Sun Xiao Xiao and Lu Hong lead White Snake Legend (2)

Um, I put the 2 in the title so you guys wouldn’t confuse the two adaptations. The other one has Yang Zi and Allen Ren Jia Lun as leads. This new one has Sun Xiao Xiao and Lu Hong as leads. Why? Oh I hear that question so often these days…. but still I don’t have an answer. Lol. Just take it as it is.

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Playing White Snake is of course Sun Xiao Xiao. The one thing that bothers me is Yang Mi’s perennial, undead wig that keeps showing up on new dramas! What the heck is going on? It’s not even a pretty hairstyle. ROFL.

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Male lead is Lu Hong. He was in the New Princess Pearls.

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Green Snake is Wang Yu (Ice Fantasy).

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The evil monk is Zhang Tian Yang (Princess Wei Young).

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Xia Ling Xi as Jiang Er.

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  1. 5 thoughts on “Sun Xiao Xiao and Lu Hong lead White Snake Legend (2)

    lol, we don’t need 2 adaptations!

    YM’s hair is the new trend? Yikes.

  2. 5 thoughts on “Sun Xiao Xiao and Lu Hong lead White Snake Legend (2)

    Ooohhh! A lead role for Sun Xiao Xiao!!! Exciting! I like her, except never really seen her in this type of type before. She usually plays cute and bubbly characters. So, it’ll be interesting to see her in this role. Also, is the main guy the one who played Er Kang’s brother??? If so, he was super adorable and cute. Lol.

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  3. 5 thoughts on “Sun Xiao Xiao and Lu Hong lead White Snake Legend (2)

    I actually don’t mind at all cuz I’ve loved Sun Xiao Xiao for so long and she like never gets lead roles.

    But yeah, YM’s wig really doesn’t suit anyone at all. Also, love Lu Hong too. He was Er Tai in New Princess Pearl (which was really not great except for Li Ying’s Qing Er) and was pretty hot/level-headed.

  4. 5 thoughts on “Sun Xiao Xiao and Lu Hong lead White Snake Legend (2)

    LOLOLOL yeah, first thing threw me off right away was the wig. Agree it was not even a pretty hair style. It was only good for YM because her forehead grew bigger, jk, she got balder, so it was almost the only best hair style that she can go with in ancient dramas, while bangs might not do the job well. This actress could’ve gone with something that match her better.

    I really don’t have any interest in these white snakes stories, Fann Wong was the last one for me. I accepted her cuteness, and Zhang Yuyan awesome flirtiness with a very hot Fahai, along with the MOST EPIC OST. Even the beautiful Liu tao’s version didn’t spark anything out of me except that she looked very beautiful, the main guy in there was also not attractive. I don’t really plan looking into Yang zi’s version either, unless the trailers are convincing enough or if until reviews came out and they are recommendable?

  5. 5 thoughts on “Sun Xiao Xiao and Lu Hong lead White Snake Legend (2)

    LMAO @ Yang Mi’s ugly dead wig haunting other productions.
    I wonder why China seems fond of making more than one production of a story at the same time? Anyhow the story isn’t one that interests me so I doubt I’ll be watching any version.

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