Xiong Zi Qi rescues Tan Song Yun in My Mr. Mermaid

Perfect timed to the theme of love for 2/14, the production of My Mr. Mermaid (浪花一朵朵) starring SpeXial’s Dylan Xiong Zi Qi and Tang Song Yun, releases some sweet OTP stills and a brief preview, showing our heroine being rescued by the hero. The modern drama slotted for this summer is adapted from the novel of the same name written by Jiu Xiao Qi. Plenty of pretty to go around as the youngins take it off to backstroke in the pools. 😉

Summer, come faster ~

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Second batch of Stills:

What I wrote last time about the Synopsis: Our heroine, a reporter, played by Tan Song Yun. The new rookie in charge of following and reporting stories about the Annual Swimming Competition. Our hero, because of a mistake three years ago, is forbidden from swimming. In those three years, he studied hard and became a model student. While his best friend took home pride for China at the Olympic with bronze and gold medals, he buried himself in academics. When he finally returns, they are at different level of popularity, and when reporters swarm his best friend, he finds himself in an awkward but memorable interview with the rookie reporter, even gifting her a pair of goggles at the end. She returns the favor by giving him a boiled egg. LOL. Awww!

I love what she’s wearing! Wicked Cute!

 photo Mer 23.jpg

 photo Mer 22.jpg

Sweet OTP moments.

 photo Mer 17.jpg

 photo Mer 18.jpg

 photo Mer 21.jpg

 photo Mer 26.jpg

 photo Mer 25.jpg

Dylan Xiong Zi Qi, our hero, from the band SpeXial.

 photo Mer 31.jpg

 photo Mer 27.jpg

The real “manly-looking” one of the group. Hee! He’s Pang Han Chen.

 photo Mer 28.jpg

 photo Mer 19.jpg

The cutie-pie of the group: Peng Yu Chang.

 photo Mer 20.jpg

 photo Mer 30.jpg

The handsome one: Huang Sheng Chi.

 photo Mer 32.jpg

 photo Mer 29.jpg

The F4 Swimming Team. =D

 photo Mer 33.jpg

 photo Mer 24.jpg

 photo Mer 16.jpg

Animated Gifs! First guy’s my favorite! *____* They look so dorky offscreen.

 photo Mer 41.gif photo Mer 37.gif
 photo Mer 35.gif photo Mer 39.gif
 photo Mer 40.gif photo Mer 36.gif
 photo Mer 34.gif photo Mer 38.gif


Directed by Chang Xiao Yang (Water Dream) and written by the novel author, My Mr. Mermaid is scheduled for a slot in summer 2017 with 36 episodes.

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  1. 6 thoughts on “Xiong Zi Qi rescues Tan Song Yun in My Mr. Mermaid

    Aaaah it’s Jiu Xiao Qi! I’m hoping there are some funny dialogues or funny situations since I can’t tell from the teaser ( seems like they are going for a magical and romantic vibe).

    • 6 thoughts on “Xiong Zi Qi rescues Tan Song Yun in My Mr. Mermaid

      It’s Valentine-themed. 😀 All the productions raced to release something couply today. Lol.

  2. 6 thoughts on “Xiong Zi Qi rescues Tan Song Yun in My Mr. Mermaid

    I was checking for this drama but I REALLY liked the aesthetics of this trailer.

    • 6 thoughts on “Xiong Zi Qi rescues Tan Song Yun in My Mr. Mermaid

      And when I say aesthetics I mean the music editing and cinematography! Happy, not the abs. Those help though

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