Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (6)

Beauty And The Beast was a let down on my end, didn’t feel the magical sweep of the romance, top-notch graphics and animation though, and I do love the bantering of the various house objects – they, to me, brought magic to the film. On the other hand, Kong: Skull Island was an unexpected enjoyment. I came for Tom Hiddleston but stayed for Kong; what a surprising twist to put us humans as the bad guys. What I also didn’t anticipate was the beauty-and-the-beast element placed at the end. I swooned. Was surprised to see Jing Tian in the movie…..who was absolutely disposable for all points and purposes. Lol. And you know I adore her but here, she was just there.

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This week, I would like to post cute gifs I found online. Hehe.

Jiao Jun Yan being a badass in her modern drama Solaso Bistro (问题餐厅). Let me know of your thoughts on the drama!

 photo Cute Gifs 5.gif

Eddie Peng being a hyper monkey when the camera is on him. Lol.

 photo Cute Gifs 7.gif

Huang Xiao Ming as the attentive hubby on General and I set. Aww.

 photo Cute Gifs 8.gif

That cat ain’t having the matched bow-tie look, Hu Ge. hehe.

 photo Cute Gifs 2.gif

Li Yi Feng being thoughtful to Li Ying on Legend of Chusen set. Aww,

 photo Cute Gifs 1.gif

hahaha So during her death fall, he was taking beautiful photos in the background. XD

 photo Cute Gifs 6.gif

Everybody loves Ma Tian Yu! Including me. ALWAYS INCLUDE ME!! ❤❤❤

 photo Cute Gifs 9.gif

Oh you cutie patootie.

 photo Cute Gifs 10.gif


 photo Cute Gifs 3.gif

And lastly this video… Big Wu (Kris Wu) walking coolly…then trips on the steps. LOL. Little Wu (Leo Wu Lei) comes to his rescue. XD They are filming for new variety show 72 Floors, which I will write about in the batch post.

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    Wow sis Kappy, didn’t know you dig Loki. And Kong too?

    Be prepare, big G is gonna slap him.

    As for me, saw Power Rangers for the second time. Awesome movie! Great diverse cast, and they’re not stereotype!

    For a PR product, the writing was a huge surprise. You have a Ranger speaking legit Mandarin, that alone rocks!

    Movie had so much feels. There are moments where I jumped in my seat like a kid. lol felt like an awesome reunion with an old friend.

    As far as dramas, just finished Zero, I’ll save words for recap. Loch 2017 is coming to an end as well. It’s been fun too.

    That’s all to report for now! 😀

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      We almost watch Power Rangers the other day but the seats were filled that night!

      Loki… Lol. I like his gentleman, modern self more. hahaha XD

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    You should have gone to see The Devotion to Suspect X. It was actually pretty good. ?

    Hu Ge and a cat. Sigh. Gonna miss seeing him on my screen.

    Ma Tian Yu is too cute <3

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      I don’t think it was showing at the theater I was at. My friends scrolled through the list and picked almost all the movies but all the seats were taken. Sigh.

      We went to grab boba tea instead. XD

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        Seems to be the case at my local theater too. Lots of sold out seats.

        The Devotion of Suspect X was actually sold out on the first day during prime time and then again on the second day at my showing. Must’ve been the first time I’ve seen a Chinese movie sold out inside the US lol.

        Hopefully all this revenue means we get more imported Chinese movies in the US!

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      Zhang Lu Yi was amazing! I couldn’t believe myself tearing up towards the end (actually, well before the end once I figured out what was happening). The two girls in the row in front of me kept taking out their cell phones and to take pics of Wang Kai along w/ their mini Wang Kai banner whenever he was on screen (which was very little).

      I’ll likely go watch Extraordinary Mission next week.

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        Yes to Zhang Lu Yi! He does these types of characters so well.

        I’ll be checking out Extraordinary Mission as well!

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    Omg I pity that actor who got splashed by Jiao Jun Yan hahaha!!! That was a great splash!

