Deep in the Realm of Conscience features heavy head pieces

Deep in the Realm of Conscience (深宮計) is the second installment of Beyond the Realm of Conscience, released 8 years ago, led by Charmaine Sheh and Tavia Yeung. Yes, I did watch it, being an avid fan of the leads and all but the characters were written in one extreme or the other, making it not a very stimulating watch. The second part has cast leads in Steven Ma, Annie Liu, and Nancy Wu. It will be set during the Tang Dynasty, ruled by Emperor Xuanzong of Tang, same as Glory of the Tang Dynasty.

My neck hurts just looking at the head gears!

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Booting 3/28:

Steven Ma as Emperor Xuanzong of Tang.

 photo Deep 7.jpg

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 photo Deep 25.jpg

Annie Liu as a commoner turned princess with kung fu. She’s so delicate, hard to imagine her as a fighter. XD

 photo Deep 15.jpg

Nancy Wu climbs the ladder and ultimately becomes an empress.

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 photo Deep 23.jpg

So beautiful dancing…

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Alice Chan. Fight for the throne with Steven, his aunt.

 photo Deep 14.jpg

With Michelle Yim.

 photo Deep 20.jpg

Chrissie Chau.

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 photo Deep 6.jpg

Edwin Siu. Commander of Imperial Guard.

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Kenneth Ma with Jacqueline Wong.

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Deep in the Realm of Conscience plans to have 36 episodes.

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  1. 14 thoughts on “Deep in the Realm of Conscience features heavy head pieces

    I remember watching 深宮計 back in the day too before TVB completely went down the drain. I can’t believe it’s been 8 years! All TVB knows what to do these days is making sucky sequels. =__=

    I don’t know why Annie Liu would want to bother filming a TVB series since she had a bright future in the mainland. The costumes look nice but OTT.

    • 14 thoughts on “Deep in the Realm of Conscience features heavy head pieces

      Yeah, kinda wondering why Annie isn’t going for mainland dramas instead of this…
      I do miss the original TVB group for this drama.

    • 14 thoughts on “Deep in the Realm of Conscience features heavy head pieces

      Not really seeing her potential in the Mainland tbh. Her last drama was actually Bu Bu Jing Qing so that’s like 3 years ago. She’s filmed a couple of movies in between then, but otherwise not much activity going on. She signed on with Shaw Brothers so I’m not surprised she’s doing a TVB series considering the ties between the two companies.

  2. 14 thoughts on “Deep in the Realm of Conscience features heavy head pieces

    Some head dress are really way too big although they are creative.
    I love these actors and actresses but they have aged already. So at the same time I’m glad to see them but it is also sad to see TVB unable to recruit any new talents. They rarely improve storylines over the years, but I love they still keep their realness of real background and more natural looking makeup. Hopefully this part 2 will be better than the first one because although it was somewhat interesting it was also very slow paced.

  3. 14 thoughts on “Deep in the Realm of Conscience features heavy head pieces

    I will watch it for the veterans sake lol

  4. 14 thoughts on “Deep in the Realm of Conscience features heavy head pieces

    Wish someone would make a drama about how these imaginative and creative hairdos were conceived in ancient China. These women hairstyles were based on actual Tang Dynasty hairdos which can be seen on sculptures and paintings.

  5. 14 thoughts on “Deep in the Realm of Conscience features heavy head pieces

    I hated the first one LOL. Charmaine’s character was constantly praised as being virtuous and kind-hearted – at some point another character drew her as the Goddess of Mercy =_=
    Tavia was over the top and as a fan I feel like that was the worst acting she’s ever done.

    Wish TVB would start getting some younger talent (like Kaman Kong from Tiger Mom Blues). The veterans still at TVB are one of the only reasons why I even bother checking out the dramas but the promotion of the same group of unlikable leading actors/actresses, plus the lack of freshness is really frustrating.

    Having Annie and Chrissie might work ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Haven’t seen Steven in ages so that’s an incentive for me to watch.

    • 14 thoughts on “Deep in the Realm of Conscience features heavy head pieces

      I felt the same way watching it back then, I remember how much praise Tavia got for playing the villainous 2nd lead so I checked it out. It’s not her worst but is far from her best work.

      Compared to Charmaine’s goddess of virtual that would put all any Mary Sue’s combined to shame, I preferred her character.

      That said, the whole thing was very cliche and the plot moved so slow. I stuck it out only because I wanted to see how it ended.

      My favorite character was the nice eunuch that died, he was Michelle Yim’s boyfriend in the series.

  6. 14 thoughts on “Deep in the Realm of Conscience features heavy head pieces

    The costumes have somewhat luxurious design, but the colors are SO gaudy. It’s way too tacky and over the top. They look more like clown garment and don’t project this serious ancient drama feel. More like a comedy.

