Friday Photoshoots: Yao Chen, Chen Ruo Xuan, Maggie Jiang

Your belated friday pretty post! Trying to expand my search to include non-mainstream magazine candidates!

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Chen Ruo Xuan. Definite a rising face to remember. He was in many series, Gui Zhong Mei Ren, Evil Minds, and Novoland: The Castle in the Sky, among many others.

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Chen Yao. So many cute actresses with short hair lately. They rock it too!

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Hu Bing Qing. Partner in crime with Sebrina.

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Luo Jin being a cameraman.

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Maggie Jiang.

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Tang Yan given interesting concepts.

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Xu Wei Zhou.

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In her short bob, Liu Shi Shi glows.

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Yao Chen and her adorable son!

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  1. 2 thoughts on “Friday Photoshoots: Yao Chen, Chen Ruo Xuan, Maggie Jiang

    Chen Ruo Xuan, Liu Shi Shi, and Yao Chen!! Her kid is adorable!

  2. 2 thoughts on “Friday Photoshoots: Yao Chen, Chen Ruo Xuan, Maggie Jiang

    LSS just screams classy <3
    Sebrina! She needs to star in more dramas so I can fangirl

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