    Ahhhhhhh Eddie being goofy as usual~ His instagram photos always make me swoon!!!

    I wouldn’t have noticed that that’s HXM if u didn’t say LMAO HAHAHA! 24/7 husband he is! Their baby boy must be quite a handsome/pretty kid~

    HU GE SOBS! I MISS YOU SO BADLY! Please come back soon! I seriously admire this guy for his bravery to leave right at the peak of his career! Not many are willing to do that.. Him and Joe Cheng are really guys I admire in the entertainment industry, you can tell from their interviews that they are really mature in their way of thinking! I have a feeling that when he comes back he might just dive straight to behind the scenes instead of acting sobs! But on a happy note, the cat is the boss really hehe!

    I haven’t watch Beauty and the Beast but have read a lot of comments about it being plain and not magical enough, and how it’s a movie you would just watch once and that’s it. Guess I would save my money and just watch it online instead.

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    I’m only watching Legend of the Condor Heroes, which is ending on Mon. Also looking forward to Jin Dong and Bai Baihe’s upcoming medical drama. Everything else in the April lineup look super boring/have horrible casting.

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    Haven’t been watching anything, Kap. Very hesitant to start on 3W3L Yangmi version, the plot in general doesn’t look interesting but waiting for YY and LYF’s version just to see the prettiness.

    Emma Watson just doesn’t feel like Belle. Not gonna watch it to keep my disney childhood memories as it is, hahaha.

    Have you caught Logan? It’s a nice movie to wrap things up. 17 years as Wolverine, Hugh Jackman!

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      I didn’t watch the original animation of B&TB but I was excited for Emma’s casting. Her yellow dress was too gorgeous~!

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      You should give the drama a try… Many people including was pleasantly surprised

    • 49 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (6)

      You should give the drama a try… Many people including was pleasantly surprised

    • 49 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (6)

      You should give the drama a try… Many people including was pleasantly surprised

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    I’m legit fangirling while watching the Legend of Chusen gifs. Zhao Liying’s too shippable. Which is why I’m rewatching the Legend of Chusen. Never knew there the 2nd season was already out, so planning to watch that too.
    On the other hand, I’ve been watching webdramas, like that one I Love My President Though He Is A Psycho.
    And I’ve also been watching Do Bong Soon as my weekly dose of kdrama. I reccommend it to everyone. It’s such a cute romcom and a great dose of eye candy as a plus.

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      Where have you been Laojibao! Chusen 2 been done! Lol.

      But yes, I wish we could have seen these moments earlier, instead of the not-feeling chemistry onscreen. Sigh. 🙁

      I’m also watching Do Bong Soon but my attention has been wavering when the camera is not showing Park’s gaze on his ladylove. XD

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    lol I wonder if you literally wanted to discuss Beauty and the Beast in this thread but that’s what caught my eye. Just saw it in theaters and I like it.. some parts felt slow so I didn’t love love it but it’s so beautifully nostalgic and quite true to the animated film.

    Fell in love with the music once again. I was surprised to see that Emma Watson really can sing and she is perfect as Belle for me, and omg Dan Steven’s eyes are mesmerizing! Okay, I guess I like it way more than I thought..

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      Lolol. Of course, anything you watch is okay on the discussion table! =D

      Dan’s choppy hair cut had me busting my guts in the reunion scene. They have more chemistry when he was a Beast. Lol.

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        u got me there.. i thought his costume during the final ball scene was worse but the the beast is literally him so it’s fine in my mind they had great chemistry throughout haha

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    That Kris video has me in stitches… the way he said “It’s exercise!” after he got up lmao..

    I watched 13 reasons why recently.. depressing stuff. I wonder if a show like that would ever be introduced in China

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      Oh yes, depressing stuff. My brother got me the kindle version of the novel of 13 reasons. I haven’t gotten into the right mindset to read it.

    • 49 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (6)

      Woah, read the book but didn;t know there was a series on it.

