Joyce Zhao and Renzo Liu: Prince Turns to Frog Couple

Awwwwwwww. How cute! Don’t really follow Tw-Ent news so I didn’t know they were a couple! Both were in popular Taiwanese drama Prince turns to Frog which starred main OTP in Ming Dao and Chen Qiao En, a pair we have been waiting to go real. Instead, Joyce Zhao and Renzo Liu went real instead. Lol. They have been dating for 6 years and decided to hold the wedding in Okinawa with their families in attendance. Joyce will hold another banquet in Taiwan for her entertainment friends.

For Memory sake, the song for them is Pure Love by 183 Club, from Frog Prince OST.

Released Wedding Photos 4/3:

 photo php20h7mg.jpg

 photo gon_0521.jpg

 photo 3356073.jpg

 photo gon_0525.jpg

 photo 3356076.jpg

 photo gon50580.jpg

 photo gon50601.jpg


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