Friday Photoshoots: Ady An, Mao Xiao Tong, Yang Xu Wen

Happy Friday! We are finally getting some sun here tomorrow!

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Ady An revealed her wedding photoshoot BTS photos. Stunning.

 photo addy-3.jpg

 photo addy-5.jpg

 photo addy-8.jpg

 photo addy-4.jpg

 photo addy-6.jpg

 photo addy-1.jpg

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 photo addy-9.jpg

 photo addy-2.jpg

The man of her dream. =)

 photo addy-10.jpg

Angelababy returned to film Keep Running with Dilraba! Her skin, her hair,…everything makes me envious! Congratulations. But of course, netizens are always hard on Celebrities couples, throwing around rumors that she had someone else carried her baby instead. Holy. They be acting like (crazy) script writers! Which made the pair share her pregnancy photoshoot, commending all mothers for their effort and strength.

 photo baby-3.jpg

 photo baby-4.jpg

 photo baby-7.jpg

 photo baby-8.jpg

 photo baby-9.jpg

 photo baby-5.jpg

 photo baby-6.jpg


 photo baby-2.jpg

 photo baby-1.jpg

Athena Chu looking like she has never aged at a film festival.

 photo chu-4.jpg

 photo chu-3.jpg

 photo chu-1.jpg

Liu Yi Fei and her bunnies!

 photo fei-5.jpg

 photo fei-4.jpg

 photo fei-1.jpg

 photo fei-2.jpg

 photo fei-3.jpg

Chen Qiao En looking more mature and thoughtful below.

 photo joe-3.jpg

 photo joe-5.jpg

 photo joe-2.jpg

 photo joe-4.jpg

 photo joe-6.jpg

Lu Han is handsome and boyish in this shoot.

 photo lulu-1.jpg

 photo lulu-2.jpg

 photo lulu-3.jpg

 photo lulu-4.jpg

 photo lulu-5.jpg

 photo lulu-6.jpg

 photo lulu-7.jpg

 photo lulu-8.jpg

 photo lulu-9.jpg

Return of the Condor Heroes OTP reunited at a fashion event. WHAT SHE’S WEARING! I WANT. So classy.

 photo LYF-24.jpg

 photo LYF-22.jpg

 photo LYF-23.jpg

Rachel Mao Xiao Tong wanders Japan and surrounds herself with cherry blossoms.

 photo mao-24.jpg

 photo mao-25.jpg

 photo mao-26.jpg

 photo mao-27.jpg

 photo mao-20.jpg

 photo mao-21.jpg

 photo mao-22.jpg

 photo mao-23.jpg

Yang Xu Wen and all his legs! So handsome. *___*

 photo will-9.jpg

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 photo will-4.jpg

 photo will-8.jpg

 photo will-3.jpg

 photo will-2.jpg

 photo will-1.jpg

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Janice Wu Qian, casual and lovely.

 photo wu-1.jpg

 photo wu-2.jpg

 photo wu-3.jpg

 photo wu-4.jpg

 photo wu-5.jpg

 photo wu-6.jpg

 photo wu-7.jpg

 photo wu-8.jpg

 photo wu-9.jpg

Yang Mi backed up against a wall in pretty clothes. Lol.

 photo yang-1.jpg

 photo yang-2.jpg

 photo yang-3.jpg

 photo yang-4.jpg

 photo yang-5.jpg

Of course, her Blossom man has to be featured next. Mark Zhao.

 photo zhou-1.jpg

 photo zhou-2.jpg

 photo zhou-3.jpg

 photo zhou-4.jpg

 photo zhou-8.jpg

 photo zhou-7.jpg

 photo zhou-6.jpg

 photo zhou-5.jpg

 photo zhou-9.jpg

And that’s all for today’s edition of pretty friday! =D

  1. One thought on “Friday Photoshoots: Ady An, Mao Xiao Tong, Yang Xu Wen

    Ady’s wedding dress is freaking gorgeous, the lace and the colour is so beautiful, and that bare back design, amazing!!!

    It’s always so amazing how celebrity mothers get their perfect body shape back so quickly, heck they don’t even grow fats on their arms/legs during pregnancy, it’s just their womb growing!!! Look at Sun Li, Yang Mi and Angela, looking pretty and young as ever~

    Athena’s hairdo doesn’t fit her dress well! Makes her look much older, though she looks young enough already.

    LYF looking gorgeous and angel like as usual. Her photoshoot looks really good!!!

    It’s amazing how small MXT’s face can be… and her eyes so round and big!!! Nobody can say no to that round beautiful eyes!!!

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