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    I need to watch Solaso Bistro some time.
    Because of You ended and I thought it was pretty decent.
    Re-watched some episodes of Dr. Qin Medical Examiner. It’s going to be sub at Dramafever on April 5th for those who wanted to watch it with eng sub.
    Beauty and the Beast… for some reason my friend and I didn’t feel like watching it. Maybe because we aren’t familiar with the male lead nor am I a major Emma Watson’s fan. As for the romance, I don’t expect spectacular chemistry because I find the pair to odd? Besides Harry Potter I haven’t sat through any of Emma’s other works. xD
    Ray is so cute <3 So is Eddie.

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      Forget the male lead! Emma is the selling point! Lol! He has beautiful eyes but… their romance wasn’t magical to me. The short, quick scene in Kong was more touching.

      I want to pocket Ma Tian Yu.

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        I admit Dan Stevens got gorgeous blue eyes but so does Tom lol. Too bad Kong isn’t the type of movie I will watch 😛
        Ray should clone himself and then have a flock of MTY running around lol.

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    i got hyped looking at Eddie Peng. Boy, c’mon, when will you be back to dramaland??? im waiting for ya!!!!

    havent watched anything with Ma Tian Yu, i wonder… any recommended drama of him??

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      Young Di Ren Jie (aka Young Sherlock) is pretty good. No subs, BUT Ma Tian Yu is in it and he’s VERY handsome in it… ^_^ Plus, Bosco Wong is totally hilarious in it, and then you have the beautiful Qi Wei and Sun Xiao Xiao.

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        thank you. gonna check that one too. is he the main lead or bosco wong?

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          Bosco is the main lead, but Ma Tian Yu is the second main lead, but there are no love triangles whatsoever! ^_^

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    I also had the same feeling. I rate it a 7, even a 6 (but that seemed too harsh.) I felt like Emma Watson was a miscast; she doesn’t have that Belle look or feel – she’s rather pixie-like and kiddish-looking. Belle was womanly and rounder. The rest of the cast did swell though. I quite like sycophantic Lefrou & Beast. Gaston was very dashing, but there’s not much to his character.

    Now, in regards to Kong, I also rate it a 7 lol. They’re definitely priming this movie for a sequel, prequel, what-have-you. So in effect, the movie felt very much like just part of a story arc, but not the full scope of it. I thought it was fun for what it was and slightly preachy (don’t mess with nature.) I did enjoy that part where they twisted the villains’ role to us.

    I’m currently watching Strong Woman Do Bong Soon…but nothing else. Still waiting for Elvis Han’s Seige in Fog. Aside from that, I’m waiting for another drama to get hooked on.

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    @Yui, the only Ma Tian Yu drama I like was Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei. Wallace Huo, Liu shishi as leads. If you like William Chan and can do without English sub now, WC and MTY had a modern drama together. Some people like Ice Fantasy with William Feng Shao Feng, but I cannot watch FSF.

    My taste is more similar to Douban ratings. I tried watching Meeting You, but Sun Yi’s biological mom, pseudo sister, Deng Lun’s stepmom are all so very annoying. Sun Yi’s adopted mom isn’t great either. Plot is nothing fresh despite very cute OTP. Reminds me of Chen Xiao’s Love, Lies. Viki viewers rate Meeting You 9.3. Douban 4.4. Was Jang Bori full of annoying female characters like Meeting You, too? Viewers said MY is based on Jang Bori.

    Has anyone watched In the Name of the People? Is that drama watchable?

    I will try to watch Devotion of Suspect X. Perhaps Bistro Solaso.

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      I mostly watch Ma Tian Yu on variety shows, he needs a good drama for me to bite on. Otherwise, he’s so cute to watch on shows, especially the ones with little kids. hehe.

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      i downloaded ice Fantasy the modern veersion, sequel probably since i didnt watch the previous one. I ALSO CAN NOT WATCH FSF. I tried, but failed. But i really wanted to watch MTY, lols.

      Yes, i like William Chan. Okay, im okay with no sub 😀 but always prefer with sub.

      Strange hero with Wallace and LSS, okay, gonna check that one too.

