My Little Valentine: Untamed daughter Gina Jin gives dad Hu Jun headaches

Awwwwwwwwwww!! This looks uber cute for a light summer drama. Every father’s nightmare when their little daughter grows up and begins dating boys! They will clash and make-up until the day he accepts her chosen man. Modern drama Little Valentine (小情人) explores the relationships between various types of parental figures as Hu Jun learns the dos and donts of being a dad. Beside a hormonal daughter, he also has to deal with his own stubborn mother and a potential love interest in his life. Problems coming from all sides. Good luck, dad!

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Hu Jun as a CEO of a security company. LOL. Boys, be prepared!

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Gina Jin.

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Song Yi as the friend.

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Actress Hu Jing plays a woman who owns a flower shop. Daddy needs loving too!

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Mike D. Angelo.

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Cheng Pei Pei plays the loving grandma. GAHHH. I love your style already!!

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Niu Jun Feng.

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Gao Tai Yu.

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Yan Xue Jing.

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Grand-daughter and grandma. <3

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Directed by Liu Xin (In Full Bloom, Warriors on Fire) and written by Wang Yi, Little Valentine has 40 episodes and premieres on May 29th. Today! My kiddo bro turns 13! Burrrrr!

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  1. 2 thoughts on “My Little Valentine: Untamed daughter Gina Jin gives dad Hu Jun headaches

    This I will check out for sure. Have not seen a drama so heavy on familial love for a while.

    Hu Jing…my good I haven’t seen her in years. Last i remember she married a millionair and retired from the industry.

    Everytime I see her I remember Ning Jing from Xiao Zhuang Epic…it was such an addictivr drama. It was the equivalent of Legend of Lu Zhen back then. It revived the careers of Ning Jing, Steven Ma and Liu Dakei. I think because I liked Dayu’er so much that I could never get into Lu Zhen, she lacked the poise and the innate booksmart and wit that Dayu’er had in spades.

    • 2 thoughts on “My Little Valentine: Untamed daughter Gina Jin gives dad Hu Jun headaches

      Hu Jing was in the recent c-drama “In the Name of the People” which smashed all ratings.

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