    The original DITRC was terrible; totally Mary-Sue and absolutely boring. This producer duo tends to write dramas that all have this running theme. It’s very typical of them. I hope they bring something new to the table for this drama, but chances are slim at this point.

    If I watch, I’m only watching for the sake of seeing Annie Liu, Akina Hong & Angie Cheung. Michelle Yim is fab as always but I already know to expect her brilliant portrayal.

    • 14 thoughts on “Deep in the Realm of Conscience features heavy head pieces

      The costumes were a bit too much but costumes that are too plain with solid colors and no designs at all in it are also way too modernize, wish a good designer can tackle the right spot.

      The first season was horrible bc it was a drama about Michelle Yim fighting and plotting against her ex best friend, at some point they were like the MAIN characters. Luckily Michelle and the other lady were quite memorable, but I didn’t think they would be taking over the drama like that.
      I was more pleased with this drama compared to Female Primes Minister which almost copied the entire thing and in the end, Chen Xiao even had to F*** up Shen Bi. I prefer Charmaine Sheh’s Mary Sue over Lu zhen who carelessly fall into stupid and obvious traps made by Shen bi over and over again and lose her hand at the end, I feel her Mary Sue was overall very weak compared to Charmaine. When reading the reviews I really thought I was going to be so annoyed by Charmaine’s virtue but I actually find her very convincing since she did bring out good outcomes and good results to people so they appreciate her and gave her such descriptions every time. I honestly never find her pretty, but her acting was comfortable and natural to watch.

      I love Tavia a lot, and she jumped back and forth from Mary Sue to evil witch a few times with no problems. That’s how good her acting is. Tavia was very convincing because she was just so human! She doesn’t annoy me when her character was having bad intentions, and when being a good pretender at being nice. She made it look like those things can naturally happen to anyone under such circumstances.
      Many people hold the same belief like hers in real life, trust selfishness over being a Mary Su, and one must always fight for oneself. This drama showed that Tavia did have a different outcome because of that though. Tavia brought her character to life that’s all I care although she played as the big baddie. She was in between good and evil for a long time and at the end succumb to evil because of her anger and desire for power, it happened very fast but that’s realistic too, all it takes is really a click for people to flame up angrily after holding it in for a period of time.

      • 14 thoughts on “Deep in the Realm of Conscience features heavy head pieces

        I think the ages of the female leads affect their experience in the palace too. Charmaine’s character is much older while Lu Zhen was only 18 and first time alone and all. I wasn’t upset with her naivety as much because Li Ying didn’t overdo the cuteness factor like a lot of the actresses. Charmaine’s character would have been great if other people didn’t freakin complimented at every chance they get! I was rolling my eyes by the 7th episodes. It was too much.

        Plus, her romance with Steven Ma was absolutely nonexistent, she had more chemistry with Moses and I shipped them so hard! Alas, I still don’t understand how they love each other (steven and char). But Li Ying had splendid chemistry with Chen Xiao so I was able to stick to the drama to the very end.

        • 14 thoughts on “Deep in the Realm of Conscience features heavy head pieces

          Yeah I bet everyone else also shipped Charmaine with…it was Moses Chan! Steven Ma definitely looks a lot like him now that I also thought it was the same actor too. I didn’t ship her with Kevin either but at least he was a decent person.

          Moses Chan was like an annoying skinny guy at first, but he gave out a warm and comfortable vibe later on. Speaking of him I actually prefer him over the hottie guys in Female prime minister, can’t help comparing these two dramas again sorry. I just find Chen Xiao quite useless, like, the only purpose of those men existing were only for killing time by showing them in a long meeting room to talk but do no real action with any upcoming plans or anything. That one scene he argued with Lu zhen about the queen’s dangling headpiece annoyed me, it was like a none-sense and out-of-nowhere kind of thing, it only happened so there will be some dramatic scenes, but then those things always made a fool out of Chen Xiao’s character. Sadly it was a YZ style, all his main guys are like that. I was confused being the only one who couldn’t ship those two together, but I do ship them by face, because they are both good looking and match each other by looks.

  7. 14 thoughts on “Deep in the Realm of Conscience features heavy head pieces

    I’ve been wondering for ages what happened to Annie Liu after BBJX. Why didn’t she do more work in Mainland China? I thought she was so good and endearing in BBJX as RUo Xi’s big sister. It was a memorable role and the drama was a huge hit. I wonder why it didn’t open any doors for her career?

  8. 14 thoughts on “Deep in the Realm of Conscience features heavy head pieces

    Nice seeing Steven Ma and Annie Liu but my neck hurts seeing those crappy looking costumes. Eh Steven Ma’s costume. Tavia was really good as the villain in Beyond the Realm of Conscience.

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