      Thank you ^^

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    Hello Kappy,
    Thanks for posting all the cute pics and videos. I am so bored that I rewatched Chusen Season 1 & 2. I know right….I am so deprived of Li Ying right now. I cannot wait for Princess Agent to come out. I am so frustrated that the New Eternal Wave has not had any release date yet. What are they waiting for ???? Grrrrrrr. Li Yifeng is so sweet and attentive. I am so shipping the two of them. Otherwise I have been watching “Ji Mao Fei Shang Tian” with Yin Tao. Quite a good series. Next on my list are Beauty and the Beast and Skull Island. Maybe even Great Wall although there was a lot of media critics.

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      New rumor air date for Princess Agents is June 5th! I’m holding my breath!

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    I totally agree with you about Beauty and the Beast, there was just no magic at all and I was just really disappointed with the movie as a whole. Gaston was the only vibrant character in the movie and I was surprised by how much I liked him, also he felt a bit different from the cartoon character which was refreshing. Luke Evans really made the character his own and I loved that a lot, everything else just felt like a bad rehash of the original. And I know that the movie wanted to do just that, but I think it might have been better if the movie was a more looser adaption of the original, diehard fans will expect certain nostalgic scenes to work as expected. Several key moments that we knew were coming were so lacking it was actually jarring, like the scene when Beast yelled at Belle and made her run. She barely touched the glass as opposed to the original cartoon, so the reason for the Beast getting so mad and yelling were even more unjustified and then we have Emma Watson’s Belle who didn’t look scared at all when she turned tail and ran… That was so unbelievable, it took me a few moments to process. Also Emma Watson’s Belle was too agressive for me, she was downright rude to Gaston when he was trying to propose which was uncalled for. She was just rather unlikable and I don’t think a competant woman has to be unlikable like that.

    I also really disliked that they went for the French era clothing, no one looked good and OMG the gorgeous Dan Stevens looked horrid in that getup… there was no reason to go literal with the styling like that. I mean they wanted to be faithful to the original and the prince e.g. was more fairtyle styled (and looked so much better). OK this sounds shallow, but I always found the prince awkward in the cartoon and I cringed even more in the live action which I didn’t think was possible…

    Another scene that had no magic was the ballroom scene, when Beast and Belle were dancing… I’m not sure why but the scene was so dull. There was no sweeping feeling or anything, I blame it on the directing. Had similar problem with the “I love you” scene, it was not touching or moving at all. It’s so weird to see the “same” scene and not feel the same feelings…

    The animated objects were mostly OK, except Miss Pots and Chip who were freaky no matter how you look at them… Also, they made the Beast too human face-wise while having no life in the eyes… it was really disconcerting. What could have been… wow this turned into a gigantic rant! Sorry about that ^^;;;;

    Oh the other hand I watched Ghost in the Shell, and I really liked it! The visual were beyond story and the story was good as well, I think criticism for this movie is way too harsh. I admit to being worried about Scarlett Johansson playing Major, but she was actually really good in that role and the whole whitewashing thingie was so overblown… seriously, her team as well as the rest of that world contained an ethnic diversity so it wasn’t like you have one caucasion among Asians (and sticking out like a sore thumb). The world was built really well, including the inhabitants who were fully incorporated to feel at home there. Also they went with a loose adaption so they are entitled to change things as long as these changes feel logical and incorporated in the story or world as a whole. The villain ended up being a little lame, I had wished for more complexity and explanation (how exactly did he plan to start a revolution through his network?) but it was really the story about the Major. As a whole the movie was really enjoyable, and I really recommend it. Although, do watch it in 3D the effects really added something extra 🙂 End of raving.

    • 49 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (6)

      Sorry I mean the visuals for GiT were beyond STUNNING, a real feast for the eyes 🙂

  15. 49 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (6)

    What the… my gigantic post disapeared… >< Is there a maximum amount of words allowed?

