmer Sun Yang will make an appearance. =D

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Wang Zi Xuan.

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Zhang Jun Ning.

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Behind-The-Scenes Videos & Interviews:

Them being adorable in a dancing skit.

Directed by Chang Xiao Yang (Water Dream) and written by the novel author, My Mr. Mermaid is scheduled for a slot in summer 2017 with 36 episodes.

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    new fan of tan song yun!! dont know any of the boys but sports drama = happy me,

  2. 2 thoughts on “Sweet and Adorable Stills of Tan Song Yun’s My Mr. Mermaid

    How is tan song yun current drama fox summer 2 doing?

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