    Well to sum up, Beauty and the Beast was a big disappointment and only served to make me appreciate the original even more and Ghost in The Shell was really good and highly recommended (Scarlett Johansson was great as Major and the whole whitewashing thing was totally overblown).

    • 49 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (6)

      Your comment didn’t disappear, I think it just needs a refresh. I’m unaware of any limitation, no one has yet to reach that level. Lol. XD

      Thanks for the recommendation!

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    I’m just silently waiting until Royal Sister Returns airs in a few days… But recently I’ve been just rewatching and watching old dramas. LOL. But one particular drama that I’ve been interested in is 烈火海洋 2016 with Lu Chen and Yang Xu Wen (GUO JING!!!). I’ve looked EVERYWHERE and I can’t find it. But then again, it might not have aired yet, too… IDK. But if anyone has any news on this drama, please feel free to let me know!!! ^_^

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    I’m dying to watch Solaso bistro but there are no subs. 🙁 *cries*

    • 49 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (6)

      Same problem as you. I really want to watch it but there are no subs 🙁

  18. 49 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (6)

    I saw wedding photos Liying and her costar took for a weding magazine.. also like an early promo for princess agents. Shes so pretty. Too bad the rumoured airdate is still so far away

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        thankyou.. looking at those pics again in ur post. Ethereal. thats the word to described her n the dresses

  19. 49 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (6)

    Solaso Bistro has some good moments but I don’t find it particularly interesting to watch. *shrugs* I like Jiao Jun Yan and the young head chef girl though.

    It’s great that the drama portrays very real issues that women face (urgh the sexual harassment and misogyny is sooo gross).

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    Watching Dr. Qin now that it is subbed. Loving it, loving all the actors, their acting is fantastic and now I can’t wait to catch Tientsin Mystic with the cop Li Xian and that cute 2nd in command from Mystic Nine.

    Also dying to watch solaso Bistro with JJY, please sub this someone!

    Also starting Across the Ocean to see you. Not really familiar with either actor but they seem good.

    Hoping to catch Devotion of Suspect X in theaters

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    Not watching anything in particular these days.

    On another note I AM watching Hunter x Hunter, Psycho-pass (like HunterxHunter more tho), and impatiently waiting for season 2 of Wanpanman. Technically also watching Qin’s Moon but it’s an ongoing and unreliable work in progress so sometimes I forget about it cuz it’s not really updated online regularly (at least not on youtube and not all the china sites work in the US).

    Still slowly and unmotivatedly moving through Legend of the Condor Heroes. Despite loving the sports aspect and the cool biking themes, kind of lost interest in and stopped watching To The Fore (but I did bookmark the movie). Also bookmarked (but not in the mood for) Jump! Ashin (one of Eddie’s older films…).

    BUT speaking of movies, just watched the unexpectedly fantastic Socrates in Love/Crying Out in Love from 2016 with Ou Hao and Zhang Hui Wen. Man.

    Was awesome. Was great. Was so so emotional. IMO very well executed in story, directing, pace, lines. The lines were well delivered and Ou Hao and Zhang Hui Wen were FANTASTIC. Didn’t watch much of their previous works and didn’t like what I did see, but here, here they’re absolutely phenomenal. Great movie and totally well delivered. I knew the story going in and it still made me feel a bucketful of emotions. Cried the first time, but they don’t try to milk it or make it overly angsty. Very thoughtful and contemplative and very sad but also kind of hopeful and full of self-exploration. It did a really good job with the I’m-dead-but-will-always-be-with-you. I can’t quite put it into words, but I legitly felt like she never left despite her death. Maybe it’s the story-telling and how it was directed, maybe it’s the feel/tone, but whatever it is she had a really gentle and encompassing presence even after death and it made for a really gently-angsty-but-really-beautiful-and-learn-to-let-go-and-understand type of movie. I wasn’t expecting much so I sort of skimmed through the first time. But then I couldn’t really remove myself from that feeling and atmosphere so I watched it again and there are so many beautiful metaphors and great, well-delivered lines and themes that I missed the first time. It gives a great sense of closure while still leaving it open-ended.

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